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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A high class problem to have....

So, I need hep. Your hep, specifically.

We have found two incredibly cute 1940's cottages in our new cute little town. Both are tiny, both are essentially amenity-less (unless you count the roof and walls), but both I have to say are darling and idyllic and are in the same darling and idyllic neighborhood, where many of the original owners still inhabit the habitat.

I'm in to that original owner of 70 year old properties thing.

Both properties have hardwood floors, (kind of) updated kitchens, large backyards with actual trees -

You know, builders, them tall leafy things that stick up out of the ground? -

....try and keep up.

Anyway...here's the decision I'm faced with:

Behind door number one, I have cheap rent, the caveat being only one bathroom for the five of us, window units and virtually no office space. But loads of cuteness, including the owner, and a nice chunk of savings.

Behind door number two we have 25% higher rent, two bathrooms, slightly larger living areas, central hvac, and loads of cuteness, including the owner, who is including her refurbished O'Keefe 6 burner stove with the property. And a two car garage. More cool, more comfort, comfort, less savings.

What would you do? Live like no one else, so later you can live like no one else? What's realistic with 5 kids, and 10 pounds of brownies in a 5 pound bag?

We can't really buy not knowing a thing about the area, nor how long husband will be working there, so both ideas are appealing, and I HAVE to get some work done regardless...

Forsake me not, fair maidens - what is a girl to do?

Friday, May 28, 2010

I See Our Chance To Make It BIG, Ladies!

Dawn showed her great video and that got me thinking, dangerous, I know. Still, every time I see this commercial I think that it would be so fun to make our own spoof. Who is ready? And who knows how to splice video together and post it to YouTube?

Me & Raphael

I just wanted to share with you what I take my adventures in..

I zip down the top.. grab my favorite bottled water and my digi cam to catch whatever happens on my way to no where.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

So Proud, I am Gonna Cry

My baby is growing up and getting ready for real life! Just like many kids, he has a habit of closing his eyes for pictures, but he is ready with his backpack.

We are getting ready to take Murphy Grace on his first road trip. It wasn't my idea, I said that I wouldn't go without him, so Art said that we could take him. That wasn't where I saw that conversation going at all. I was trying to get out of the road trip myself. Oh well, we have our doggie treats & tennis balls packed.

I wonder who is going to have to stop to pee more? Want to start a pool on how many times and who has the most?

Hey girls!

Y'all check out what Dawn wrote about us over on her blog Cottage State of Mind! (link in sidebar)

Under her (awesome) header you'll find a Chit Chat Page Link. Click that.

I loved it Dawn, thank you. It was right on!


We are nearly done here in Victoria. A few more hours and I will be home.

I am so excited! It has been an adjustment and there have been hard days and weeks for my daughter. My eldest daughter held down the fort at home these long 10 weeks and I am proud of her....she even organized and baked a birthday cake (family party) for my youngest son. She actually had 2 birthdays to take care of while I was gone. She made meals, and did housework. My third child made all the school lunches and kept the 4th from starving.

And my 4th son kept the cats from starving. Hubby held down the business, and kept all the kids in line....

I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow knowing I can stay home all week. There is a tonne of work to catch up on, but for the first time in my whole entire life I think I will enjoy it.

I am so excited my chest hurts! Tonight we get to race back home to see my son get an award at school. He is is grade 12 and graduates in a few short weeks. He is the one that kept birthday boy from starving......


I'm off to see this lil' peanut ..

I'm heading out this morning to get my fill (which will never happen) of this wee 'dung beetle' in the making!

I'll bring the digi and the cell and even though I'm still a bit sore in the jaw, I know that the rx kicked in and no fever this morn!

Enjoy your morning and to hell with the laundry! 

Here we are.. as Lilly and I just got back from a walk..

Are you not just loving my hair doo?  And where in the hell was the lipstick? 

Now there's a beauty queen!

I'm not sure why every Noni thinks their grandchild is the most beautiful child.. but this squirt steals my heart every time I see her. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hail to the Dung Beetles!!! (I'm thinking the crap I deal with maybe isn't so bad after all!)

