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Monday, May 17, 2010

Queen.. Princess.. or ?

Since we 'Blossom Girl's' have selected a Dung Beetle Leader.. just what should a Dung Beetle leader be called?  Queen?  Princess?  All I know is that Mama Cow never calls her late for supper.

So a crown or tiara is required.....


I'm leaning towards the second tiara so far.. it's cheaper, on Craig's List and at 35 bucks.. it sparkles like diamonds! 


  1. Ooh! Shiny.

    That is tough. I'm thinking though...that I *am* the ruler of the dung beetles...and that carries some weight, does it not? So do we really need to even consider cost? NAH, I think not. While I like the idea of being queen....I am totally cool with being 'Princess Dung Beetle', wouldn't you be? It has a nice ring to it and it makes me feel young.

    THAT SAID, I think we all deserve to be queen of something around here...don't you?

    I can think of titles for all of you easily!

    Alaina might be Queen White or Queen of Blooms

    Becky would be Queen of Sweet Words

    I could go on and give everyone titles, but maybe some of you want to play too?

    Winner gets a shiny new tiara weaved together out of ragweed by my ever faithful servants...the dung beetles.

  2. I must say it is very funny that you are the Queen of the dung beetles, knee deep in it I think. My vote is for the first crown. Now if you are looking for cheap, I still have mine from my last Halloween party, I was Queen too.

    Is Dawn still hiding out? I am going to have to go looking, I have been at work all day and I feel like I miss out on everything. DAWN WHERE ARE YOU?

  3. I say we give her a big cap like the pope and fill it with goodies. That way when we are bored we can take turns blind folding each other and swing at it with a stick...Queen of the Dung Beetles doubling as a pinata. (After all, everyone needs a backup plan.)

  4. first off i have to go look up what a dung beetle is....

    Queen really, ah, not here. Maybe a kitchen queen because my hubby told this young buck working for him I spend 80% of my time in the kitchen....according to him. That was his idea of a good catch in a wife. He was telling him to find a wife who could cook, not just microwave food.

  5. What is wrong with with the microwave HUH???

    Deborah...I'm with you on the stick... I can always go for a treat...

  6. Yikes.. beaten Queens are not a treat.. might be funny for a bit.. but me thinks I'll stop the stick prior to it coming down on the Dung Beetle Queen.

    I love popcorn..

  7. We won't beat the Dung Beetle Queen just whack her big Pope like cap which will be filled Godiva.


  8. Girlfriend could use a brow wax. Wait! that really is me!

    Oh, you were thinking it.


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