All The Girls Chit Chat

About Us

All the Girls Chit Chat is a blog with several contributing authors and the possibility of more. It began with a rather funny blogger, (funny as in humorous, not funny weird, although I guess that depends on your own tastes!) who was developing a following of other sorta funny people. The followers enjoyed each others comments so much we began chatting back and forth in her comment section!

She got wise and kicked us to the curb. She told us to go play on our own blog. No, not really. She actually told us it would be fun if we had a blog we could all contribute to so we could laugh at everyone, not just her! It took a while to work out but we're up and running well. Um, as well as can be expected when many people have access to posting, sidebar content and settings. Yes, you may see some strange things here but it's all in fun and mostly poking fun at ourselves. We get an occasional rant but that's part of it too. It's where you can let it all hang out and not worry if you smell like broccoli.

Just watch out for cute kitty photos, they're code for "a possibly questionable photo is coming up". We quickly realized we didn't want to offend anyone by filling blog rolls with weird photos so the kitty is our camouflage. Not that you will find anything really bad here, if it were a movie it might get a PG13. I mean, typewriter contortionist had on more clothes than the contestants on that ball room dancing show so how bad can it be? The brownie man was a definite PG13 but a good love story has to have a little romance right?

Sound confusing? It is. And it will get worse when you try to read the comments. With so many posts, contributors, plus followers, and all of us having our own blogs, comments seemingly come from nowhere and fly right past. But the important thing is they are funny comments!

If you enjoy a good laugh and don't mind it possibly coming at your own expense please stop by and join in the fray. Even if you're just curious come by and watch from a safe distance. We're really all still getting to know each other so don't be shy!

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