The Right to Bare Legs... uh?

Are you seeing what I'm seeing? 
Recently release leg cover up.. wtf? 

Did I sleep through this amazing discovery? 

Isn't this normally used as a face foundation?

And speaking of face foundation.. happen to catch a glimpse of LL (Lindsey Lohan) for her court date? 

Shirley (dole it out dung beetles) one must have told her what she looks like? Maybe she was using Joan Rivers new product!

i'm in desperate need of a manic monday

Desperate, desperate need.

My head is spinning and I don't know where to start.

On my mind... 
Outer space
Home schooling
My mother in law
My unbelievably filthy house
My unbelievably filthy car
Swim class
Baseball try outs
Guitar practice
My mother in law
My children's teeth, nails , hair
My teeth, nails, & hair
27 loads of laundry
Excessive fast food eating
Expiring warranties
Blogging some more, and finally...
My mother in law.

Any ideas?

Any body want to jump in with an impromptu Manic Monwednesday?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Am I round 2...

Since the last What Am I went so well.. we're going to try another round of... What Am I?  Or What is it? 

gotcha on that one!

It's a Charleston Martini

•½ shot gin

•½ shot Kirsch

•½ shot Maraschino

•½ shot Cointreau

•½ shot sweet vermouth

•½ shot dry vermouth

Stir well with ice and fine strain in to a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.  Too bad I can't drink these babies..

Monday, May 24, 2010

My First Car

Cotton Blossom did a nice question and answer session and Cottaqe Child commented on my first car, a BMW.

  • It wasn't new.
  • When I washed it the paint would run off of the car and down the driveway.
  • It always overheated.
  • It took regular gas, which was cool because it was cheap.
  • The muffler fell off once and I threw it in my trunk.
  • After that, it sounded like a lawn mower.
  • It was like driving a tank.
  • A fast tank.
  • It did catch on fire once.
  • James P. pried open the sunroof and pee'd in it because I wouldn't go out with him.
  • (He was too short)
  • It looked like this, but with less paint and more rust. 

It got me where I needed to go, which was usually in trouble.
I LOVED that car! It was freedom.

If you ever see one for sale, call me. I am looking for another.

The girl that knows very little about cars and cares less. Telling me things like that they need oil, so that they don't catch on fire is just a waste of your time and mine.


Love Bunnie's... 

Look at this sweet Easter gift to my sister from her hubs..  needless to say they now have a litter or brood of 9 and they think more is to come..   I hope they like Hasenpfeffer aka.. rabbit stew ..doh.. don't shoot me dung beetles!  Down!

But I do have a recipe if someone is interested..  Yikes.. see I ducked that last shoe there.. pretty good for an old bag like me.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Okay y'all...

This is for anyone who wants to participate, as usual.

Answer (only the questions you feel comfortable with) in the comment section, be sure to # the answers...

1) What is your middle name?

2) If your significant other had a blog what would the title be?

3)What part of North America do you most want to see? (Tell us why if ya want.)

4) What do you do for a living?

5) What would your dream job be? (Nothing stands in your way.)

6) Rate your high school experience? 10 being the high score.

7) When I was a 4th grader I said I was going to be a scientist, marry a farmer, and grow food to give to the poor. Hmm...Cow is a farmer, I teach the sprouts science using food experiments left in the fridge and we are the poor. Any of you predict your future?

8) If you could go back twenty years and tell yourself anything...what would it be?

9) First car?

10) One piece... or itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bunny Love

Hi girls!!! I've been trying to read/catch up on all the chit chat tonight. Oh, I've missed the conversation! In my neck of the woods, it has been a week full of dentist visits, schooling, a viewing, a funeral, a field trip, potluck dinner, gymnastics, a family party, errands, and a trip to the ER. Need I Say More?!? I am not EVEN going to talk about the emotion involved w/ most of what has been going on. sigh...

So, I thought I'd share a little love that is going on in the midst of the craziness at my house:

Honestly, I have 2 more pictures to post- but I need to enroll in Blogging 101 before I can do that. I loaded another picture on and it just pops in up top- not anywhere near where I need it. I was so proud of myself until I hit that wall. Considering my week & the fact that it is midnight here, I will just sign off with the one bunny love shot- sweet dreams!

