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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A high class problem to have....

So, I need hep. Your hep, specifically.

We have found two incredibly cute 1940's cottages in our new cute little town. Both are tiny, both are essentially amenity-less (unless you count the roof and walls), but both I have to say are darling and idyllic and are in the same darling and idyllic neighborhood, where many of the original owners still inhabit the habitat.

I'm in to that original owner of 70 year old properties thing.

Both properties have hardwood floors, (kind of) updated kitchens, large backyards with actual trees -

You know, builders, them tall leafy things that stick up out of the ground? -

....try and keep up.

Anyway...here's the decision I'm faced with:

Behind door number one, I have cheap rent, the caveat being only one bathroom for the five of us, window units and virtually no office space. But loads of cuteness, including the owner, and a nice chunk of savings.

Behind door number two we have 25% higher rent, two bathrooms, slightly larger living areas, central hvac, and loads of cuteness, including the owner, who is including her refurbished O'Keefe 6 burner stove with the property. And a two car garage. More cool, more comfort, comfort, less savings.

What would you do? Live like no one else, so later you can live like no one else? What's realistic with 5 kids, and 10 pounds of brownies in a 5 pound bag?

We can't really buy not knowing a thing about the area, nor how long husband will be working there, so both ideas are appealing, and I HAVE to get some work done regardless...

Forsake me not, fair maidens - what is a girl to do?


  1. Seriously, I would have to ask a couple of questions. You mentioned that this could be short term, but could it also be long term? What are the ages of the 5 kids?

    My answer with not knowing all of the info. I think I would go more towards the smaller of the two if it could really be short term, because if it does have the chance to become long term, you could possibly save money up to move to a larger long term home if the time comes.

    I hope it helps. Good luck.

  2. Ok, because we really can't comment on our about us page, I have to say whoever came up with it, I almost choked laughing about the cute kitty. It is great and I think sums it all up. Thank you.

  3. I agree with Alaina. Age of the children matters in this decision. Are they preschoolers that although they stack nicely in sleeping quarters are they going to be home all day raising the roof? Or are they tweens and teens that need their space? Do you (gulp) home school? How long will you be living here? I am leaning towards both ... the smaller for you and the hubster the larger one for the children and au pair. If only!

  4. Alaina, I think we're talking a year or two...which is temporary, relatively speaking I suppose. The five kids are 42, 41, 9, 8 and 5. And the dog is like 534 years old.

    Fairfield, they are elementary aged - girls want to continue with homeschool, boy is already interviewing for kindergartens by his own initiative. He's outta here.

    I'm inclined toward the smaller for the sheer love of money, and as much as I would love the other place, it's not mine, I guess I'm thinking I'd rather save for my own shmancy 6 burner number?

    Does anyone else have experience with say - upchucking children and only one bathroom? That is where my fear lies. Lays. Sits. Whatever.

    Thankth fer heppin meh!

  5. We have four kids, and spent all told about 18 years with one bathroom...yes I said one. I didnt really notice it being a horrible tragedy. I would save the money. I would live in the small house and save save save. Kids don't care if there is one or two bathrooms. Besides one bathroom is awesome when it comes to cleaning...when the kids were young and we only had one bathroom, the worry orver barfing never even crossed my mind..I guess because they all had the flu in succession.

  6. I knew there was an upside to the one bathroom scenario - thanks Half Pint!

  7. haha love it! what part of the country are you moooovin too?

  8. who is stupid butt?

  9. When my husband and I have needed to make decisions like this one we always look first at what's best for the kids, then we follow our hearts. I have faith that if we live fully in today the future will take care of itself. Which choice allows you and hubby to live with the least stress?

    I'm rooting for the two bath with central air! There are four of us with 1 bath and it can be a major problem!

  10. Before I read the comments my thoughts were that cuteness can be created, space and peace in the bathroom can not. ie. go with the bigger one.

    After reading the comments, I am not sure.

    Art and I just went from two to one bathroom and I will tell you this....no matter what we have eaten or drank (dranken isn't a word, right?) the minute that one of us goes in the bathroom to take a shower or bath, the other one has to suddenly use the facilities. Like. Clockwork.

