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Thursday, May 20, 2010

New poll up!

Hey y'all... I'm curious about somethings with my blog and I went ahead and ran a poll because...

1) I really value your opinion and wanted you to feel free to give it honestly.

2) I thought maybe you have been curious about the same thing, regarding your blog.

3) Sometimes I wonder if you all would like me to just SHUT UP already.

4) Then sometimes I feel like well, I like posting short little nothing post every once and a while, I do prefer to post everyday...it just comes easier to me if I stay in the swing of it, and nobody is obligated to read it and certainly not to comment on it. So why not? No really, tell me.

5) I have some blogs that I go to ridiculously often...I love their constant fresh, funny content and I can't wait to see what they are going to put up next.

6) Some blogs I really enjoy reading don't post as often, either they are like Deborah...who goes for quality over quantity or they are just busy busy and post when they can...either way it's great for me...I like to read them when they do post.

7) Also the content matters to me, the blogs I will go back to again and again are either...posting something I want to learn about or copy (Alaina's House Blog) or they talk about the events of their lives...lives I have grown to care about...or they make me laugh every time.

Let me know if there is something along those lines that you want me to add to the poll. Most of us here are bloggers so I thought we might all find it interesting. Really? I think I'm trying to start a discussion here...for some reason Cow doesn't want to discuss the highs and lows of blogging.


  1. oh in case you missed it, you can choose more than one answer in the poll, feel free to elaborate here in this comment section... but let's not judge Anna's spelling and grammar errors, okay...

  2. PS) WHAT I HATE.... I've seen a couple of MEGA blogs that ONLY post pictures from like...the House Beautiful website...and they don't even bother giving credit... I DON'T GET IT???

    Is that mean of me?

  3. First I have to say, Mr. M. and my sisters ROLL their eyes when even the word blog leaves my mouth.

    Blogs for me are in these kind of categories:
    blogs that I go to for pictures and decorating inspiration.
    blogs for ideas, what more can I paint white or make creatively.
    blogs for help (such as slipcovers)
    The most important blogs I go to for friendship and laughter, most of those blogs are in this little group.

    I do agree with Blossom, the picture ones I usually have seen in the magazines and I just get out quick.

    I try to look for new blogs through my taste of decorating but I do not add new blogs to the blogroll now unless there is a spark of interest in the way they speak in their blog, if that makes sense.

    I like when bloggers tell about their post as a story of themself, giving up more than just nice words.

    The blogs that drive me crazy are the business ones that update everyday if not more than once a day, just to keep in your face about their shops. I think I am going to be cleaning out my blogroll soon and ship some over to Clara Louise and let her deal with them.

  4. Thanks Alaina...

    In other news...I just now got to sit down and eat my taco from lunch...what are the odds that I end up with a tummy ache? I did nuke it for like 30 seconds first.

  5. What doesn't kill ya will go right through ya!

  6. I love pics but heart felt ones not catalog ones
    I love to see how others decorate for inspiration
    Funny with good stories, makes me feel like I really know them. I love blogs that update everyday, makes me feel like I am checking up with a friend.
    Ones with ads bother me

  7. You know, I'm ok with ads...I don't think they are appropriate for every blog for sure, but I look at it this way...as goofy as my blog is, and as much as it really doesn't do anybody any good (as far I'm not telling you how to cure cancer or anything)...it is still a lot of work. I think if somebody is putting in the effort to deliver quality content and maybe even providing a service like teaching me what to do with my life, dog, kids, house...then I am AOK with them making some money off of there blog (although I doubt it is much) We even discussed maybe putting ads on this blog eventually and putting whatever proceeds were generated toward a charity.

    I'll tell you when ads make me chuckle...if I'm the only one in the followers box it makes me think maybe your getting the cart before the horse a little bit? But then again...I do that all the time;)

  8. Or maybe just teaching me the difference between there and their...that I would muck through the ads for;)

  9. From the blogger's perspective, it really depends on what your goals are. If your goals include building readership and traffic, you have to post pretty often to keep front and center.

    I am a big believer in posting often, because it brings in traffic, but posting more than once a day and you run the risk of my junking you. I know that my stats are a lot higher when I post every day on C&D.

    The quality of the posts are just as important. I guess it is just finding/having the blog with the perfect mix of everything.