WANTED: catnapper

Ever since the winter my cat William has been going away for days at a time. Since I have been away not able to keep tabs on him, he has been away for days at a time. Up to 4-5 days. When He comes home he doesnt even want to eat. Fed up with this I went to find out where my cat is going. Sure enough, he has a second home. An old lady in the mobile home park next to us has been feeding and keeping him indoors! He even uses her litter box! She has been keeping food for him on the porch and brings him in at night, and brings him in during the day while she sleeps ( night shift job). He now thinks it is his porch and guards HER porch and keeps other cats at bay. He has a favorite chair. What the HECK LADY???
Ya and get a load of this: she doesn't believe in reincarnation but he "showed" up the day after her son died. It was a sign. Her son was looking out for her. Okay I am a little put out by dead peoples trees in my yard, and now a neighbor who has catnapped my cat claiming her dead son is watching over her. She has 2 cats and a dog.....what the &^% do you think is going to happen when you put food out for a cat? Even after I put his name and address on the collar she never bothered to stop feeding him and keeping him indoors. Ya, lady are you telling me you never heard me calling him, near your yard? You knew our other cats name ..because you heard us call her.
Now I have signs on everydoor.
Shame on you lady for stealing our cat, even with a name and address on his collar.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New poll up!

Hey y'all... I'm curious about somethings with my blog and I went ahead and ran a poll because...

1) I really value your opinion and wanted you to feel free to give it honestly.

2) I thought maybe you have been curious about the same thing, regarding your blog.

3) Sometimes I wonder if you all would like me to just SHUT UP already.

4) Then sometimes I feel like well, I like posting short little nothing post every once and a while, I do prefer to post everyday...it just comes easier to me if I stay in the swing of it, and nobody is obligated to read it and certainly not to comment on it. So why not? No really, tell me.

5) I have some blogs that I go to ridiculously often...I love their constant fresh, funny content and I can't wait to see what they are going to put up next.

6) Some blogs I really enjoy reading don't post as often, either they are like Deborah...who goes for quality over quantity or they are just busy busy and post when they can...either way it's great for me...I like to read them when they do post.

7) Also the content matters to me, the blogs I will go back to again and again are either...posting something I want to learn about or copy (Alaina's House Blog) or they talk about the events of their lives...lives I have grown to care about...or they make me laugh every time.

Let me know if there is something along those lines that you want me to add to the poll. Most of us here are bloggers so I thought we might all find it interesting. Really? I think I'm trying to start a discussion here...for some reason Cow doesn't want to discuss the highs and lows of blogging.

Guess what I am...

Ok, so here's a new game we can play.. let's keep it clean.. ahem.. no deep boobie nor ball shots please. 

Take a guess at what this might be.. it's an easy one for starters.. but I'll warn you they'll get harder. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Raise your hand if you are having problems with blogger right now.

Either here or on your blog or other blogs you read, specifically in the comment section.

If you are not able to comment, then edit this post to add a comment. Just sign your name so we know who we're talking to. ~Blossom

Ok I have to go into this post to tell you it has happened twice on here for me. It shows that there are 5 comments but mine is not showing up today.  I am shutting down my computer and doing a full system virus check.  See you!  Alaina

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rubber balls.

I was making hotdogs and cutting them up into pieces when one dropped on the floor....it bounced like a rubber ball......that is a little too scary. I dont wanna know what they put in those things. I was making good old weiners and beans....so much for 80% of the time in the kitchen.

Button Idea?

I found this comment from Dawn in Blossom's comments and I thought it might be a great button or sign for Chit Chat.

"Think of it like this, if your blog is where you put your best foot forward, All the Girls Chit Chat is where you can put your foot in your mouth and everyone laughs WITH you." 

I think she nailed it perfect.  I would do a button but I forgot, it is atmos in the back of my head but I can not get it to the front.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Queen.. Princess.. or ?

