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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i'm in desperate need of a manic monday

Desperate, desperate need.

My head is spinning and I don't know where to start.

On my mind... 
Outer space
Home schooling
My mother in law
My unbelievably filthy house
My unbelievably filthy car
Swim class
Baseball try outs
Guitar practice
My mother in law
My children's teeth, nails , hair
My teeth, nails, & hair
27 loads of laundry
Excessive fast food eating
Expiring warranties
Blogging some more, and finally...
My mother in law.

Any ideas?

Any body want to jump in with an impromptu Manic Monwednesday?


  1. Ut oh.. like mine.. an urgent run to the dentist for an infected tooth that he worked on..

    running a temp
    oodles of pain
    swelled jaw
    ear ache
    over all just feel like a Mac Truck hit me.

    maggie puked up her breakfast all over

    I haven't a clue what I've done to so' n so' but I'm on the D list again.

    I cold turkeyed hard candy (having withdrawls) last week.

    Holiday weekend coming up.. great weather and I hope I'm doing better.

    I had a give away ready just never posted it

    curtains just waiting to be finished

    dust bunnies running a muk and having octuplets every day


    and last but not least.. IBS ugh.

  2. ok. lets pick one thing on our list and meet back here when we have remedied it. here's a helpful tip...don't start with math class, it will sink all of your hopes for getting anywhere today.

  3. Um, I think Olivia wins for having the worst day. Toothache, barf and IBS is hard to beat, but I'll let ya know how I'm doing anyway.

    girl home sick with sore throat

    boy back at school after being suspended for throwing a daffodil at his rival for his girlfriend's attention

    7 more days of school where the above 3 are not allowed to have any contact at school or they face punishment by the school (insert tears..."but mom, I love her")

    don't give a rat's patootie about the housework right now

    spent the morning working on my new summer blog look and some "pages" for it, yes, I know it's escapism

    Instead of Manic Monday, it's more like Wallowing Wednesday! Let's all shoot for a Thankful Thursday tomorrow, then a Fabulous Friday, a Silly Saturday and a Serene Sunday!

  4. Can we just skip all the way to Serene Sunday.

    All I can say is that don't look at as a whole. Only choose one thing to get totally done. When you are you can choose the next. Oh and Blossom you did list Mother in Law twice is that a bad thing?

    My list goes like this: What I should be doing

    Doing 5 loads of laundry
    putting away laundry from yesterday
    cleaning the house
    unload laundry
    get mail
    finish the stripes in pool house
    weed the flower beds
    Get my car ready to fit everyone
    vacuum the pool
    water the flower gardens
    Visit my dad at the hospital

    What I will do today:Did I mention that it is 90 today

    Swim in the pool with my son
    get my car ready to go visit my dad at hospital

    I am not to concerned about the rest, they will be there tomorrow and did I mention it is 90 and we have no air conditioning, but we do have a pool.

    So I hope Blossom is able to tackle some of her list, I would skip the mother in law.

    Olivia my dear I hope you feel better, put a towel on your head and rest.

    Dawn, a DAFFODIL, sweet young love. I can not say too much because I am soon to be in the position where my boys are fighting over girls. Good luck with that.

    Like I said lets all skip over to Sunday. Have a good one girls.

  5. yeah, I wish it were Serene Sunday already,as well! It is at least 90 here, too- oh boy, I am so sweaty and my list is soo long I can't bear to share it. gotta go take my daughter to the Y- which is a fine thing for this busy momma, because I srapbook for 2 hrs. while watching her class.
    I hope you feel better, Olivia!
    P.S. We DID accomplish math today & no one died. I call it a good day!

  6. Fever broke.. finally.. still in la la land from the tintsy bit of Vicodin.. and I mean a corner and poof I was off to la la land.. so now I'm awake.. and in the state of fuzziness in la la land.. ever been there? Tooo weird.

    Ibs slowed down so far.. one of the worst feelings is that I might pewpie my pants in public. That's due to meds that I don't like to take. I never cough or sneeze unless I'm home.. just clear my throat or pinch my nose otherwise it's toast.. or more so shit on a shingle? yikes.

    ok, sweating bricks now.

  7. I just get to sit around and think about what should be done...and it sucks. You would think basking in a hotel for 10 weeks would be great. NO, just think I am ten weeks behind on the afore said lists.... I do not like OTs stupid agendas either.....I dont like that they dont listen to the problems and then just skip over them and say we have made progress. Ya sure progress made: with a heavy price you dingy wingy, stupid OTs....so glad this week is nearly done...and watch out girls you will never see the end of me, and you will want me back in this hotel....not bugging you all.

    while all you in the east are roasting we have rain....well at least my garden will be waiting....got to go get the girl now.

  8. I started a load of laundry (a good one, too, because apparently I'd left wet dishtowels in the bucket for way too many days and lets just say it was a smell fit for dung beetles, and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from so really it was a two-fer...improving the general odor in the area of the laundry room and washing the dishtowels). I gagged a little, it was that bad. Double bleach, to be sure.

    My fil and his ex-wife, whom he is still hooked up with, came for dinner last night. In law duty done for at least a month.

    Assembled so many moving boxes that I don't have enough room to pack, so I read a magazine and pretended I could write a home school lesson plan about Tony Shaloub's summer cottage.

    So that's my overachievement for today, I have to get back to procrastinating now. Lylas.

  9. Oh, and as far as where to start, Cotton Dahrling, brush your teeth and start a load of laundry. Those always make me feel like I've gotten more done than I might actually have for some reason.


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