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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Am I round 2...

Since the last What Am I went so well.. we're going to try another round of... What Am I?  Or What is it? 

gotcha on that one!

It's a Charleston Martini

•½ shot gin

•½ shot Kirsch

•½ shot Maraschino

•½ shot Cointreau

•½ shot sweet vermouth

•½ shot dry vermouth

Stir well with ice and fine strain in to a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.  Too bad I can't drink these babies..


  1. This is a hard one. Any clues?

  2. Ladies, thank you for all your prayers,well wishes and kind words. My dad had a quadruple bi pass today. Everything went smoothly, he did fine and he is in ICU right now. We will be going in tomorrow and it will be nice to get to talk to him again. Alaina

  3. Is it a glass of beer? Hope so 'cause I could use one right now, that or a hot fudge sundae!

    Who is that beautiful pin up girl on the side bar? Olivia? I remember someone saying they had modled but I don't remember who...

  4. Glad to know all went well Alaina. I hope he has a speedy recovery!

  5. a light bulb?

    That's great, Alaina! Hope he continues to do well!!

  6. Alaina.. I'm happy to read that the surgery went well.. let's hope recovery is just as fast!

    Now dung beetles.. I did leave a clue there.. but if no one guesses it.. then I'll pop in another clue!

    Enjoy your day!

  7. Ok, so I think our clues are round and pop (in)...

  8. Butterscotch candy or cooking oil.

  9. My first thought was Mountain dew but I thought it came in green bottles. S is highlighted and pop, soda pop.

  10. A glass of ice tea.

  11. Just a little update. My dad is sitting up smiling, giving the nurses some teasing so he is feeling much better and they think he will be home by Monday. Thank you again for the support.

  12. Awesome to read Alaina! Send him our love and well wishes to recovery quickly.


    the top has an item that usually found in these luscious ah... thing.

    does this help?

  13. No, Olivia, that didn't help, I'm more confused! I'm crying uncle, dying to know what it is now!

    Yup, Alaina, you know they're ok when they start pinching the nurses. Men make the worst patients, they love the attention! Glad he's doing so well.

  14. Honey? Luscious? I have no clue.

  15. Sheesh a martini? I should have KNOWN that one. Although when I look at my martini glass it looks a lot fuzzier than that for some reason.


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