Since we 'Blossom Girl's' have selected a Dung Beetle Leader.. just what should a Dung Beetle leader be called?  Queen?  Princess?  All I know is that Mama Cow never calls her late for supper.

So a crown or tiara is required.....


I'm leaning towards the second tiara so far.. it's cheaper, on Craig's List and at 35 bucks.. it sparkles like diamonds! 

Just havin a ball y'all.

Uncle Jimmy's hanging balls.

Men and their balls.

You didn't think I meant these did you?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wish You Could Taste This

I thought I would share some pie that my husband made with all of you.

Oops, sorry we ate that one, strawberry rhubarb.mmmmm

Ok here is the other one blueberry rhubarb.  That is for desert tonight.

Oh and that chocolate cake, yep had the last piece for breakfast this morning.  
Happy Birthday to me!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A 'Tail' of two ah..

Cow's.. yep you "herd" me.. (boy just how corny can one get?)

When I saw this photo I couldn't help but laugh for "Mama Cow".. twins!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Anyone had a baaaad hair day?

Well, be thankful, ewe aren't alone.

Why I can plug this with out being subjected to our STRICT no plug policy:

It is a giveaway! Over at my pal (not really, we've never met, but then again neither have we) TS Hendrick's blog the Non REVIEW


Now why I can do this here: Hello it's not my giveaway...I'm not plugging myself!

HE IS NOT MAKING IT A CONDITION THAT YOU HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY TO WIN...in fact by sharing this with you, I'm actually GREATLY minimizing my chances to win, I'm gracious like that.

He does have one condition though, you have to follow his blog, CAN I JUST SAY...

SO WORTH IT!  I'm over there and at his contributor's other blog like ten x ten x a day.

It's clean, edgy, witty humor (yep, it is possible!)...I love it, even though for some reason they are always trying to kill me off in the comment section...WHAT IS UP WITH THAT, TS???

Anyway, really you should thank me..it's as if I'M THE ONE hosting the giveaway, don't ya think? By golly I am plugging myself!

PS) One more reason I wanted to share, is that the gift card he's offering is 40 bucks (in honor of 40 days, in honor of the fact that Noah doesn't have anything on him, where did I lose you?) and it can be spent on virtually anything under the sun! And boy could this guy use some sun.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today (oops yesterday) is Alaina's Birthday!!!

Let's all drop by and wish her a Happy one!

(Now we gotta draw straws to see who's going to tell her that her slip is showing?)


Dawn loves you so much and she is really sorry that she couldn't be here to celebrate your birth with us so she wanted me to give you this...

(hint: it rhymes with mellow)


Okies girls.. My Chihuahua Bites! is my OPI color of the season..
It's like the perfect 'kick off the season' to girlie-hoodsville.   Love it..

just what's on your wee piglets?  Besides shoes, socks, doggie doo and toe jam.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Warm, Dark and Rich aka The Perfect Man

I won't even mention nuts...

Cotton here: Please don't alter my pics...I'm here for a worthy cause. Deborah wants her blog added to the roll. My computer keeps freezing up on me when it goes to add.
Here is her addy... http://fairfieldhousenj.com/ would someone mind doing it for me?

I'm Sorry What Did You Say?

 Do I spend too much time blogging?  Yep, am I ok with that? Yep.  Want to know why? Doesn't matter, I am going to tell you just so we can get the wonderful boob picture off.  And this is NOT a sympathy post, I am just telling it like it is.  I can not hear you, nor do I need to.  You see, we can carry out a wonderful conversation and I did not have to ask you to repeat or miss half of the conversation.  I wear these:

But you did not know this and therefore can not form an opinion about me, well until now.  It is great that I have been able to meet such funny caring ladies without having to try and get over the formalities that you do when you meet new people face to face.  It is much harder to meet other women who have the same tastes, ethics, humor, and ideas without having to spend so much time talking, and let's face it who has that much time.  I am lucky that I do have some very good friends that I can spend time with, but that is only once in a while, we all have kids, husbands, jobs or responsibilities. 

I enjoy blogging so much because I have been able to meet up with all of you fun women who make me laugh, say kind words that make my days wonderful and feel like I finally fit in.   

