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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Guess what I am...

Ok, so here's a new game we can play.. let's keep it clean.. ahem.. no deep boobie nor ball shots please. 

Take a guess at what this might be.. it's an easy one for starters.. but I'll warn you they'll get harder. 


  1. OK But nobody look at my answers and then cheat, honor system folks! It's a nonut. Do I need to be more specific about the kind?

  2. So how come two thirds of our posts are about food or body parts?

    Is it a girl thing?

    I'd take a doughnut over boccoli or fajitas any day. It'd be a toss up with a brownie, depending on the size of each of course...

  3. It's the snow covered caps of an alien planet. They have a low annual rainfall due to the temperature extremes. One side of the planet is ferociously hot while the other icy and cold. Mostly because the planet spins on a sideway axis. Yup, alien planet. A delicious alien planet.

  4. Wheat germ atop freshly baked bread? where's the butter?

    or -

    A flour dusted biscuit - where's the gravy?

    or -

    A sugar dusted doughnut - where's the icing?

    Did I win something?

  5. ah, yes.. I see it's way to easy for you.. and the winner would be the... 'nonut'.. or.. hmmm.. if I was in a sassy mood.. it would be a toss up with the 'snow covered caps of an alien planet' response. Either way.. this was to darn easy.

    I'm doing a lil' mexican tonight.. Bravo's it's 'Date Night'!!!

  6. Hey we have a new follower, anyone know the person?

  7. Dawn your observations on our topics was really full of insight and made me laugh.


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