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Friday, May 7, 2010

Ode To Blossom

This is an Ode To Blossom who is so creative she brought everything in except the tractor to display for her mantel. Here is my version of THE MANTEL.

Funny thing about her mantel, it is the first time I ever met Blossom.

I went to Nesting Place for the Mantel Party. I saw Blossom's and I thought her mantel was a really creative and different from the rest so I followed the link back to Blossom's blog. It was the picture that I drew me to her blog but it was her way of talking about the mantel that kept me there. There I stayed until I read every one of her blog posts. Most of the time she had me in stitches. I knew I had come upon a very unique blog unlike any other I had read before. Once I had started reading the blog posts I realized I was missing some of the funniest parts of her blog because they were in the Comments Area.

It was due to all of the camaraderie that happens in Blossom's comments that she and I talked about trying to have a more interactive way of talking to each other whom also participates in her Comments. Blossom wanted this new blog to not be about her but to be for all of us, so we could attach photos, expressions, that we could not do in the Comments. Therefore All The Girls Chit Chat has been created for all of US.

Here's to you Blossom!

I want to thank you for introducing me to some of the funniest bloggers I have come across so far in Blogland. Women who are not just about pretty pictures, but share opinions, hardship, loyalty and encouragement, in another word FRIEND. I know that these are women I would welcome into my home or fly across the country to visit I the chance presents itself.

Thanks Blossom for being a friend!

Now for the funny part.

Holly cats was that dang bird bath heavy, it is solid cement. Of course I being a procrastinator waited until the last moment to get my pictures. I did not want to bring the bird bath into my living room onto my carpet. It made a huge mess in the kitchen as it was. I had to laugh though, thinking of what my husband would say if he came home from work early to see my kitchen all dressed up for the mantel party and the other part looking as though a tornado came through. All of the kitchen chairs we all over the room, the table was up against the french doors. Terracotta pots and shovels everywhere. So after the pictures I had to haul everything back outside and clean all the dirt evidence up so no one would ever know there was even a mantel party here.

I hope you enjoyed my Ode, I have to go clean mulch off my kitchen floor.


  1. DUDE! I LOVE IT! I'm so glad that I couldn't sleep and came back up here. YOU PUT IT BACK???
    Seriously, I LOVE IT! It's mine BUT better, man, you get an A+ for attention to detail!

    You said it RIGHT ON about the 'not about me' part and about the 'camaraderie'. What a blessing you all are to me, and I am glad to see, to each other as well.

    Yep, birdbath = heavy. My neighbors had been watching me drag in pots for days...

    Looking back, I'm sure it was the birdbath that I drug in using the kids wagon, wearing my pj's and robe, while Millie ran around outside in the freezing cold in nothing but a pull-up, as I barked orders at Jack to get the door.... that convinced them to leave me out of the neighborhood block party???


  2. Y'all are giant dorks and I am writing IMMEDIATELY to your husbands and letting them know that you have entirely too much time on your hands. Or would you return the favor?

    never mind

  3. PS) The first thing I did after marrying Cow was to GET RID OF the tractors on the mantel...bringing them back now would make me feel like a bit of a hypocrite.

  4. Great job here too Alaina. It's beautiful and you worked so hard. I laughed till I cried about your husband discovering it because I had rushed to get mine all put away too! Not that he'd care, it would have just given him one more thing to tease about.

  5. and I mean dork in the NERD tense of the word

  6. I didn't know there was another meaning... how innocent am I? And you're worried about my post title? Thanks to the Urban Dictionary I'll be having nightmares about Blue Whales tonight. Thanx Blossom.

  7. Thank Gwennie for that knowledge.

    No way was I worried about your post title, I did flirt with the idea of changing it (just a little) when I figured out what you goofballs were up to.

    Something along the lines of..."Now thats a crock of..."

    How scary is it that we can edit each others posts?

  8. You went way over the top here Alaina....I cannot believe you dragged in a birdbath. Editing others post brings this whole friendship thing to another level of trust eh? mmmmmmmm

  9. Whooo that brings a fun idea. Have a WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH THIS DAY? mmmm what do you think about that one? Maybe we should pole it hahahha.

  10. Oh my, I think that I just peed in me pants.

    They did break the mold when they made Cotton Blossom. That or she stole it to decorate with!


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