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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Okay y'all...

This is for anyone who wants to participate, as usual.

Answer (only the questions you feel comfortable with) in the comment section, be sure to # the answers...

1) What is your middle name?

2) If your significant other had a blog what would the title be?

3)What part of North America do you most want to see? (Tell us why if ya want.)

4) What do you do for a living?

5) What would your dream job be? (Nothing stands in your way.)

6) Rate your high school experience? 10 being the high score.

7) When I was a 4th grader I said I was going to be a scientist, marry a farmer, and grow food to give to the poor. Hmm...Cow is a farmer, I teach the sprouts science using food experiments left in the fridge and we are the poor. Any of you predict your future?

8) If you could go back twenty years and tell yourself anything...what would it be?

9) First car?

10) One piece... or itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini?


  1. 1) Cadie (Sort of the French Katie)Pronounced
    CahDee (like your starting to say Cod fish)


    3)North East

    The Cow's come home!!!!

    I'll finish this later...it's only 12:15!!!

    Y'all are so glad I have an adult human in my life again, aren't you? I'm thinking once he gets out of the shower I've got 7 minutes to catch him up on the last week be for he passes out....it's so exciting!!!!

  2. 1. Elizabeth
    2. Give It Time (I wanted a privacy fence yesterday, he planted 18 redwood sapplings...20 ft apart)
    3. Alaska, my dad was born there.
    4. Nothing
    5. Run a B&B
    6. Hahahaahaha aaaaahahahaha 2.
    7. not even close
    8. Learn to cook and sew
    9.Hahahaha...grandpa gave me a '76 Pinto hatchback when I left for college. For those of you not old enough to get the joke Pinto's were known to explode when re-ended!
    10.One piece with a skirt, a cover up and a big wide brimmed hat. And preferably a privacy fence, see #2!

  3. I can think of better things to do with those seven minutes than talk, might make him come home a little earlier tomorrow;)

    WHAT?.... I meant cook him a quick dinner...

  4. 1. Louise
    2. Tractors
    3. California to see my best friend from high school
    4. Mom and part-time shop owner Dawn, being a mom is one of the hardest jobs one can ever take on.
    5. Vintage Shop owner
    6. 5 it didn't suck worse I had some really fun friends, still have one that I keep in contact with several times a month.
    7. vet, but my senior year book says business owner.
    8. It is going to be really bad, pay attention to your mother, don't worry life is going to turn out great. Yeah he is really cute.
    9. powder blue punch bug. I worked all summer the year before 7-5 mon-fri at a cabbage farm to earn the money to buy it. It sat in a neighbors garage for a year, I didn't have a license to drive yet. When I finally drove it oh it was so loud, had no heat and the radio did not always work. I still loved that car.
    10. Both, you only live once. The fence is on the pool.

    Blossom I am with Dawn, you can talk later. The man has to eat. Ok that kind of sounds bad.

    Anyway that was fun I always like getting to know you girls and guys. I am going to be off the computer today my dad has to go in the hospital for heart tests. I can't wait to read all of your answers tonight.

  5. Where was I?

    Oh yeah...about to discuss laundry 3 times in 7 minutes with my dear one. Well girls, I did call him around 8:00 to see if he could come home for a quick dinner, he said that if he did, he wouldn't be able to make himself get back out there, so a hired hand picked up burgers.

    So, while in those 7 minutes he did want to spoon, he also managed to work into the conversation *three different times* the fact that he was getting low on clothes. To which I replied..."Wow! You're giving me GREAT blog material". And he said.."That is good, so tell me...Do you do laundry, while you blog about it."

    And then I pinched him, and then he talked about the effect of the chicken litter used on our land vs the land without chicken litter that he farms of other landowners. And then, as you can imagine we both fell asleep out of boredom. Or exhaustion. Depends on who you ask.

    Dawn, I love your husbands blog title, so funny. Alaina, Great middle name! I'll be back to comment more and finish my answers... Don't judge me, but it is 9:30 and my kids haven't eaten....sometimes, just by letting them sleep in, I feel like I got to too.

  6. 1. Rebecca (its the first name that is a mystery)
    2. "Are you KIDDING me?" this is 2-fold... this is an irritating line I hear often that could certainly be his blog title but also, it is my response to the idea of my husband having a blog! ha!
    3.I'd love a long, relaxing vacation in the Midwest
    4.I have a Creative Memories business, I homeschool my kids & most of the time I am the peacemaker/glue in our family.
    5. Not really a "job" but deep down I'd love to love on children in Africa- somewhere that materialism isn't an idol & a hug could change a life.
    6.hmmm, I guess a 7. It was pretty good up until senior year when my BFs both turned on me. In a graduating class of maybe 16, it was hard to escape their dirty looks.
    7.I planned to raise a family, which I am doing. But I also wanted to act & sing. These days, I occasionally act like a baby & I often sing loudly when I am alone in the car.
    8.Listen to mom & dad- they really do know what they are talking about. Don't settle. Pursue what you really want in your heart- in spite of your fears & the expectations of others.
    9.used Dodge Aries for $750
    10.always been a one piece, but these days I am rethinking that. ha ha!