  10. So Gwen...when I am working on a post and for some reason it is dragging on, both in length and in the time it takes to get it posted...should I just cut it off and post it over a couple of days? I really don't think I have anything interesting enough that if I told people I would be talking about the same thing the next day...Aye yai yai! Who would come back for that? So I usually just ...what am I saying you know exactly what I do.

  11. Oh Cotton Ball you hit a hot topic for me regarding blogs that just recycle magazine website photographs. Did you know that even when they do add a blurb commenting where the photograph originated from it is still illegal and violates copy rite law?
    I like funny, creative, inspiring and political blogs.
    I don't enjoy ... blogs that follow the leaders...you've all seen them. They all do exactly the same thing the 'big blog'is doing. I have read one blog and stopped because I was sure I read it before. Sure enough it was almost the same post from a well known blog. I continued on and found THREE that were copied. Amazing.
    As far as how often? I post every 7 to 10 (okay I have gone as much as 12 days) and it hasn't hurt my traffic. I would like to post more and now that I am done with classes I plan to. Definitely. Maybe. Probably not.
    In the end, we all have our own reasons for blogging and should do what best suits us.

    - Deborah

  12. Well said...please don't make me take down my copyright violations.

  13. Remind me not to type when I am half asleep. Copy Rite? Should read copyright. I'm sure my legal research & writing prof is so proud of me. In my defense I was also watching Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson.

  14. Some of your posts could be spread out over a few days. They are so great, but there is so much material that it is hard for me to comment on each thing that you bring up or every time you make me laugh.

    Humor like yours is so wonderful that it gives me a brain freeze. Smaller doses mean no brain freeze.

    Don't forget, this is my humble opinion. You aren't paying me to kiss your duff.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. WOW I feel better already!

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Hey Cranky Berry,

    Don't hold back. Tell us what you really feel.


  19. Well maybe good for all of you, I just deleted my page long comment. I don't think I can do it again but here is some of it.

    I was on facebook for a while and I am not sure how I stumbled upon blogs, I think I saw one listed in a magazine and gave it a look and one led me to another.

    I happened upon a blog that featured homes in their blog, I went through all of the homes and thought my home looked like some of these homes so I sent an email to blogger, how does she choose these home, well lets just say the response was a bit snooty. So I thought well I can type and take pictures. I'll do my own DAMN blog.

    That is why I started blogging, not why I continue to blog.

    Validation is very important to people, to know that you matter, what you do matters to someone. Kind of like I paint therefore I am.

    Isolation is for me the hardest part of being a stay at home mom. I do not regret making the decision to not go back to work, I want to give my children the childhood I was given, but I miss being around people. I am not the type of person to do playdates or join groups to meet women. It was in my boredom that I found painting and gardening. I like to think I do them fairly well.

    I do participate in several linking parties so that I have a reason to talk and post pictures. I picked certain ones that fit to my liking, color, decor and interests. I am not amazingly funny nor do I spout prolific words that make people want to stop and read. So I put up pictures with some substance to go along with them. I love to paint and garden so that is what I talk about.

    As for the followers, they are not important, I do not mean as people but as numbers. I like the followers that put feeling behind their comments and not just say something because main link blog says you have to visit every other participant. I want you to be here because you WANT to be here. I am not a leader, I am person who likes to walk beside another. I do not want followers I want friends.

    As for my complaints about other blogs, hey if I have a problem, then I guess I should just take said blog of my blogroll and then I have nothing to complain about.

    Thank you for letting me ramble on, I have been doing a lot of painting=thinking. I have so much going on right now.

  20. Yes, I am teasing.

    I agree about the ad thing, especially when the blog just becomes an ongoing ad.
    I think the problem with stalkers, um followers, is that they are not a true indicator of stats.
    Furthermore, I think too many are way too concerned with numbers, especially if you are not blogging to make money.
    It's interesting that you bring up jealousy. I have heard that expressed over and over again in other blogs. I personally don't feel any pangs of green towards anyone (yet) but am always curious why others do.
    My experiences with other bloggers (the GIANTS as well as the brand new ones) have all been positive.

  21. Yep no jealousy here, I think my expectations and blog esteem are way too low for that...just shock and awe, lots and lots of shock and awe.... aaarrrgghhh, this comment is going to get me in trouble because it isn't very nice but it shows perfectly my point so here I go, Y'all should know that all of you following goofballs of mine straggled in pretty darn slow (what took you so long eh?;) anyway...ask Dawn because we found each other early (and she doesn't have a mouse right now, so really I could say anything here) Anyway, slow coming but precious, when your original followers are still coming around, that's when they drop the followers status and become friends!

