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Saturday, May 1, 2010

I've had time to chill...

I was thinking about some of my original thoughts on this blog and how I was worried it could turn into a classified ad section and how I was extremely worried about people potentially posting crazy pictures of half naked women and typewriters and how that would then lead to comments on..ahem...shag carpeting.

This is our blog...not my blog lets figure this one out together...I'm not worried about the P rating...I threw that out the window after the protest that went on in the Wit comment section.

 I think that these blogs can have several pages, I wonder if those pages could be set up so that you could have a shot at promoting a giveaway or your etsy shop. And WOOOHOOO control z just saved this riveting post from being lost forever!!!! You are so relieved.

Where was I? Oh yeah, pages...
A page for ads?

I only wanted 'no ads' so that people who were ONLY interested in self promotion wouldn't use this as a bulletin board for something they were selling...I didn't want spam filling up our dashboards.

What do y'all think?
Remember we can set up a poll if we need to?
Who am I kiddin...I can't set up anything.
I'm pretty much useless here.

I am going to try to figure out a blog roll for all of the contributers blogs, I think we might end up with two...one for contributers and one for followers...is that cool with everyone?
Also Alaina, Is it just you and me that can add buttons, I thought I would start trying to figure that out as well...


  1. Ok, if you want a poll for all 9 of us then I think I can do that, 9. As for the blog roll I think I already set it up under my blog list. And to answer your question about the buttons yes you and I are the only ones who can change any settings. Let me know if you want any of that changed.

  2. This may be the only time i ever say this 'cause I'm a more is more person but I think in this case simpler is better. Most of the contributors have their own blogs too and people can find them by clicking on our icons. If we want to promote an occasionl giveaway or product it could be mentioned in the comments then people could go to the other blogs. That way it's not a post filling up the dashboards.

    As for questionable taste in photos...i'd say Blossom and Alaina have the final say as administrators to deleted anything that is obviously over the line. I can't imagine it would reach that point though.

  3. Come on I think it would be funny to have a poll for 9. That just cracks me up.


    Girls I've never been able to think small...and I'm not much of a realist...it's not my thing, man...

    What I see is 8 contributors in two days...in another week we could have our 1000..or actually just 100 but whatever...

  5. ok- I am a contributor LOL so, what do I do? Just hit "new post" and go from there? yup, I'm gonna get my feet wet here. I'm sure I can dig out something goofy to share with you funny girls!

  6. YES!!! BECKY!!! Welcome to the club! Post away!

    Yep..."new post"...don't worry, you can't mess anything up!

  7. Here's me being gut level honest. I clicked yes to be a contributor, then chickened out and unclicked. I got on here through "Cotton Ball" who became a follower on my blog and I LOVE her sense of humor on her blog. But I don't know anyone else and don't really know C.B. so it's scary to me to put my name on something I have no control over. So does that mean I'm more of a P than I thought I was?


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