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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do you hear what I hear?

Stop the world. The kid is mowing the lawn...ah music to my ears.

The lawn mower and weedeater have been broken.

Boy, are the neighbors gonna be glad.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Two things have been bugging me lately.
First off I am not a fashionista.

BUT, I am not stupid either.

I have been seeing two styles lately that are making me nuts.

*** Women, who for whatever reason have decided to bring Shirley Temple curls back in vogue. The only difference? LONG LONG ringlets.

Yesterday I saw my 5th do. The funny thing is 4 of them were on 40 somthings and one girl in her 20's.****

*** Women in their 50 plus range wearing sun visors. You know like the eighties all over again.**

Okay, so the visors I get. Keeping the sun off the eyes while you drive around town in your sporty car.

The ringlets???? come on I have 22 and 20 year old girls at home and this is NOT hip.

Who in their sane mind is going to painstakingly put shreds of sheeting in your hair, or spend hours with the curling iron.

All you gals from the states, need to speak up becuase we Canadians are always a little behind..what gives?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Giddy up girls.

Come on girls. (TS)
No need to be sluggish.

Or put on any more rubbish.
Oh sorry, that was me.

Just trying to make you all pee
like our little Gwennie.

Summer must have sucked out your brains.
Am I the only one who complains?

Life is getting a litte stiff around here in blogosphere
Get out that beer, start writing some cheer.

I don't like being the only one here.
My lips are turning into a sneer.

Hey Cotton, Hey Dawn, Hey Gwennie,Karen,
Mittens, Alaina, Fairfield House , Cottage Child.

Anyone, please
Get your arses out here or I will start getting wild.
TS, Stupid Bet, Becky and any I missed.

Life is boring here. Show me some clout before I burn out!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Get that girl a turtle neck, quick!

Salad dressing.





Tuna Salad






Parmesan Cheese

What do all of these things and many more have in common?

They all fall into my cleavage and rest in my bosom. It is always interesting what I am going to find at the end of the day, as I strip off the old over the shoulder boulder holder.

Tonight it is parmesan cheese and sawdust. No kidding here folks.

I am glad that fall is here. These low lying, bust popping t-shirts, and tank tops are moving on , and there with them my daily treat. So long. I won't miss you. Although a cute kitten would keep the girls really warm and snuggly.
Oh wait that kitty looks like William!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What is your style girls?






Jane Austin style

Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm getting somewhere... I can feel it!

So y'all have really helped me see that my biggest dilemma was choosing between the red accents and the blue ones... so this is what I've done. I've narrowed it down to 3 (well 4 but one is a Behr color so I can't show you) paint body colors with plans to use the same black and white colors for whatever body I choose. As far as my commitmaphobia goes... I've decided why can't I just have TWO front doors and change them out when I'm in the mood (Yeah... I hate painting so much that two doors painted different colors that can be switched out sounds much better to me than actually changing the paint color when the mood strikes... and my won't it freak out the neighbors!)  I changed houses because the roof on the other one is not the right color at all... but I can't change the shutters on this house so that is also a problem...

This gray is green in tone and also is pretty a little darker.
(My roof is almost black and I have shutters to paint. I love the picture above but I'm thinking that black shutters will change it a lot?)

Darker shade of the color above with the right color roof, but I don't plan on painting the shutters to match the door!

Presto chango same body color new door:

Same green family lighter color now with red accent (door only)

Now that scape with the darker green/gray color...

Okay girls and TS, we are just choosing the body color now and that was the green/gray family.
The plan is to pick a color that lets me move easily between aqua accents and red.
Now I'm going to show you a few more body color combos and you get to vote for the best one!
Just remember the strong probability of having (blue) black shutters.
*this post still in progress*

Next body color family is a gray with some brown and possibly even some purple tones in it...

same color with red

and now the darker versions...

All these colors are beginning to look the same... maybe Cow is right... I'm nuts.

Final body selections light and dark shown with both accent colors:

First body color (lightest) with black shutters and wrong color roof...
do the shutters ruin it?

First body color (light) and then using the body color of the first/dark to paint the shutters...

My Two Cents

I had a few minutes and thought I would join the fun of painting Blossom's house. Although I must say I love the white farm house look, I would have done our house in white but Mr. M. said NO!  I got my way on the inside though.