    Here is my ugly UGLY thoughts recently I was left a comment by a blogger (wow aren't you glad we have the power to delete this post if I get too ugly here) anyway...it was the standard "come see me at my place" comment with a little flattery thrown in, so I always (eventually) make it to everyone who has left a comment and I follow whoever has followed me (or who doesn't follow, but reads often and leaves comments) It is not a back scratchin kinda thing at all...just if you're going to take the time...by golly I am too. Man has that paid off for me...look at you all. If I had thought that I was just that great that OF COURSE you should follow me! And never looked at who you all are then I would have really missed out and the only one that would be sad for, is me! (Just know as soon as the A listers call my followers box will read "hot potatoes" ...I'm a funny gal.) Aye yai yai...ok so anyway for a long time (until this time) the amount of a bloggers followers really impressed me, like it was a gauge that showed me what I was doing wrong, if I would just take the time to learn, so I go to this gals blog and she has like SIXTY PLUS followers...don't laugh at me...that's a big number for someone like me, anyway the post up had as many comments... the post wasn't great by any stretch so naturally I assumed she had a track record with these people so I started scrolling down...WHAT??? That was her second post EVER her first was on why she was going to start a blog...this has been a month ago, and the gal hasn't blogged again yet. Nor has she been back to mine. It was a numbers game and she deserved to win.

    Now take stupid butt, the guy has like 7 followers, three of them also follow this blog...and that guy has had 82 post up in the last 4 months and all of them are hilarious, (ok but y'all know my cracked humor, so you might not think so) So that is when I decided the numbers don't matter at all~! I'm going to speak for Dawn again...just call me the Lorax of California, That girl has an amazing load of followers (she's been at this about as long as me) but it doesn't matter to her... she's got the box down at the bottom..if that were me...my followers box would be my header;)

  22. And none of that made a lick of sense.

    Somebody get me my dung beetle crown... thanks.

    Nod in agreement with what the crazy lady just said, your dung Queen has spoken.

  23. HEY! Where's Frank? Where is Becky? (She's had a really hard week so I don't expect to see her here.) Where is everybody else?!?

    Wow, Are they going to get an eye full with this post! They'll be glad they missed it.

  24. I know exactly who you are talking about, and I thought the same thing. I went scrolling down my long blog list to see if it needed any weeding, sure does!

  25. Oh Alaina...was that the meanest thing ever for me to make it so obvious? I can delete that for sure. We're nice girls here, I want everyone to feel welcome, EVERYONE, this would be the perfect place to come if you didn't have the time to run a full time blog...I just wanted to tell that story because, it showed how using the followers box to indicate a blogs worth was really ignorant on my part. Phonetic speller here.

  26. No don't delete it. You are only stating the obvious and we both know it.

    This blog is the place where we want to be able to write what is on our minds or just be goofy, and truthful.

    I try not to judge people, but I certainly do not look at a blogs followers and think gosh I should jump on. Something has to draw me there and then I read through their posts to see if I want to stay.

    Speaking of spelling, Mr. M. the computer man worked on my computer this morning and gave me back my spell check. Now this is NO TUTORIAL!! Hahahaha that was for you Berries. Mr. M. has a way to work on my computer at home through his at work by using teamviewer, don't ask me to explain it. I just tell him what is wrong and he fixes it. Anyway back to the spell check. He went on google and uploaded their tool bar and it has a spell check on it so I can spell check my comments. That does not fix mix up word mistakes but it helps.

  27. I have that toolbar on the upstairs computer...but I'm on a new one and I feel I have messed things up so royally with it already, that I hate to push anymore buttons.

    Oh well, keeps me humble.

  28. Do you have a computer guy? I could ask Mr. M. if he wouldn't mind helping? If a call came from Texas it may seem like work. They have a Credit Union somewhere in Texas that they work on.

    And you are not alone in the spelling, I am HORIBLE. I have a special publisher page called blogwrite so I can go there and check a word if I want.

  29. Did you want me to take my comment off so I dont scare someone? Honestly do you think I said too much?

    I swear to you all jealousy, has never been an issue at all with me...but as the good Lord knows sometimes He needs to weed out the crap inside the heart to make us better human beings. And putting that admission up there was huge for me, because, it has never been a struggle until this particular blog came along.

