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Saturday, May 8, 2010

My dog is my guinea pig (post, that is.)

Our dog Sadie LOVES to dress up and get her picture taken. I sometimes think she is a little embarrassed, but doesn't want to hurt our feelings by asking us to stop. She kinda likes the attention. Sadly, the story behind the wig is worse than this photo.

(This is where I decide NOT to post the picture of my husband in the wig.)


    Chant it with me people...

  2. I agree. I want to see how much worse it could really be. POST IT!

  3. hmmm, but would it be wrong to post it if he didn't know? to women he doesn't know? on a blog he doesn't know about yet? could this become an issue??? And besides...my line about my husband in the wig all the sudden became more exciting than the dog. And, I thought she was pretty silly myself. :) In reality, his wig picture is in a scrapbook, which would involve removing it from a page & scanning it! Some people redo their entire mantel for a post, and I won't even lift a photo off of a page. Guess we know who the amateur blogger is, now don't we girls.

  4. I admire your 'think first, post later' attitude...one of these days I'll mature and feel the same way. Hopefully.

  5. You must be related to Helen Horsewife's parents...aparently there are more folks who like to dress the animals. I must be missing out on life, because my cat just gets a collar, and that is when I want to make a statement to the neighbor THAT HE IS OUR CAT!!!!!

  6. Out in Alberta, they have a whole museum with stuffed gophers dressed up in clothes.....must be
    the in thing.

  7. Judging by the rules in the upper right corner...I think pooch here was caught altering someone else's posts.

  8. good one, Cotton B!
    I'm going to just have to start a series of dressed-up dog pictures. I have more than I care to admit.
    Stuffed gophers? I will draw the line at dressing dead animals. Limits, people.
    CC- don't start now, your cat is probably happier.Sometimes, I think my dog thinks she is human & that is not always a good thing.


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