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Saturday, May 15, 2010

A 'Tail' of two ah..

Cow's.. yep you "herd" me.. (boy just how corny can one get?)

When I saw this photo I couldn't help but laugh for "Mama Cow".. twins!!!


  1. Poor Momma Cow! They are so cute, but that must have hurt.

  2. Oh Lord help me, I couldn't handle two of them!

    PS) Olivia, I was so proud of being featured on your blog that I was going to link to your post on FB...that is when I realized that NO ONE has commented on my last blog link...are my FB freinds getting sick of me? Or is it that I took screen shots of all of there convo's and posted it for all to see?

    Anyway, I think they hate me now.

  3. OH hell Blossom, folks MUST know by now just what's what, if not.. it's their problem. *wink wink.

    Twin Mama cows.. I couldn't do it either.


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