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Friday, May 21, 2010

WANTED: catnapper

Ever since the winter my cat William has been going away for days at a time. Since I have been away not able to keep tabs on him, he has been away for days at a time. Up to 4-5 days. When He comes home he doesnt even want to eat. Fed up with this I went to find out where my cat is going. Sure enough, he has a second home. An old lady in the mobile home park next to us has been feeding and keeping him indoors! He even uses her litter box! She has been keeping food for him on the porch and brings him in at night, and brings him in during the day while she sleeps ( night shift job). He now thinks it is his porch and guards HER porch and keeps other cats at bay. He has a favorite chair. What the HECK LADY???
Ya and get a load of this: she doesn't believe in reincarnation but he "showed" up the day after her son died. It was a sign. Her son was looking out for her. Okay I am a little put out by dead peoples trees in my yard, and now a neighbor who has catnapped my cat claiming her dead son is watching over her. She has 2 cats and a dog.....what the &^% do you think is going to happen when you put food out for a cat? Even after I put his name and address on the collar she never bothered to stop feeding him and keeping him indoors. Ya, lady are you telling me you never heard me calling him, near your yard? You knew our other cats name ..because you heard us call her.
Now I have signs on everydoor.
Shame on you lady for stealing our cat, even with a name and address on his collar.


  1. That is just awful.
    I can't believe someone catnapped your baby!

  2. Cute cat! Where we used to live, our neighbors would feed our dog their table scraps over the fence... we don't feed our dogs people food. It got really weird... WEIRD...but I can't talk about it because it makes me anxious.

  3. Let's throw her in the hoosegow for catnapping your cat! I can't believe, even with the collar, she still just took it upon herself to "adopt" William.

    And then she thinks that it is her son looking out for her? A. William is a cat, not a pit bull. & B. I can't make fun of her thinking that he is her son, because I am convinced that Murphy was actually Gumby in a past life. Before that, he was a Chihuahua.

    Crazy pants!


  4. She's no better than a common horse thief!

    So lemme get this straight... your cat is her son as a cat.. nut job.

    Animals can smell illness.. not that I'm say she's sick with cancer .. but maybe your cat could smell the cancer and is drawn to her.

    Say, I wonder what or who Shirley will come back as...

  5. Ya and I accidentally let the little booger out the door, he ran away really fast to the field, I left the door open and Romy got out...but I nailed the sucker climbing the stairs on the old lady's deck...bad bad boy.

  6. who is shirley?

  7. So not nice, I do not care dead son or not you do not take peoples animals. Bad lady! Naughty kitty. My daughter's kitten needs to be fixed. He tries to sneak out the door every chance he can get. Bad Kitty.

  8. Hmmm, why can't I have a neighbor like this? Do they take in family members as well as pets?!

  9. And I thought you were for real Blossom...but I could not quite fit how a cowgirl fit into the conversation.

  10. Don't call me Shirley!

    She can have Murphy Grace. He snores though. Maybe her son snored too.

  11. It is weird that she would do that considering he carries identification. Maybe she thought it was a fake id he uses just to stay one step ahead of animal control.

    At least she would be protected from UPS men if she had Murphy Grace, okay not really protected, but he slows them down a bit, eh?

    I think she, the neighbor, is a cat horder. I bet she has hundreds of them and thinks they are all her son.

    Not to make light of the situation, but can you ever REALLY own a cat? I thought they owned you...

  12. OH MY I have been tickled reading these comments...but when I got down to the fake id...I belly laughed...oh look, doin it again!


  14. OMG.. you're joking.. here we are.. chatting about reincarnation and all.. but blossom girls.. who is the biggest nut case as to even writing her book on this subject??

    Why it's Shirley Maclaine of course.. or she will be cowboy when she takes her last breath.

    I'm shocked berries.

  15. Dang it all, I go to bed and look what I miss.

    Berries I didn't get the shirley cowboy thing either.

  16. It makes me think of the song from camp "The Cat Came Back"...

    Bad enough you have a catnapper, but seriously, those are the least grateful creatures on GGE. At least my dog has the sense to act like she appreciates me.

    On the other hand, maybe she thinks I'm a deceased relative looking out for her. I wonder if she thinks I'm a Chihuahua?


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