    I guess the other part that bugs me and maybe it is not jealousy at all but maybe my own ideals that I thought should play out and it was not reciprocated.....I guess you just have to learn the ropes, I thought somehow people played fair on here and just as in life, life is not fair.

  30. And just to make note I am realising as I write it was not jealousy, for THINGS, or how the house looks etc, I guess like Alaina said it was recognition....did you all hear me???? I am having an epiphany, the old creepiness of the heart is coming forward. SHOT DOWN....remember is said I wanted to be famous, and have my house famous. BINGO ....B I N G O...ding, ding ,ding...we have a winner Johnny.

    Well my true intent was shot down by one particular blog.....Okay melissa deal with it, it is staring right in my face....

    See you I will go cry and repent in my closet for awhile and come out with better motivations....funny this is all so weird...if you know me, I am the one who wants to hide in the crowd and not be noticed...and then I go and start a blog to be famous....geez what was I thinking?

    In all actuality, I was starving for friends, adn said a prayer for God to send me friends...He did that. I have all you wonderful people. We can just leave the famous out of it now. Okay people I am moving on!!!!

  31. Thank God I'm not talking to myself.

    Cotton Ball, I agree with you. I don't know who you are referring to but I have been 'spammed' by a new blogger. I quickly blocked her from my email and comments.
    I also don't like people that link up to parties that do NOT even read the post, hence have no clue what the party is. Case in point, my annual postcard exchange party...I had DIY'ers linking up their projects. WTH? Could you at least glance at the party and see if yours is an appropriate link?
    I agree with Alaina, if I don't like a blog I just don't read it.

  32. Well I'd like to say I relate to you but...as you know...I *am* famous, born that way.

    Heck no, don't delete it! We're supposed to be helpin each other out here. And good grief woman, you had your blog open for a month and had twice as many followers as I'd accrued in almost a year. And you get left FABULOUS comments...you and your house and your quirky sense of humor ARE famous!

    Like I said, I had low expectations...and even those were never realized...I started a blog so my far off fam could check in on my kids, I didn't know that people got famous by writing blogs, I had only read homeschooling mom blogs...and although I can't remember for sure...I believe that the only early networking i ever did was
    that...ok, laugh with me.... was that next blog button on the top of my blog. I feel pretty sure that it was the next blog button that eventually led me to Dawn...

    Alaina ...I LOVE YOU...and maybe someday, I'll be able to offer my husbands services as a cotton grower to you! I'll figure out this computer thing...I could use the mental exercise.

    Phonetically spelled in every way,

  33. What does it mean somebody spammed you as a new blogger?

  34. Should I be watching out for something? How do you put those securities up after when they comment?

  35. I think Deborah was teasing...I think she was referring to the commenters that only come by to say...come read MY blog...and they don't even refer to you or your post and if you check out other blogs they've been to, they left the same word for word comment there as well...

  36. oh i was worried.....one time someone left a message on my thing and I went to check her out and it was all jibberish letters....so weird....like as if she sat down and randomly just typed letters....it was the most bizarre thing in the world.

  37. Ok I have a delema that keeps poping up in my head because I am painting and all I do is think. It is very personal, funny but I do not mind sharing with all of you, but I was wondering if I should do a post or just put it here in the comments? I think like Berries I need to say it to get it out of my head/heart.

  38. Cranberry -

    Cotton ball got it right. That's exactly what I was referring to.

    However, I have seen some blogs that were violated/corrupted with some pretty vulgar things.

    ...and no I am not talking about my comments.

  39. Up to you!

    Ugh, I hate non-answers like that. But really either way:)

    PS) I kinda sorta just confessed my undying love for Mr. M over in my comment section.

    Now y'all shoo me away from here until tonight... for real!

  40. Self imposed exile is over. Worked good for a few days until hubby went on a power trip and forgot he was doing what I asked and he was supposed to let me have it back when I SAID SO! I straightened him out. He is a great guy, don't get me wrong, we just had a bit of a communication breakdown.

    Where to begin? I started blogging because I was checking out rate your space on hgtv for ideas. People there were MEAN! Someone mentioned a blog so I checked it out and was hooked. I lurked for a long time then was inspired by Mona as Wspersweetly of Cottages to start blogging. She has is the sweetest lady. We have become great friends, because we connect with what each is saying, or sometimes not saying. I'm going to visit her when I go to LA in June to visit my sister. I'm so bummed Gwen and I can't get together then but we'll try for another time.

