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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Okies girls.. My Chihuahua Bites! is my OPI color of the season..
It's like the perfect 'kick off the season' to girlie-hoodsville.   Love it..

just what's on your wee piglets?  Besides shoes, socks, doggie doo and toe jam.


  1. I just can't commit to the upkeep. My toes are nekkid. Remember to add your blog to the roll.

  2. My toes have a mix of worn off red and sparkles that my daughter painted on for me. All for the fun of it. If it was on my fingernails I would have chewed (tried to spell naugh, but it doesn't look right) it off a long time ago.

  3. "Naw" maybe?

    Well these little piggies went to the nudist colony. And that's where they will stay.

  4. Welcome Back Ollie-Oil.

  5. Flip Flop season... I don't leave home without some color on the toes.
    Presently, a layer of Central Park covered up completely by Canal Street (that is what happens when ya forget to buy remover)
    Just so ya know, these particular colors dry in a New York color minute.

  6. Yeah I figured it out when I went back to watch Grey's on TV but I was not going to come back and fix it. Sometimes you know the word but it just does not come to ya, even the spell ck did not know what I was trying to say.

  7. I got a gift certificate for a pedi and I plan to use it when NJ breaks 70 and stays there. I just can't bear it when my piggies are cold.

    I am thinking this will be the summer of the French pedi.

  8. I have had my toes painted 2x. Just not that into it...

  9. off to the nudist camp we go!.. we'll technically I can't.. but my piglets are always got somethin on em.

    shoo berries an blossoms!


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