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Friday, May 14, 2010

Why I can plug this with out being subjected to our STRICT no plug policy:

It is a giveaway! Over at my pal (not really, we've never met, but then again neither have we) TS Hendrick's blog the Non REVIEW


Now why I can do this here: Hello it's not my giveaway...I'm not plugging myself!

HE IS NOT MAKING IT A CONDITION THAT YOU HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY TO WIN...in fact by sharing this with you, I'm actually GREATLY minimizing my chances to win, I'm gracious like that.

He does have one condition though, you have to follow his blog, CAN I JUST SAY...

SO WORTH IT!  I'm over there and at his contributor's other blog like ten x ten x a day.

It's clean, edgy, witty humor (yep, it is possible!)...I love it, even though for some reason they are always trying to kill me off in the comment section...WHAT IS UP WITH THAT, TS???

Anyway, really you should thank me..it's as if I'M THE ONE hosting the giveaway, don't ya think? By golly I am plugging myself!

PS) One more reason I wanted to share, is that the gift card he's offering is 40 bucks (in honor of 40 days, in honor of the fact that Noah doesn't have anything on him, where did I lose you?) and it can be spent on virtually anything under the sun! And boy could this guy use some sun.


  1. Not in the way my pasty white legs could, but in the way that he could really use a good drying out, not in the he drinks too much kinda way but in the...

    ya know I think I should just stop right there

  2. Hey.. I can't add my blog to the blog roll, don't have that option to do so on my end.. hmmmm... calgon take me away!

    It's gettin hot in here..

  3. Blossom, I updated everyone to admin and they can now update the side and add new things if they want.

  4. Great, but as soon as they try something shifty like forcing us to look at this yellow screen for the entire day of your birth, we yank the plug...this is RIDICULOUS!

  5. I'll have you know I got third degree burns reading this blog today. I am now wearing protective goggles.

    If it's okay with MC it's okay with me if you want to plug your pal, Cal who needs a good drying out ... no doubt one of those dripping plumbers.

  6. Yeah, except "Cal" is actually just a quack commentor of TS's from (look away Berries) Canada and not the real TS Hendrick " The Head of the Non-Review", not to be confused with
    Reputation@Stake, who is only a part time contributor at TNR because he is too busy with his full time job cranking out a new post daily at The Stupid Bet which is actually not his full time job at all but just a stupid bet...ya know what? I can't blame you, it IS all a bit confusing.

    About this YELLOW...you know what they say...It's 5:00 (midnight) somewhere... Hope you enjoyed your Mellow Yellow Birthday, Alaina. I know that you are just wild about saffron, and she's just wild about you...but the rest of us...have had enough.

    I can't be bothered with spell check I have a setting to change.

  7. Thank you for changing the yellow out, just a bit shocking for sure.

  8. So I thought I was already following this blog but apparently not. I'm sure there is to be mocking of me. At any rate thanks for the plug.

    And it's not I trying to kill you. Cal maybe, but not I.


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