    I love decorating my house but I'm not much of a house keeper. So my blog ended up being a bit of everything and that's what I like in other blogs too.

    I post when I have something others will enjoy or I want to share something particular with someone. When I've pushed myself to post just to get something new up I'm usually unhappy with it.

    There was a period where I did a lot of link parties. You do get lots of followers that way but I was really looking to find people that enjoy the same things I do.

    I was excited the first time a big name followed me but it's the true friendships that excite me the most. I've got a pretty seculded existance so these friendships have come to mean a lot to me. I had a chance to meet Gloria from Happy to Be and she told me to be carefull blogging because you never know what's going on with the person on the other side of the screen. I thougth it was a "starnger danger" lecture but then she went on to say that the other person could be barely hanging on and what you say could be a lifeline or push them over the edge and to always be nice. That's what I love about blogging, most of the people are downright caring, but if not, I can ignore them or delete them with the push of a button!

    Side note here: Gloria often posts really wacky photos that she makes stories up to go along with.They are hilarious. Email me if you'd like me to send me some links. She's been at it for a long time and there's a lot to wade through on her blog.

    What else? I put my followers at the bottom so I could see more faces than on the sidebar. It's only 'cause I'm a visual person and I remember people better that way. Except when people constantly change their icons!

    I'd rather stay away from ads, ironic since I have a degree in advertising, and old dusty one that was only used while working as an intern for an ad agency in Fresno but that's a lifetime ago...

    I've run out of time for today. Enjoyed reading what everyone had to say. The best advice I can give is enjoy your blog and don't feel pressure to be like anyone else.

    Oh, and people who fish for comments or followers suck. Like Nikon Sniper...great photograhy loved your post....buttered me up into following his photgraphy blog and never heard another word from him. I should have known, he was the only man to ever comment on my rose and knick knack filled blog.

  41. Dawn...If you only knew how much I understood the WHOLE mouse thing...every word of it. I am not supposed to be here and when company walks in the door in 30 min and we are late for the park day and...good grief...I gotta get!

  42. Gee Fairfield...violated, corrupted and vulgar things??????

    Maybe I am having a blond moment,but, how can you be vulgar/violated/corrupt on home decor blogs???? You mean people outright said nasty stuff?

    Somehow all that vulgarity doesnt belong with white stuffed frilly pillows, ya know?

  43. alaina, if you gotta say it say it...there are only a few of us here not like a zillion and when it is done you can delete it...

  44. Cranberry,

    Someone actually got into a blog (a well known one that has a few pages) and wrote horrible things all over it. I will send you a link so you can see for yourself.


  45. It is still there? for everyone to read?

  46. Ok, they said the only stupid question is an unasked one, so maybe I should put this down as a blond one, but I don't know who the big bloggers are? I have seen Sadie Olive in Romantic Homes magazine, but she also pays for advertising so yeah they are going to feature her. I have seen several other advertisers have their blogs listed. I saw the blog by the editor of Romantic Living? Am I missing something? I am being serious, I know there are some blogs out there that I love their photos and they seem like better bloggers than myself. Maybe I have a few on my sidebar.

  47. I'd say My Romantic Home is a big blog that's on your sidebar, I'm not familiar with all the others. Cindy has almost 2800 plus followers and that's great. She's been doing it for several years and found something she has a knack for that helps her financially. I enjoy some of the big blogs but lets face it with thousands of followers they won't have time to make friends with everyone who stops by. I've commented a few times and I think she's commented back a few times. The same with some of the other bloggers who have tons of followers. I've never had anyone be snooty...or snotty. I just think the ones that have been around along time probably try to say hello to new people but, like the rest of us, have certain people they've just clicked with over time.

    Honestly, I don't really know who they are all either. I just know that for the most part I like the smaller, more personal blogs where people share what their doing instead of trying to tell me how to decorate. I already know my style is not for everyone.

  48. I checked and it has finally been taken down. But in answer to your question, yes it remained there for a long time. It was on one of her other pages that you clicked on when you wanted to see her blog roll.
    Anyway, I'm glad it was resolved.

  49. I am not talking about the BIG BIG bloggers, just a few recently who have been all hot and heavy for essentially doig nothing, other than an intitial post....ones that regurgitate, mag photos or feature others like all get out because they have nothing else to post....and another one who has let it all go to her head, or is really bossy in person and it is coming through on her blog.....the magazine ones who are already hotshots i dont care about...it is the ones who started out like you and me who have big egos for doing nothing.

