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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

He looks scared...

He should be.

Turns out that I was wrong about this blogs P rating,
and that is just wrong...

But then again so is this...

Looks like someone put their thong on sideways.

Oh no wait.
 That's just Jennifer Love Hewitt showing off her chest butt again.
I should have known.


  1. Ok, as for the poll about checking blogs... yeah, well it's like this, *BLUSH* I like you guys...I am the girl that if she just could have played it a little cool that guy would have really dug her...but she didn't and he didn't. Please don't stop diggin me.

    Anyway, as for how many times I check the blogs, um well in all honesty? Where was the 50 plus option? It's just that I really like you all.

    Now as for how often I'm caught...that is far more tricky. Did you mean how often am I caught...or how often he realizes I've been caught...the difference in the number is ASTOUNDING. I am caught 'red fingered' way too often, BUT, More often than not I skirt getting caught by racing down the stairs when I hear his pickup coming, or by saying I'm just going to run upstairs to check and see if the kids have any dirty laundry I can do (he oughtta catch on to that real quick) or by simultaneously picking up a toy while I pick my phone up to answer it, so that I can say something like..."oh nothing, just pickin up a bit."

    Now you know.

  2. Couldn't have said it better.
    I feel like I am running to get high when he leaves and quickly hiding the pipe when I hear the key in the door. Spraying air freshener lying back on the couch with that "WHAT" look on my face.

  3. You both are too funny. I must admit the need to act like I dont care too much about all of this.....I dont want to look obsessed, you know. It is way too fun.

  4. If I had sunglasses I would put a picture up. I tried on my daughters while she tried reallly hard not to laugh....apparently they were too wide for my narrow face and were hanging over the sides of my face. She told me to take them off as they made me look NOT HOT.

  5. man I wish you could blow up the picture of me wearing mine...the lens had completely fallen out of one side and the frame was cracked...I wore them around for weeks anyway...the only reason I bought new a new pair was because I left them at home one time I on a trip out of town...with the recent eye surgery I need shades! Post the pic!

  6. For real somebody post something before I delete this post..I don't want this to be anybody's first impression of us.

  7. Let's just say my daughter was standing behind me when the picture popped up. "Mom what is that? Well honey it is just a funny picture someone put on the computer." Then of course I clicked on something else, she waited behind me for several minutes to see if I would go back.

    All of this is happening before they got on the bus for school, yes my habit has gotten so bad I do not bother to hide it. My husband does not catch me so much as I do not hide it. He drives in the driveway from work and with our big windows he sees me sitting at the computer, he does not need to ask what I am doing, but I do jump up out of my chair and greet him at the door, cause I am a loving wife. All the while wondering when he is going upstairs to change so I can finish my comment. My kids do have to ask several times to get my attention. I am a blog addict and I know it, do I need help? Depends on who you ask, I am just fine with it!

    I can not believe Jennifer Love Hewitt has this too!

  8. If you ever want cleavage shots (why wouldn't ya) let me save you the three hours plus that I looked for decent ones...just google Jennifer Love...the girl loves her chest cheeks. The first pic in my 'crack is wack' series was courtesy of JLH's milk bags.

    As for your girl...ugh...I am truly sorry. I just told my ten year old they were 'shots of peoples butts so pull up your dang pants.'

    I would never post something like this on Wit I do know kids read that one everyday.

    Tell ya what I'm going to do...from now on when I'm compelled to post shots of typewriter contortionist and the like...I'll throw up a picture of a fuzzy little kitten first.

    That be your cue, yo?

    Sorry for defacing your dashboards this morning, forgive?

  9. Laney, if ya want to contribute let us know. I'm not sure you were around for the message on my blog about it?

  10. oops meant to post this on yesterday's post


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