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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Birthday Party For Dawn

Today's the day.

There' a reason to celebrate!

It is Dawn's birthday.

I brought some cake, you did say you were 21 right?

It's a theme party being so close to Halloween and I happen to have Halloween on the brain.

I have my costume and I am ready to party!

I tried to pick something I thought you would appreciate.

A game or two?

In my craftiness I whipped up some neat decorations.

And don't forget the gifts, I wouldn't forget to show you how special you are to us.

I hope everyone joins in the celebration and adds their special touches.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

thoughts on courage...

Not mine, of course.

Cottage Courage is a contradiction in terms.

I mean this girl. Woman. Person.

That I were young enough to tilt at windmills,
and brave enough to not let anything stop me from doing it.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Gwen's Party & You're Invited...

Alright ladies! Who ordered the Chip & Dale dancers???

Be sure to sign the guest book on your way in!
And add whatever treats to this post that you want to bring along...
(I can only imagine!)

BYOB? I thought you said BYOG!

Ok, the birthday girl has to get flowers on her birthday, if someone knows your favorite kind they can switch them, no water necessary!

Now, I KNOW I was supposed to be shopping for YOU,
 but come on, how is girl to resist pink AND ruffles.

Take a DEEP breath and blow! 

Now don't tell anyone what you wished for.

Come on, you are only 39 once.

Of course we can't forget getting you something special to show you how much we care!
Put on those party dresses girls and dance!

P.S. There is another birthday coming up in October.

It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To…..


The crying baby

It is raining as I sit here in my new $6 WalMart sweats. (I get them from the men’s department because they have pockets. Who is the idiot that decided that women don’t need pockets?)

Anywho, I had a lovely day with my mom. You see it is our birthday today. Yup, I was the best darn gift that she has ever and will ever receive for her bday. We are simple people, went to Walmart and Carl’s Jr. for lunch. Hey, don’t judge, I got the large combo and a banana shake besides. I was Cel-A-Brating, let me tell you.

My problem is this. It is 7 PM and I am hungry and I thought that just this once someone would come home early enough to take me out to dinner. Yes I would have to change out of my sweats and put on shoes with laces, but seriously……where in the heck is everyone?

Is this what happens when you turn 39? Suddenly everyone but your mother forgets you? Heck even the dog went to bed about an hour ago. I want a party with a party dress and the whole 9 yards and sushi, there must be sushi at this party.

Excuse me while I go see if there are any Cheez-Its left. No pity party is complete without Chees-Its.


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