Oh and don't you dare feel sorry for me, I know there are people far worse off than me.  Sometimes it helps to know a little more about a person, the stuff you don't see on the computer, that makes a person the way they are, and why they treat life the way they do. 

There Blossom, boobs are gone, and we thought Berries was going to blow the P rating.

He looks scared...

He should be.

Turns out that I was wrong about this blogs P rating,
and that is just wrong...

But then again so is this...

Looks like someone put their thong on sideways.

Oh no wait.
 That's just Jennifer Love Hewitt showing off her chest butt again.
I should have known.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Do you want to be included in the blog roll??? What if I asked you twice and begged you pretty please?

Hi girls! I've started in on the blog roll, and well I'm sure there is an easier way to do it because it too me forever to get just two blogs up. You can do me a favor.... if you are a contributor you should be able to go in and edit the layout...right Alaina? So if you would add your own blog to the roll that would be great!!!

I'm also going to get up a blog roll for the followers too. I'll probably have to do that one myself so it's gonna take a while. Bear with me, my babies want me.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day ladies!  I thought I would share some flowers and cake with you.

Sorry I had to have a piece first, just to make sure it tasted good.
It did.
Enjoy your day.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

AAAHHHHH I'm so excited i just drooled

Guys I think there is a link to me on th  HGTV blog,
I could be wrong...and then that will be embarrassing.

Link coming!!! Let's besiege them with comments!!!!


My dog is my guinea pig (post, that is.)

Our dog Sadie LOVES to dress up and get her picture taken. I sometimes think she is a little embarrassed, but doesn't want to hurt our feelings by asking us to stop. She kinda likes the attention. Sadly, the story behind the wig is worse than this photo.

(This is where I decide NOT to post the picture of my husband in the wig.)

Ask All the Girls, volume one.

I'm bringing a question to the table that affects only me. It has no bearing on what starving children will eat for dinner, what you might wear to church tomorrow, or whether or not you have eye-boogers.

In general, it's a selfish, marginally relevant poll.

I had a manicure and pedicure yesterday that HURT. I mean my cuticles are sore, my feet sting (sting, not stink, at least as far as I can tell). My usual French polish, which is my one indulgent beautification, looks like it was performed by my five year old with Liquid Paper - possibly after he had sniffed Liquid Paper. I am not entirely sure the lady (not my usual lady, although it was my usual salon) had ever done a manicure and pedicure before.

So - the question is - would you have said anything? I did, and got some serious attitude for it. The manager offered to do it over again, but only right then, I couldn't reschedule, which I objected to as politely as I could because I didn't have time to do it all over again right then. She acquiesced, finally, realizing I'm there regularly. I'm still irritated. Would you be?

I'm in what might be considered the over-reaction zone at this particular phase of my existence so you can tell me. That you agree with me. Or not.

And for realz, Happy Mother's Day! Peace out.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Uses for a shovel.

Uses of a Shovel

Consider the list of basic tools that have served mankind throughout history: (the ones we take for

granted, or return to in an emergency to sustain our lives) the knife, axe, rope, blanket, tent, table, shoe,

needle, awl, hat, backpack, money, writing tablet, bowl, bottle, basket, bag, cooking pot, compass, fishhook,

wheeled cart, fire-making implements, etc. To this list belongs that marvelous tool,

the shovel

. It is found

among the oldest artifacts of man, and yet is also found in the hands of millions of laborers today. Neither

its form nor basic uses have changed much in all the millennia of human civilization and technological

advance. The modern shovel is superior to its antecedents simply by virtue of its better steel and

economical mass production. Though often overlooked by modern collectors of gadgetry, it remains a

fundamental personal possession, simple in its strength, lifesaving in its capability. Those skilled in its use

are admired as they work, both for their feats of accomplishment and technique, and for the sculpting of

their bodies which the exercise provides.

Good form in shoveling, as in lifting, dancing, or martial arts, is to move from the hips, do most of

the work with your legs, not your back, and maintain good posture. This avoids fatigue and injury. A

skilled workman respects what a shovel can and cannot do, cares for his tools, and rarely breaks one.

