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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wish You Could Taste This

I thought I would share some pie that my husband made with all of you.

Oops, sorry we ate that one, strawberry rhubarb.mmmmm

Ok here is the other one blueberry rhubarb.  That is for desert tonight.

Oh and that chocolate cake, yep had the last piece for breakfast this morning.  
Happy Birthday to me!


  1. That's ok.. cause I made the best brownies ever this afternoon and I'm not sharing!

  2. What is wrong with you people??? I spent 55 dollars on a cheesecake and another 23 on a honey bun at a pie auction today...and I just stopped in to pick them up and take them to be shared. Remind me not to share with you!

    I'm sorry.

    I love strawberry anything, and brownies are my favorite.

    So I over reacted.

    PS) Tonight, i'm curling up with all of your blogs and getting caught up!

  3. I baked nothing and have nothing to share...

  4. I just came here looking for YOU!!! I was thinking... speaking of BERRIES...where is she! Missed you.

    Look we have a new follower...I think it is funny.

  5. Where is everybody? Alaina, you at your shop?

    Have y'all seen Olivia's blog yet? She featured an AMAZING blogger on her blog of the week...for real, I think that blogger needs a crown and a couple of Dung Beetles...oh wait, I already have some.

    Thanks Frank! It was fun to feel special!

  6. No doubt she made the decision after eating a batch of brownies -- ahem, I won't go into secret ingredients because it's a secret -- but you are more hungry after eating some.

  7. heehee.. musta been what I purchased at Southern Seasons.. I guess it wasn't tea that I bought.

    Ahem.. Ms. Dung Bettles.. we shall find you a tiara pdq.

  8. Oh my gosh Blossom are you talking to Berrie's tool. Oh yeah I did check out that amazing blogger, she blew my brain with that last one!

  9. Berry has a talking tool? I didn't know she was a he let alone a ventriloquist.

  10. No but Berries did name her tool Frank.


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