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Friday, April 30, 2010

Fishing for followers.

I had to fish around my pictures looking for something "non offensive" so people would not shrink back with horror at my magnet men. I already had some folks not like my guys showing up on their blog roll.
The teenie weenies are back!!! for all of those who missed it.....this was wacky weenie wednesday...with no pun intended....I actually just browsed for a goofy picture and, well you can see the rest.....your not gonna kick me off , for being prude are you now?
By the way, that is my great hubby with his catch....he kinda looks like John Travolta, what do you all think?

This blog is officially...

no longer P rated...
She really missed y'all while you were away.
I couldn't just leave her like that.

Dawn This Yellow Is For You!

Dawn I could not resist taking these pictures for you.  Yellow flowers, funny thing about that.  One of the most invasive flowers is YELLOW.  I am sure we all remember as kids making necklaces and crowns with them.   These are my kids flowers, I let them pick as many as they want.
 Now my neighbor spends lots of money to keep those yellows away, I am not that crazy. 
Can you see the line, dandelions, NO dandelions.  I thought if might make you laugh.  Happy Friday everyone.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


 But now none of you are going to need to come see me anymore....waaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Thus concludes my shortest post ever.

Fun for all

One of the problems I was running into on the comments is that I can not share pictures or other graphics with each other.   This was a brainstorm for all of us to contribute and share with each other.  Not just for Mondays. 

Wordle: Untitled

This is something I created using wordle.com very fun. I saw this on shabby whites.  

One Down who will follow

Ok Blossom I think this is how you wanted the Manic Monday to work.  I have opened it and sent an invitation to you and Dawn, I did not have the other emails handy. 
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