The only difference I would make with the picture would be delete the shutters but that wasn't in the program.

There are are the colors I picked.  Seriously, check your closet and pick out your favorite clothes, those are the colors you should be looking at.  Now that may mean a toned down variation but I think you get where I am going with it.  Pick what you and Mama Cow like.  Let me say compromise is a wonderful thing for a marriage, we did a lot of that in the kitchen and you all seem to like it.  Did you notice that our cabinets are two different colors?  Yep, tops are different than the bottoms.

Helping Blossom Pick Paint Colours!

This is my favorite!

You cannot even see the trim in these windows. i could not get a shot at the front because it is a 4 lane rd..that is busy and now where to pull off, but this back sucks..the front is so cute.

this is my favorite butter yellow house

AND here it is Blossom, this gets my vote!! You said you liked grey RIGHT?
So how bought it? Red trim? AH forget the aqua...red all the way!


People were looking at us mighty suspiciously as we were driving through this neighborhood... I think something about the hay spikes on the pick up tipped them off that we didn't belong...

Hubba hubba!

ah, real live "shudders"... are not in the budget.
Alright! I've been playing around with the colors on the sherwin williams site and frankly... I'm not in love. Just seems a little dull. Know what I mean?

Maybe it is the black shutters I don't like?
What do you think of this...

Funny, the one thing all of you have in common from my point of view is your good design sense...
And also a bizarre sense of humor, but I digress. So today I am choosing house colors, they are needed by Sunday so that the crew can get paint on Monday and begin work. AHHHHHH! I'm not ready! My husband just sprang this on me and I am in the middle of a steady flow of company and out of state visits.
I need anybody with a second to spare to weigh in. I've seen your houses and pictures of your daydreams... together we can do this!

I'm very attracted to this because it is fresh and casual.... our house really could end up looking too stately and formal for us if we choose a more traditional color scheme like a white body with black shudders.

I also really like grays (I'm wearing my "I voted for Gray" button, as we speak.) Some of you might find that this house seems familiar...

I'm thinking Alaina will recognize it anyway...
 If not here now, maybe when she pulls into the driveway after work.

So I was thinking about a gray body, black shudders and our windows will be white. Maybe painting a few robins egg blue or auqa-ish accents like maybe (if it's not too wild the front door) and underneath the porches.

I do love this color scheme.
I'll be adding pics until we make a decision... feel free to add your own!

Oh... eventually I would somehow like to incorporate some wood accents. Maybe strip and stain the front door or add some window boxes to the top stairs.

Until now.... I've only been brave enough to show a picture of my house under the mask of night...
But I'll be posting some befores pretty soon... SCARY!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Remember I said the neighbor was cat-knapping my cat?

Well we kept him indoors for a long time, he kept escaping, whining , fussing, licking all his fur off etc. I decided I could not handle it any longer. I let him out and for a few days he kept coming in to eat. GOOD.

Then he stopped coming in.

Sure enough he was at HER house. I went 2 days in a row to coax him off her patio. All to no avail. She has no access to get on this deck from the outside.

We even brought temptations...expensive food etc. He would look at us, and then look at her sliding glass door, almost willing her to come out and rescue him from US!

I went home and cried. We have had this cat for going on 8 years and he was rejecting us for her. WHAT does she have we don't? Well we have a female cat that challenges Williams man hood for once, and he cannot be king of the castle all the time......

Anyhow, I was giving up....she can have him, she can win. HE hates us anyhow.

My daughter gave me a tongue lashing , and told me she could not believe I would give up....I went and cried myself to sleep.

The next morning I marched over to her patio and I will be damned if SHE takes my cat!

I got the treats, he ate, I hesitated, He jumped up on a chair out of reach and ignored me. I went home.......very sad. Then I turned around and said Screw it. I went back and threw temptations at him, got him off the chair, and then grabbed him through the railing, his claws sticking in all the way and marched home with him.

He now gives me the evil eye. He looks pissed. It has been about 5 days now and I don't feel sorry for him at all. I will win this, not the cat. So what if he has to pee in a litter box.

He stupidly thinks I will let him out......no way.

I don't know how long this will last, but my will is stronger than his.

He is our cat.

Besides, winter is coming and he hates the rain.

He does have his moment when he drools out of contentment, and then we are both content. Good kitty, good kitty.
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