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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hey girls!

Y'all check out what Dawn wrote about us over on her blog Cottage State of Mind! (link in sidebar)

Under her (awesome) header you'll find a Chit Chat Page Link. Click that.

I loved it Dawn, thank you. It was right on!


  1. Olivia's post today made me super duper hungry! The kids and I are about to make brownies and I made a casserole earlier today. Somebody tell me why in the winter, I won't come near my kitchen(If ya can't stand the heat...oh but I can, it's the cold I can't take) and I hang out by my stove in the summer? (Some like it hot?) I should probably refrain from licking brownie spoons whie I'm on here...it makes me comment funny.

    PS) Y'all should know that from now on, I'm going to sign all of my comments...

    Babies and monkeys and beetles...OH MY! I just can't stop saying that today.

  2. Gee Blossom, you scared the heck outa me with that first line of your post. I thought I was gonna get walloped!

    Glad you liked it. We're such a funny crew I thought some explaining was in order before I invited them over. It's so not the blogs most of us have or read.

  3. Oh I totally understand your fear. The other day Stupid Butt sent me and email and in the subject line he wrote "sorry" and that was it. Usually his subject lines are really funny, so that one kinda scared me. Anyway, I let him have it, so his next email said "I AM NOT SORRY" in the subject line..phew!

    You're right about this blog being different. I think if people do come by if they don't join ours they will be scrambling to start their own. We are FUN!

    Babies and Monkeys and Beetles...OH MY!

    What? You thought I was kidding?

  4. Alright! Who put the Dung Beetle counter up there? I am not lurking and I sure as heck ain't no dung beetle.

    I liked Dawn's link and tribute to all of us.

    Speaking of, I have a cute picture to share here....

    I am going to start using the sign off, Bloggers, Batwings, & Bogarts, OH My!

  5. I like the lurking dung beetles! What should we call them (us) huh? What? Never mind!

  6. Oh man. I remember Sunny's first road trip. Merced to Paradise. Everything was fine till our first stop for gas in Sacramento. I got out of the car and Sunny went nuts wanting out with me. I'm special to him I guess, or maybe it was just the call of the near by firehydrant. Anyway, he was still a pup but about 50 lbs and he clawed his way up onto my daughter's lap so he could see me out the window of the van. Of course she had shorts on so I had a screaming bloody girl, a howling dog, a son in the back covering his ears and and hubby sitting in the front just shaking his head. Um, dear, you wanna jump in back there or maybe you could pump the gas so I can restore peace?

    Retraints are a good thing...

  7. DRAT WRONG POST! My previous comment obviously should have been under the photo of Murphy!

  8. Dawn, I was just thinking...I wonder if we could use your post on CSoM as the basis for an about us page here on Chick Chat (that is what stupid butt calls us for short...ain't it the truth?)

  9. Sure, I wonder if there is an easy way of transferring it over?

    I like Chick Chat, that's cute! Have any of the boys mentioned brownie husband. They must think we're all crazy. I hope none of them are lurking around thinking they're going to figure women out by easdropping on us!

  10. We should fill their heads with nonsense then!!!

    I think you could go into your page and open the post like you were going to edit it... then cut and paste it onto a page here...you might then have to paste it back onto it's original page in CSoM...i'm not sure.

  11. CSoM sounds like a special club..

    oh.. I used to be part of a knitting group.. we called ourselves.. Chicks with Sticks... then Pickles found out what we named it.. and he stated to call it.. Chicks with *icks.

    Now that wasn't nice of him.. I never called his band.. BB an B or.. big boobs and brainless but alass.. he discovered that on his own and no longer plays with them.. the group that is.. heehee

  12. Pies, piggies, and porkrinds, OH MY.

  13. Dawn is so sweet I am positive she's a brownie woman and her husband is doing all the typing.

    Olivia, if we ever get together we will end up in jail. But think about what a great post it will make!

    The Cotton Ball, I too prefer lurking dung beetles. Simply Gorgeous Gagas? As in Lady Gagas? What s that?!

  14. I don't know, but whoever wrote it is probably about to pull her hair out over all of us WOMEN!!!
    Anyway, I do think it is fun to see when I'm not the only one here:)

    I bet the next title will be something along the lines of...

    8 goofballs who cannot be pleased no matter what are here right now but may not ever be back;)

    1 beautiful beetle with baby, signing off.

  15. What do you all think about each of us labeling our posts with our name? Or maybe coming up with some general labels like funny photos, videos, rants, stories, brain busters (riddles, games like Olivia's what is it?)Q and A (does this shovel work over my mantle? Why yes, your a genius dahling!) that kind of thing?

  16. I think labeling posts with our name is a good idea Dawn.

  17. Yeah, I agree. We talked about that in the beginning and I think someone posted a link on how to make a signature, but I never tried it. Can you show me some examples of what you mean?


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