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Monday, May 24, 2010

My First Car

Cotton Blossom did a nice question and answer session and Cottaqe Child commented on my first car, a BMW.

  • It wasn't new.
  • When I washed it the paint would run off of the car and down the driveway.
  • It always overheated.
  • It took regular gas, which was cool because it was cheap.
  • The muffler fell off once and I threw it in my trunk.
  • After that, it sounded like a lawn mower.
  • It was like driving a tank.
  • A fast tank.
  • It did catch on fire once.
  • James P. pried open the sunroof and pee'd in it because I wouldn't go out with him.
  • (He was too short)
  • It looked like this, but with less paint and more rust. 

It got me where I needed to go, which was usually in trouble.
I LOVED that car! It was freedom.

If you ever see one for sale, call me. I am looking for another.

The girl that knows very little about cars and cares less. Telling me things like that they need oil, so that they don't catch on fire is just a waste of your time and mine.


  1. Blossom my 4th car was a Saab, turbo with a sunroof. I loved that car. It was rusty, the ceiling was falling in, everyone said the front looked like a duck bill. My husband swore I would be doing the Fred Flinstone not long after I bought it. I do not like the look of the new ones and I too would buy up an old one if I could fit 3 car seats in it.

    And yes when it went turbo and I passed all those cars I felt freedom. I had to get rid of it when I had my first child, I felt my life change then, I was a grown up.

  2. I love those Saab Turbos! The speed, the body shape of the older ones, the fact that the front looks like a big cow catcher....

    Still not grown up, refusing to do it.

  3. Hey - I just wondered how you scored the ride - my own car, while generally considered to be the coolest thing in the parking lot, had no top nor any paint for the first 6 months I had it - I covered it with a blue tarp shut in the doors when it rained. And had to stay under an underpass until it stopped raining if I was driving when it rained.

    I guess it never caught fire, but there was always that burning wire smell, you know?

    But it was the best. I miss it still.

  4. I am jealous of your car, my step dad had a Healey before my mom met him. They are tres cool too.

    Oh yes, the burning wire smell. I like it so much better than the new car smell!

  5. Now that you all reminded me, my Pinto did catch fire once, in the parking lot at Fresno State, and it was wires!

  6. speaking of flames.. gawd what a heat flash I've got right now!

  7. Gwen,

    I would have challenged you to a drag race when we were younger! Wonder who's clunker would have made it to the finish line with the most remaining parts.


  8. If that guy was so short how did he manage to pee in the sunroof. Was he standing on the roof. What a creep.

    I have a 1998 MPV van...I love it. It is my 3rd mpv...the kids call the the ghetto van.

    Because it is starting to fall apart....perhaps some maintenance should be in order...

  9. Dawn you had a Pinto...geez those scared the crap out of me as a kid because someone said the gas tank was in the back and if you got rearended it would blow up...

  10. Geez most the kids these days would not be caught dead in cars like that....my daughters first car is a 2006 VW Golf....she did pay for it herself...

  11. Cranberry -

    I lived in Franklin Lakes NJ for many years. Did you ever see Housewives of NJ? That is where it's filmed there. The standing joke is you can always tell the teachers parking lot vs the students. That's because the students all have mercedes, BMWs, Jags, Maseratis. Children show up to make their first holy communion in stretch limos.



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