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Thursday, May 27, 2010


We are nearly done here in Victoria. A few more hours and I will be home.

I am so excited! It has been an adjustment and there have been hard days and weeks for my daughter. My eldest daughter held down the fort at home these long 10 weeks and I am proud of her....she even organized and baked a birthday cake (family party) for my youngest son. She actually had 2 birthdays to take care of while I was gone. She made meals, and did housework. My third child made all the school lunches and kept the 4th from starving.

And my 4th son kept the cats from starving. Hubby held down the business, and kept all the kids in line....

I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow knowing I can stay home all week. There is a tonne of work to catch up on, but for the first time in my whole entire life I think I will enjoy it.

I am so excited my chest hurts! Tonight we get to race back home to see my son get an award at school. He is is grade 12 and graduates in a few short weeks. He is the one that kept birthday boy from starving......



  1. I am so happy for you. Great kids you have raised. Enjoy getting to stay home for sure!

  2. Oh yeah! Everybody's doing the happy dance! I'm sure it will be nice for all of you to be together again. Looking forward seeing what you can do now that you're back on familiar ground!

  3. Home is where your Cranberry is!

    I have no doubt you were missed much and will be greeted with a new found appreciation! Congrats to your son -- the soon to be HS Grad!


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