Shovels are not all alike. Pick a good one. It should be full sized but not heavier than necessary.

Moderately curved blades are better than strongly curved ones, thicker steel better than thin, and not too

much angle between the handle and the blade. Stay away from fiberglass, rubberized handles, gimmicks,

and thin soft-iron oriental products. Hickory or similar hardwood handles remain the best, and it is essential

that the grain of the handle be perpendicular to the plane of the blade, else it will break. It should have a

comfortable, balanced feel to it. After choosing the style, always pick the straightest, strongest-looking

handle in the bunch. The cost of a good shovel is insignificant compared to its value, and is not a reliable

indicator of functionality, so do not look at price. It is no more extravagant to have several shovels than to

have several pair of shoes. The following categories of shovel usage are merely suggestive:

Normal Uses

Extracting a stuck vehicle from mud, sand, or snow. Spreading gravel on an icy road.

Lifting a spare tire onto lug bolts, when adequate brute force is not available. Clearing away cactus.

Digging a footing. Leveling a yard. Uncovering water or sewer lines for remedy, or digging new ones.

Marking, tilling, furrowing, weeding, or irrigating a garden. Removing weeds and shrubs too big to hoe.

Planting trees. Tamping dirt around a new post. Opening a gopher hole to set a trap.

Mixing cement or mortar in a wheel barrow. Reaching a peach or an apple on a high branch.

Killing a rattlesnake. (Smack it hard in the middle with the flat of the blade. This will momentarily stun the

snake so he can’t dodge. Then quickly turn the blade over and chop his head off. Bury the head,

which remains dangerous to pets and children.)

Killing packrats. (Dig them out, then same technique as snake.)


Clearing a spot for a tent or picnic blanket. ‘Ditching’ a tent. As a walking stick. Leveling camp table legs.

Prying up stubborn tent pegs. Burying large rocks to serve as tent anchors, (instead of tent pegs, which

don’t work well in sand.) Clearing a site for campfire, dig a fire pit, put out embers ejected from campfire.

Managing a cooking fire, distributing coals on and around a Dutch oven.

Harvesting squaw wood (dead lower limbs) for the campfire, and chopping it up into kindling.

Potential Emergency Uses

Cutting ramps in a stream bank to make passable a washed-out road. As an oar. Well padded, a crutch.

Digging a garbage pit, fire pit, well, solar still, expedient fallout shelter, snow cave, grave, or latrine.

Cleaning up fiberglass insulation, broken glass, contaminants and spilled garbage. As a leg splint.

Digging for grubs and tubers to eat. Personal defense against man or beast. Herding fish into a net.

An improvised tent pole or ridgepole. Putting out grass fires. To reach a floundering swimmer.

Breaking out a window in house or car, to rescue or escape. Enlarge a spring or seep to fill water containers.

In an emergency a shovel could break through most light-weight doors and walls. Probing for hazards.

Noise maker: bang on a rock to frighten an animal or signal for help. A flagpole. Air rescue marker maker.

Clean up after a flood, or make a levee to mitigate one. Source of steel for flint-and-steel fire-making.

Lifting a live power line off an electrocution victim. A probe and steadying pole for crossing swift streams.

Opening a barrel cactus to access its moisture.

Gee, not one mention of the ingenious mind that would use the shovel as a trophy, or accolade, on a highly esteemed place, as above a mantle. A tool used for such heroic measures as saving a life, or building a latrine, should have more honour bestowed upon such a humble instument.

We should take all of these acolades bestowed on a humble shovel and give way, show our gratitude by placing it in our homes, above mantles , just as our dear friend Blossom has done. Blossom you are an example to us all. We are honoured to have you as our esteemed leader in home decor. BRAVO.

Ode To Blossom

This is an Ode To Blossom who is so creative she brought everything in except the tractor to display for her mantel. Here is my version of THE MANTEL.

Funny thing about her mantel, it is the first time I ever met Blossom.

