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Thursday, May 27, 2010

So Proud, I am Gonna Cry

My baby is growing up and getting ready for real life! Just like many kids, he has a habit of closing his eyes for pictures, but he is ready with his backpack.

We are getting ready to take Murphy Grace on his first road trip. It wasn't my idea, I said that I wouldn't go without him, so Art said that we could take him. That wasn't where I saw that conversation going at all. I was trying to get out of the road trip myself. Oh well, we have our doggie treats & tennis balls packed.

I wonder who is going to have to stop to pee more? Want to start a pool on how many times and who has the most?


  1. Have fun! Art is the best, Cow would say NO WAY!

  2. Cow is much smarter than Art it seems. We aren't leaving until the 3rd, you can't get rid of me that easily.

  3. Gwen, I left a long comment for you...at the previous post. Foiled again! Please scroll down to look for it!

  4. What a nice dog. He looks like he is a good one and I am sure he will be just fine on the trip.

  5. He he he, looks can be deceiving can't they Gwen. No, he IS a good dog but I've read about lots of fun things he's done. My daughter wants to know why I'm smiling so big as I type. Memories of a 4th of July gone wrong at Gwens, neighbor's underware, slightly maimed animals dropped in the living room, going for rides in the UPS truck, kocking Gwen out, twice wasn't it? Did I miss anything Gwen?

    Seriously, he is a good dog, but he's a big happy dog too...

  6. I remember reading about Gwen getting knocked out, but the underware and UPS ride I don't remember. I have read most of her posts but not all of 2009 so I will have to go looking again.

    I used to have a Bassett Hound when I lived at home. My mom was in Save-a-Pet, an organization that rescues animals and trys to get them adopted. We ended keeping our fare
    share and he was one of them. Great dog but he had to be potty trained and he was a full grown dog. He was huge, and he could jump up and grab food off the counters. Yep we lost a Turkey once, I thought my dad was going to kill and eat HIM. We also lost most of a birthday party cake. Let's just say my dad only said a few words when he bought the farm.

  7. Look at that face! He's so excited...no, you can't leave him. It'll be fun, counting pee stops.

    Dawn, my friend Kim's Aunt Dolly had a weenie dog (or was the weenie dog named Dolly? - I can't keep it straight, Kim has some serious Deep East Texas stories and the names get confusing)who jumped up on the dinner table when the family had all gone outside to send someone off after the meal....she ate most of a pot roast with the potatoes, licked every plate clean of scrapings, and had started in on the pretzel salad when they came back in. She just plopped down and waited for someone to put her back on the floor, she couldn't even run off respectably.

    From then on she was an outside dog. The End.

    Have fun Gwennie and Art and Murph-izzle!

  8. Some of Murphy Grace's adventures may have been told via email, Gwen will have to fill you all in!

    Dogs and unwatched food always make good stories! I think I mentioned to some one here that I left a pan with food on the stove and Sunny accidently turned on gas trying to get to it! I was close by and caught it quickly. Needless to say I've made some changes since then.


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