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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fajita Envy.

So, we've been eating out way.too.much.

As in we usually go once a week, and we're breaching the precipice of every other day.

And I have the full Rubenesque lusciousness to prove it - and I don't mean mah har - along with the empty wallet to prove it further, lest there be doubt.

But let me tell you, I envy a girl - or guy - who can eat fajitas. They're a bit cliche, to me really, I'm more of an enchilada aficionado (and I have the full Rubenesque lusciousness to prove it). Still, I live in the great Lone Star State, surrounded by Tex Mex restaurants with inviting patios and mosquito sized hostesses, with giant sizzling platters of meat, and all the other fajita
thing-y's that make up the reasons why I can't eat fajitas, and it smells so good. I want that. Right now.

There is not enough Spray and Wash/Blue Dawn/Fels Naphtha soap in this here universe to get out what lands on my clothes. My shirt, yes, but also the lap of my pants, and occasionally my shoes, end up with spots of sour cream, globs of guacamole, and shreds of cheese artfully arranged despite my best efforts to not let them get on there. Salsa? - usually reserved for my hair.

And that's all there is to the story. I am jealous. Covetous. Spitefully envious of the those in the world who can eat the stuffed folded over white nutritionally void flour tortilla and not have the filling shoot out the other end onto themselves.

And that's all I have to say about that. Peace out.


  1. I've always thougth they should serve fajitas with burrito size tortillas instead of those little tiny ones.

    Love your description. Next time I go shopping I'm going to ask where the full Rubenesque lusciousness department is. If the clerk gives me a funny look I'm going to say, "Uhh! This store is so Oh Nine! and strut out!

    Pass the chips and salsa, please!

  2. Ok, so if the reason you won't eat it is because you wear more than you eat, I say TAKE OUT, and eat it at home with a HUGE bib.

  3. Another TEXAN....with some writing skills that make my head spin....never quite thought of fajitas like that before, but you and my husband could go and eat out together....you belong to the same dripping, flowing, sopping, club you do.

  4. Hey ya'll (yes I'm from California but I've got some Texas and Oklahoma blood in me so I can talk like that!) I'm get'n lonely over there on the sidebar. Won't some of you contributors join me with a pic and a quote?


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