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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Right to Bare Legs... uh?

Are you seeing what I'm seeing? 
Recently release leg cover up.. wtf? 

Did I sleep through this amazing discovery? 

Isn't this normally used as a face foundation?

And speaking of face foundation.. happen to catch a glimpse of LL (Lindsey Lohan) for her court date? 

Shirley (dole it out dung beetles) one must have told her what she looks like? Maybe she was using Joan Rivers new product!


  1. OMGOSH, I did catch a minute of Lohan in court. My response? "She has more wrinkles than I do!"

    Seriously, she needs to cut out the cake like foundation. It wasn't pretty.

    I am not about to put foundation on my legs. I can imagine the itching and wouldn't it wipe off on absolutely everything??

  2. Since I don't even wear makeup very often I can't imagine putting it on my legs. What's wrong with natural beauty anyway? And about the flowbe remark at Wit Behind the Ears, I'm just kidding, sort of.

    Speaking of beauty, who is the beauty posing at the bottom of the side bar?

    I try not to watch Lindsy... I'm so dissapointed, I loved her in the disney movies. :(

    Gwen, how come your posts aren't updating on the blogroll over there?

  3. I can see it now.. using this stuff for a wedding.. and wedding sex afterwards.. it'll be all over Pickles!

    Gwen.. that is so true .. it was caked on.. more shocking that she went out like that.. and those fake eyelashes.. like I wanted to peel them off.

  4. That's not new we had leg makeup when I was a cheerleader!

  5. Do you like my "wheels"? I posted my pic!

  6. Ooohhhh that witch and her flying monkeys scared the bejebbers outa me when I was little. We always had to change the channle when they came on.

  7. I'll get you my pretty and your lil dog too.

  8. heeheee... I never book flights since I have my own broom too! When the girls were younger (in their teens) and out on a date.. I waited up for them.. and never did the guy come in afterwards to ah.. 'neck' or smooch due to them being afraid that I would lurk behind a door .. ready to pounce and kick some arse... heehee.. so being protective has it's advantages indeed.

    Love that shot Ms. Fairfields!


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