    I guess maybe it is the sound of water running? This isn't too big of a deal, since we are adults, we can hold it, but it might be with little ones.

    Cleaning one bathroom as opposed to two is a nice change though:)

  11. I HATE CLEANING BATHROOMS....the only time I didnt mind is when the kids could not be left alone in the tub....those were the cleanest times my bathroom ever saw....I cleaned while they were bathing....every night!!!!

  12. So while I was writing and re-weriting my comment all kind of things got said in the background. I didn't want to get specific but I guess it's called for.

    For us 4 people 1 bath is a major problem. But we are not the normal family. Hubby sometimes needs a walker and getting past him in the hallway can take a while, add two special needs kids who often think that holding "it" until they are about to burst is okay. They never think that someone eles could be using the facilities or that someone else could be "stuck" in the facilities for a few minutes. Don't even get me started on flu season. Above all else I would gladly clean a second bathroom to be able to take a shower with out having to listen to someone else do their thing!

  13. Thomas grew up with six siblings, two parents and ONE bathroom!
    Well at least the hubster and little man will have actual trees in the yard the can go behind!
    In all seriousness Dawn, I have lived in small, micro mini spaces. The key is only keep what you NEED, there is no space for stuff.

  14. Aaaa ha ha ha! Deborah, you must have missed my self analysis series on packrats and horading! It was pretty good if I do say so my self.

  15. Sounds like you have your mind made up, just wanted to be reassured you can do with a one bathroom home.

    I lived in a one bathroom home with 2 sisters and 1 brother and parents. Yes there are lines and the men did find a tree every now and then, but we survived and I am with Berries, I hate to clean the bathrooms. That is why my children quickly learned how to do choirs. It is their mess most of the time anyway, they may as well clean it up.

    Good luck.

  16. Here's a question, the money saved by renting the smaller place, are you disciplined enough to save it or will it get spent?

  17. We moved from a one bath house to a three and let me tell you...the whole crew still uses my bathroom but all three of them still have to be cleaned.

  18. dawn your "details" just gross me right out...the vision and imagination of smell make me lean towards 2 bathrooms.....gee I must have forgotten all those times, must be just a blur....Oh, we at one time also had twin babies with us in that one bathroom...so that would have been 8 of us for one bathroom....

  19. okay - I really liked the Little House at the Beach approach, but I have a five year old boy who has not yet embraced the merits and necessity of flushing, much less a courtesy flush, so maybe one bathroom is too much roughing it for the rest of us?

    Guess what else? - there's no plug in said bathroom. None. Zero. Zip.

    Sheesh. I hate to think of myself as high maintenance, but maybe I'm a little higher maintenance than I realized.

    Rereading Gift from the Sea ....I'll bet AML managed with one bathroom and no plugs. Maybe I'll just have my hair straightened and invest in an air freshener company.

  20. I thought hardware stores sell plugs, do they not? Now you are really coming off as high maintenance.

  21. I mean an outlet - like for electricity, for curling irons and such - does that make a difference, or am I still reaching?

  22. I bet Anne Morrow Lindbergh had an outdoor shower that consisted of a hose attachment in a wooden shower stall attached to the cottage.

  23. Deborah - I KNOW! That's the dilemma, at the moment. How much is necessity and how much is familiarity - lifestyle and creature comforts are relative, ultimately.

    I'm seriously considering putting everything I own in storage (well not everything, the bed isn't negotiable) and just diving in at the beach...so to speak. If I hate it, it's only a year and I'm only out the storage. I've still saved money.

    If I can adjust, maybe being w/o so much b/s (am I allowed to use abbreviated swear words? 'round here?) will be a good thing.

    But no matter what, I'm not taking a shower outside, stall or no stall...I wouldn't do that to my neighbors.

  24. I lived steps from the ocean. It's not all good. Storms, flooding and the worst of them all ... the locusts that return every year... aka TOURISTS, VACATIONERS


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