I went to Nesting Place for the Mantel Party. I saw Blossom's and I thought her mantel was a really creative and different from the rest so I followed the link back to Blossom's blog. It was the picture that I drew me to her blog but it was her way of talking about the mantel that kept me there. There I stayed until I read every one of her blog posts. Most of the time she had me in stitches. I knew I had come upon a very unique blog unlike any other I had read before. Once I had started reading the blog posts I realized I was missing some of the funniest parts of her blog because they were in the Comments Area.

It was due to all of the camaraderie that happens in Blossom's comments that she and I talked about trying to have a more interactive way of talking to each other whom also participates in her Comments. Blossom wanted this new blog to not be about her but to be for all of us, so we could attach photos, expressions, that we could not do in the Comments. Therefore All The Girls Chit Chat has been created for all of US.

Here's to you Blossom!

I want to thank you for introducing me to some of the funniest bloggers I have come across so far in Blogland. Women who are not just about pretty pictures, but share opinions, hardship, loyalty and encouragement, in another word FRIEND. I know that these are women I would welcome into my home or fly across the country to visit I the chance presents itself.

Thanks Blossom for being a friend!

Now for the funny part.

Holly cats was that dang bird bath heavy, it is solid cement. Of course I being a procrastinator waited until the last moment to get my pictures. I did not want to bring the bird bath into my living room onto my carpet. It made a huge mess in the kitchen as it was. I had to laugh though, thinking of what my husband would say if he came home from work early to see my kitchen all dressed up for the mantel party and the other part looking as though a tornado came through. All of the kitchen chairs we all over the room, the table was up against the french doors. Terracotta pots and shovels everywhere. So after the pictures I had to haul everything back outside and clean all the dirt evidence up so no one would ever know there was even a mantel party here.

I hope you enjoyed my Ode, I have to go clean mulch off my kitchen floor.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Come on sing with me everybody.

Food glorious food hot sausage and mustard.

While were in the mood, cold jelly and custard.

Pease pudding and saveloys

Rich gentlemen have it, boys.

In dye getstion.

Food glorious food,

Were anxious to try it

Three banquets a day

Our favorite diet,

Just picture a great big steak,

Fried , roasted, or stewed,

OH food, wonderful food, marvellous food, glorious food.

Need I say more. It is beautiful, rich in cancer fighting, antioxidents....and STINKY.
Oh my , in my little hotel room we have a mini fridge, and every week I pack food for Kayti and I........nice food that is good for you....including this nice green vegetation.
As I am unpacking the fridge today I notice an odd smell. I pull out the red peppers, the yogurt, the frozen lasagna, the carrots and celery.......and then a stench that fills the room, and causes me to gag. The broccoli and cauliflower airtight glad container is ......reeeking through the plastic.
1. mistake number one: do not open possible stinky container in hotel room
2. mistake number two: dont run out the door into the hallway seeking, a garbage cantainer with an open container of stinky broccoli.....
3. dont ask the maid for a garbage bag, especially one who does not have english as a first language.
The result of all these mistakes.....
A room that stinks like poop, an open fairway with sofas that reek like poop, an exit hallway that reek like poop.
Open hotel window, all six inches
Run around with your favorite BodyShop, perfume, White Musk spraying everywhere the broccoli went.
Open a locked exit door to the fullest hoping the air is going to find its way to the open window, down the hall , in the lobby area, and into your hotel room...... to expell the rancid poop smell from the hotel .
Put on bathroom fan....
Gather all belongings and run like the wind, to your car and take off......
All this time one scene from the movie Liar Liar with Jim Carey is running through my brain:
He is standing in a full elevator, lets one rip and says IT WAS ME.
Unfortunatley for me.....we have to come back next week to the very same room which we have
occupied for the last 6 weeks.......I think they will know who did it. IT WAS ME.
Biggest lesson learned....do not bring broccoli anytime, anyplace, no matter how good it is for you.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fajita Envy.

So, we've been eating out way.too.much.

As in we usually go once a week, and we're breaching the precipice of every other day.

And I have the full Rubenesque lusciousness to prove it - and I don't mean mah har - along with the empty wallet to prove it further, lest there be doubt.

