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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Warm, Dark and Rich aka The Perfect Man

I won't even mention nuts...

Cotton here: Please don't alter my pics...I'm here for a worthy cause. Deborah wants her blog added to the roll. My computer keeps freezing up on me when it goes to add.
Here is her addy... http://fairfieldhousenj.com/ would someone mind doing it for me?


  1. OKAY, that is way too funny....I see we have a blog full of comedians...LOL

  2. Hey!!!! I can't watch that because I am here in Canada , what a gyp.

  3. Um, excuse me...where's the kitty?

  4. It is really hard to crank a post out when I'm sitting here reading yours...

  5. I am taking orders on Brownie Men on my new etsy shop.

  6. You'll be rich. I'm gonna give the roll another shot, I still haven't read your new post on your blog, I didn't even realize it was there until I went to cut your addy.
    Wonder why I didn't get the email? No mater, I'm going to add ya to my dashboard then I won't ever miss ya.

  7. OK it's not me it's you;)

    My computer is super fast this morning, (got a new one last night and I think this is working HARD to keep from getting pitched, ya know trying to show me what he can do...I am impressed.)


    In upper right corner click customize.
    you have to be signed in to see the customize button.

    Now, look for the little box that says "those brave enough" click edit.

    add your address

    that is all you have to do, theoretically, I guess

  8. The Cotton Blossom,

    Someone was kind enough to add me last night after your sweet request.

    Thank you!


  9. I am going to be deleting the Blossom polls if that is ok with everyone. It is in prime picture space.

  10. DUH, It's ok. I would have deleted them myself but I thougt I was pushing the limits with editing D's post earlier.

    Thanks for putting them up, I think they led to an awesome discussion, well your Say What post did, but I like to think I was the catalyst.

    yeah and I can't find the spell check button

  11. I use the spell check on my tool bar.

  12. Really, not up there at the top with your search engin, does it have double arrows that make more tools pop out?

  13. Dear Brownie Man..

    I got a little change in my pocket going jingle lingle ling.. and I wanna call you on the cellphone and give you a ring.

    But each time we talk I get the same old thing
    you say.. there's no nibblin'... no snacking.. until you get a wedding ring.

    My honey my Brownie Man don’t put my love upon no shelf... he said.. 'don’t give no lies and keep your hands to yourself'.


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