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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ask All the Girls, volume one.

I'm bringing a question to the table that affects only me. It has no bearing on what starving children will eat for dinner, what you might wear to church tomorrow, or whether or not you have eye-boogers.

In general, it's a selfish, marginally relevant poll.

I had a manicure and pedicure yesterday that HURT. I mean my cuticles are sore, my feet sting (sting, not stink, at least as far as I can tell). My usual French polish, which is my one indulgent beautification, looks like it was performed by my five year old with Liquid Paper - possibly after he had sniffed Liquid Paper. I am not entirely sure the lady (not my usual lady, although it was my usual salon) had ever done a manicure and pedicure before.

So - the question is - would you have said anything? I did, and got some serious attitude for it. The manager offered to do it over again, but only right then, I couldn't reschedule, which I objected to as politely as I could because I didn't have time to do it all over again right then. She acquiesced, finally, realizing I'm there regularly. I'm still irritated. Would you be?

I'm in what might be considered the over-reaction zone at this particular phase of my existence so you can tell me. That you agree with me. Or not.

And for realz, Happy Mother's Day! Peace out.


  1. Are you kidding me? Id be naming names and talking about for the next ten years. FOR REALZ.

    I only wish I had the courage to speak up when that sort of thing happens to me. I DON'T.

    Instead I go home get depressed and cry to my husband about it...my coping skills could use a little work.

  2. So could my comment writing skills, for those of you keeping track.

  3. If it hurt, I would have stopped the manicure in process and asked for the manager. You are paying for a service. Unless you are masochistic in which case you got what you wanted, you were not wrong to speak up and demand a free manicure and pedicure or your money back.


  4. Hi girls! I have been on another planet for a few days...
    I'd be very upset & wish I could have said something. I got a haircut recently at Walmart (I know. That is another story though) and it was really bad. In fact, she faced me away from the mirror the whole time which was starting to concern me part way thru. When I got up, I realized there was hardly any hair on the floor. Did she think I wouldn't notice that she didn't actually cut my hair during this haircut?? Anyway, I drove home, regretting the whole thing. SO, what did I do? I called and asked the same girl to fix it for me for no charge. Guess what??? She screwed it up again. I decided I would not let someone intimidate me like that again (I also decided to never buy a haircut at Walmart again.)

  5. Cotton - I tried the crying to my husband bit, but at this point in our lives, I can count on him to kill snakes with a hoe and to fix things with duct tape. He's gone all work-y on me. Something about someone has to earn a living around here to pay for all these French pedicures...no time for my Calgon moments.

    Deborah - thanks for confirming my beliefs. I'm not a masochist, unless you count bikini waxing. And I don't actually enjoy that, I just feel it's my social responsibility - how I give back, ya know?

    Becky - I think a gal has a reasonable expectation of a respectable haircut no matter where she buys it - buy being the operative word. These folks are all (supposedly) trained and (allegedly) licensed, so even if the technique isn't perfect the standard should still apply - good for you for going back, sorry she screwed it up AGAIN. Sheesh, what if the manicure lady chops of my little finger or something? Am I asking for trouble going back?

    Now I'm nervous. Well, pensive, apprehensive, slightly paranoid, too. Hmm.

  6. I find it hard to give a place a second chance after something like that. Especially when the manager only wanted to let you get them redone right then. I certainly wouldn't let the same person work on me again.

    Social responsibility? Hmmm I think I'll just keep buying girl scout cookies.

  7. I think I would have said something too. And having no time to stay and get it fixed, would have demanded refund and a I would have tried to get the redo at a later date for free too. Customer service is not what it used to be.

    I can not tell you how many times I have gotten a bad hair cut, having curly hair. The only problem is most salons blow dry your hair out straight, they usually do not know how to do curly hair and I do not find out how bad it is until I do it curly for myself. Hence the reason I have not had my hair cut in almost two years.

    I hope you are not going to go back there after that kind of treatment.

  8. Once, on a trip out of town I paid $150 for a cut and color weave that I am sure was performed by someone WHO HAD NEVER DONE HAIR BEFORE....A color weave is not supposed to look like rings of color around your head. My hair looked like a raccoon tail. I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING just paid her anyway...then went back to my usual salon and paid another $150 to get it fixed. Not good, not good at all...

  9. Elizabeth, that is always my reaction, except that I beat myself up about it and never let myself live it down.

  10. Oh elizabeth, that is so sad...a racoon??? I dont even know what a weave is but, I don't think racoon hair is it.

    One time I got my hair cut in a bob style..I was 20. She cut it ABOVE my ears, and then snipped my ear lobe so bad it bled all the way home....and I still paid. My husbad was like "Did you pay for it?" He said I shouldn't have...he was right.

    IF I am mad enough or if it involves my children, then I speak up.

  11. I think it was 2002 that I went in for a haircut to a posh salon I couldn't afford that was recommended to me by Barbie Doll, I believe. I asked if she was watching Friends and said I wanted the cut that 'Rachel' had, the one that was most similar to a straight bob...virtually no layers. I double made sure she new which one I was talking about. Yeah, Only she gave me the FAMOUS Rachel cut from the early 90s, I should say a bad version of it. Tons of layers. The shortest one only like two or three inches long...IN THE BACK...she gave me bangs on the back of my head. She never cracked a smile and seemed to be in a mega trance, not only did I pay her...I tipped her. Why did I not see at the time that I would one day want a picture to share with strangers over the internet?

  12. I would definitely have complained and after the attitude I would have taken my business elsewhere!! There's no excuse to treat a customer that way and they should fix it when it's convenient for the customer, not what's convenient for the business.
    Also, that was a waste of money!
    Have a great day and good luck next time!


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