But let me tell you, I envy a girl - or guy - who can eat fajitas. They're a bit cliche, to me really, I'm more of an enchilada aficionado (and I have the full Rubenesque lusciousness to prove it). Still, I live in the great Lone Star State, surrounded by Tex Mex restaurants with inviting patios and mosquito sized hostesses, with giant sizzling platters of meat, and all the other fajita
thing-y's that make up the reasons why I can't eat fajitas, and it smells so good. I want that. Right now.

There is not enough Spray and Wash/Blue Dawn/Fels Naphtha soap in this here universe to get out what lands on my clothes. My shirt, yes, but also the lap of my pants, and occasionally my shoes, end up with spots of sour cream, globs of guacamole, and shreds of cheese artfully arranged despite my best efforts to not let them get on there. Salsa? - usually reserved for my hair.

And that's all there is to the story. I am jealous. Covetous. Spitefully envious of the those in the world who can eat the stuffed folded over white nutritionally void flour tortilla and not have the filling shoot out the other end onto themselves.

And that's all I have to say about that. Peace out.

Sweatshirt Skirt

My daughter was helping me yesterday getting ready for Mother's Day at our house.  As the night was getting colder she adjusted her outfit accordingly.  I thought this outfit might amuse since Blossom brought it up about the Gray Gardens attire.
My daughter's version of the sweatshirt skirt.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

...is this thing on?

Have you ever touched an iron at the EXACT moment you wondered "is this thing on"?

I cannot recommend doing so at this time.

Sorry this is more like a long, whine-y tweet than a legitimate post,
or an off-format haiku,
I'm working on it.

With one hand.

Not really, it just seemed it would elicit more sympathy that way - just a blister on a lesser finger. Thanks for listening.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Interested Parties Only

I would like to not be the only one besides Blossom to make changes.  I think both Blossom and I would agree that anyone of our contributors should be able to add a picture, add someone to the blogroll or whatever other interesting, needfull or just for the fun of it stuff they want.  Any interested parties please add a comment and I will bestow upon you the information needed.  Any monkey business and girls I will HUNT you down, better yet I will sic Blossom on you.  Seriously I am using an email that I do not use, hey you can even answer any emails if you want.   Don't be shy you know you want to add some fun stuff to the side column.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Skateboard Larry

This is Larry.....he was a wonderful cat...he would jump and push himself off. He got hit by a car last year. We were devastated, especially my son who was 15 at the time. He treated that cat like a newborn, it had a sleep, pee, eating and play schedule. He never left him home alone. He wanted him to be a real cat, and play outside. It was a hard lesson for him to learn as he got hit by a car about 2 wks after he was let out to play for short periods of time...like for an hour at a time. I wanted to send his video to Ellen, what do you think? I have more...does it matter that he is dead?

This is me.

This is me, Melissa with my other half......hahhahaha.

I've had time to chill...

I was thinking about some of my original thoughts on this blog and how I was worried it could turn into a classified ad section and how I was extremely worried about people potentially posting crazy pictures of half naked women and typewriters and how that would then lead to comments on..ahem...shag carpeting.

This is our blog...not my blog lets figure this one out together...I'm not worried about the P rating...I threw that out the window after the protest that went on in the Wit comment section.

 I think that these blogs can have several pages, I wonder if those pages could be set up so that you could have a shot at promoting a giveaway or your etsy shop. And WOOOHOOO control z just saved this riveting post from being lost forever!!!! You are so relieved.

Where was I? Oh yeah, pages...
A page for ads?

I only wanted 'no ads' so that people who were ONLY interested in self promotion wouldn't use this as a bulletin board for something they were selling...I didn't want spam filling up our dashboards.

What do y'all think?
Remember we can set up a poll if we need to?
Who am I kiddin...I can't set up anything.
I'm pretty much useless here.

I am going to try to figure out a blog roll for all of the contributers blogs, I think we might end up with two...one for contributers and one for followers...is that cool with everyone?
Also Alaina, Is it just you and me that can add buttons, I thought I would start trying to figure that out as well...
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