  50. My blog is just a blog.. no fancy this or that.. but all my doing. No ad's.. I only promote where I've been and I never tell them what I'm doing (Yet Fearrington Village knows about a few of us bloggers now)

    I'm never sent free goodies.. I'd send it back. I post when I want to and about what I want.

    Those who have daily postings, I feel have some sort of idenity issue. I'm so busy at times that I haven't got the time .. but when I take the time.. it's for me.

    I have had a few private emails as to being a show off snob. So I stopped for a bit.. and after a few days I felt that they hadn't a clue as to who I am or what I do. I never respond to negative remarks and if a follower chooses to leave.. it's ok.

    Blogging is my 'open diary' that I let others read. And a blog it will always be. So blog blog blog... blog blog.. blog blog blog. blog.

  51. OLI!!!!

    I *never* say this...but WHAT THE?!?! You've had people send you emails about you showing off??? Are they crazy??? I love your blog, I LOVE that you come off like you have it ALL together. I don't have it together...I never will...I LOVE to see how the rest of you live! I'll tell you something else....you can't read very far into your blog with out seeing that you work your tail off to get it and keep it together.

    It hurts me to think anyone would ever say anything ugly to any of you...don't they know you guys? You all are wonderful.

    That said: Dude! Don't hate me if I decide to post everyday... it really is easier for me that way...also, I'm kinda manic about stuff...so I might post twice a day for the next two months and then nothing for a few weeks. When I post, I am doing it for me, especially this time of year...Tonight Cow will get home around 1:00am this morning he left at 4:00 because he was called out to a wreck. And for some reason, he's not always chatty when he gets home...that leaves me with a lot of words to get out. Also...even though it is not the scrapbook blog I set out to create, when I read over it, it does bring back memories, so I'm glad I've stuck with it. Of course, I don't have anything to offer you all that you can do anything with, but it makes me so happy when somebody says that they had a bad day and then they got to laugh at me. So I kinda am doing it for you all too...not that you *need* it...but in the fact that it's what I have to offer.

    PS) I will never send back free goodies! EVER!

  52. Olivia -

    Did you have to bring up the emails I sent you? I thought that we resolved that issue. Remember? You said you wouldn't be a show off snob anymore.

  53. Man you guys really dont take much serious do you? I am so appalled that somebody would have the gall to say you were snotty on your blog Olivia....that is so immature....and least I blog my complaint on here and nobody knows who I am talking about.

    Poor thing, now I am ashamed to admit it, Olivia, I am not at all sure I have even gone to your blog....I seem to run out of steam to go lurking about these days. This conversation thing takes up some time...

    I will go over and see what all the hubbub is about....

  54. Olivia I have been to your house, and don't find anything snooty about it except for your green pig....what the heck are these people talking about?

  55. Thank you ladies.. I realized that MY blog is about what I've done and I am gracious enough to share it with others.. it's like a secret that I have and I wanna spread the word.

    If I make 5 different kinds of cheesecakes a week.. I'll do so. I don't want to read emails that I have issues. That's what hurts. Just because I don't weight 300 pounds therefore something is wrong with me.

    Thanks for the support and I have emailed with Ms. Childs (aka Deborah) about one person in general.. and chose to ignore the few others.

    (and I had to delete the rest due to some readers/stalkers)

  56. but I did get it off my chest.. on a blog.. then took it off... only to protect the innocent.

  57. oh by the by.. it's 5:21 am here.. crack o' dawn.. not 2 am.. thank the good lord for that eh?

  58. Olivia, same here, after the conversation yesterday I went and read several of your posts. Honey no snoot needed, you have a wonderful blog. Oh and you have food mmmmm cheesecake, yum.

    I guess I haven't been on long enough, I did not know there was cattiness in blogland. Although I am not that naive that I didn't know when you get A LOT of women together there is eventually going to be a cat fight.

    The nastiness is one reason I like this blog, you can say important pieces on your mind and know you are going to get support.

  59. You do realize I was teasing don't you? Olivia was my first and remains one of my dearest friends in blog land. She knows she is my first read in the day. Her blog has it all and a true reflection of who she is -- clever, creative, talented and genuine.

  60. Of course we know you're teasing! I was just thinking yesterday when I read that, and some of your other funny comments you've left here, how this blog is the perfect mix of concern and hilarity. With out the lighter moments...I'd be outta here. Hoping that's how you spell "hilarity". Hoping hilarity is a word.


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