  7. 1) What is your middle name? Anne

    2) If your significant other had a blog what would the title be? Brainless Ideas that Gwen Comes Up With

    3)What part of North America do you most want to see? (Tell us why if ya want.) New Orleans, because I don't really 'member my first trip there. There were a lot of Hurricanes...I mean the ones served in a glass, not the big life-altering ones. Although the ones in a glass could be life-altering too.

    4) What do you do for a living? I answer inane questions about sex for teens and tweens via text. I also review books for pleasure, because there is very little money in it.

    5) What would your dream job be? Maybe a Librarian of a special collection or a book reviewer that just gets paid what they are worth.

    6) Rate your high school experience? It was a 1 while I was in it, but as time goes by and the pain lessens, I realize that I had a pretty good time. 8.

    7) Any of you predict your future? I honestly never had dreams of the future, I was too busy living in the present.

    8) If you could go back twenty years and tell yourself anything...what would it be? Don't drink and that you will grow into a beautiful swan, just have patience. Oh, and that Thomas K., dropping his pants in front of you in gym class in 8th grade will not scar you for life like you thought it would.

    9) First car? BMW, that is how I rolled.

    10) One piece... or itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini? Two, there are some benefits to having no kids and good genes;)

  8. I love the middle names! My momma's middle names are Louise Elizabeth.

    And I fondly remember pintos. In fact, I saw the Muppet Movie at the drive-in in a pinto. The reason that I remember that so well is that I went with a friend's family. Yes, 6 kids in a pinto, watching the Muppet Movie, good times.

  9. Yeah, life is great when you get the good genes! My sister got the good genes...strawberry blonde, 6'2", blue eyed scandinavian geness. I got the shorter legs, blah hair and stout german/russianish genes. Not fair I tell ya.

    Funny about the middle names.

  10. 1)Karen - a compromise between Rita and Kathryn - no, I don't get it either


    3)New England, because I am haunted by the old tombstones from way down here in Texas. Creepy, right?

    4)Fix food for small children, and offer advice to others on how to spend their money

    5)running a B&B with Dawn

    6)2.5 - acne, frizzy hair, helicopter parents. There are no words.

    7)An artist and a cowgirl. I can't ever get them to come together at the same time, but I'm determined to.

    8)He's not as cute as he's got you conviced he is.

    9)Austin Healey Sprite, which I think ran on Sprite. - that combined with having my horse is why my high school experience wasn't a .67.

    10) once upon a 20 years ago - bikini. Now? One (big) piece.

    Did anyone ask Mom why Gwen got the bmer?

  11. Oy vey dung beetles.. so far I've pee'd me pants twice today.. but Cottage.. Miss childs I do believe that I saw that blog site earlier today! (hope you caught my southern drawl there)

    Okies.. okies..


    1.) Ellen.. named after one of the many socialites within my family who just happens to be in the Who's Who of Minnesota History. So la tee da!

    2.) Shmackel.blogspot.com

    3.) Oh that's easy.. Montana.. where Men are Men.. and sheep don't dare to sleep.

    4.) I'm a proud nose picker.

    5.) Simon Cowell's job.. hubs says I'm just like him.

    6.) ON the stupid stunts a 10..

    7.) I knew one day that I too would marry someone who clean their eyebrows with their tongue then dump him for a man who could fart his way out of a wet paper bag.

    8.) Don't marry either of em!

    9.) 73' Duster Plymoth yeah baby yeah! (ya.. I know most of ya a wondering what the hell is a 'Duster'.. but ya gotta think it was uber cool!)

    10.) Itsy Kini.. and watch the folks barf as I walk on by. Hey did you catch me on youbute?

    So now you know. just a bit more about me. p~

  12. Dawn, I bet you that your sister has major problems finding pants that are long enough. Look at the bright side.

    CC, notice, I didn't say what year or what condition the bmw was in?? Yes, while all of the kids in my school got brand spanking new cars, often Mercs or BMW, Gwen got a 1975 BMW 2002 that overheated every 10 miles or so. It didn't matter if you went 10 MPH or 90 MPH, the darn thing overheated. It is still my favorite car and I am still on the look out for another one just like it.

  13. Gwen, you are to kind.. the words flew outta my mouth before I could catch em.. Dawn.. in my most Natasha russian accent.. "Ewe'd are strrrrong Wussain woman.. builtz like ox."

    Of course in all love I say this cause your sister ain't nothing like you!

  14. Olivia I am learning what a tongue you have woman. You could make a grown man pee his pants. Nose picker. You made my day for sure and I certainly needed that.

  15. These are ALL so much fun to read! proud nose picker HA HA!
    CC- 2.5? I just want to hug you!

  16. Becky you're so sweet - but no worries - I cuted up a bit by college and had a solid 10 experience (for all ten years I attended). Go figure.


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