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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm off to see this lil' peanut ..

I'm heading out this morning to get my fill (which will never happen) of this wee 'dung beetle' in the making!

I'll bring the digi and the cell and even though I'm still a bit sore in the jaw, I know that the rx kicked in and no fever this morn!

Enjoy your morning and to hell with the laundry! 

Here we are.. as Lilly and I just got back from a walk..

Are you not just loving my hair doo?  And where in the hell was the lipstick? 

Now there's a beauty queen!

I'm not sure why every Noni thinks their grandchild is the most beautiful child.. but this squirt steals my heart every time I see her. 


  1. Oh, by the by.. I just love the variety of posts we 'beetles' can meld together!

    Love this blog!

  2. That's not a dung beetle. That's a little love bug! Enjoy your time with the princess.

  3. She is precious. Little Sprout was really happy to see the Baby up there, both of them! She is not as crazy about the monkey for some reason! ha!

  4. Too much - LOVE baby cheeks - perfectly shaped for big slurpy kisses. Have a wonderful time together.

  5. I agree with Deborah, looks like a love bug to me! So glad you're feeling better!

  6. Hey! y'all have the same hairdo.

  7. Love the update! It's wired into every Noni's brain that their grandchild is the best to ensure each and every child gets a little spoiling!


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