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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm Sorry What Did You Say?

 Do I spend too much time blogging?  Yep, am I ok with that? Yep.  Want to know why? Doesn't matter, I am going to tell you just so we can get the wonderful boob picture off.  And this is NOT a sympathy post, I am just telling it like it is.  I can not hear you, nor do I need to.  You see, we can carry out a wonderful conversation and I did not have to ask you to repeat or miss half of the conversation.  I wear these:

But you did not know this and therefore can not form an opinion about me, well until now.  It is great that I have been able to meet such funny caring ladies without having to try and get over the formalities that you do when you meet new people face to face.  It is much harder to meet other women who have the same tastes, ethics, humor, and ideas without having to spend so much time talking, and let's face it who has that much time.  I am lucky that I do have some very good friends that I can spend time with, but that is only once in a while, we all have kids, husbands, jobs or responsibilities. 

I enjoy blogging so much because I have been able to meet up with all of you fun women who make me laugh, say kind words that make my days wonderful and feel like I finally fit in.   

Oh and don't you dare feel sorry for me, I know there are people far worse off than me.  Sometimes it helps to know a little more about a person, the stuff you don't see on the computer, that makes a person the way they are, and why they treat life the way they do. 

There Blossom, boobs are gone, and we thought Berries was going to blow the P rating.


  1. I know what you mean, I am constantly saying Huh? can you repeat that and most of all just nodding and pretending to hear what those around me have said. I am lacking in the hearing dept. I think it was a lot of loud music that I have listened to in life that has contributed to this. If I am in a bar, which is never anymore but just in a loud crowded area just forget it I am lost.
    And if the post is boring I can skim and get to the bottom of the story quickly, I can't tell someone(other than my husband)does this story have a point can you start to wrap it up I am bored.
    I agree, blogging is so much fun and getting to know people without that weird silence that comes in between new topics.
    Thanks for removing boobbutt from my dashboard

  2. My hearing loss was due to multiple tumors in both of my ears that had to be removed when I was in my early 20's. Now I have 80% hearing loss and I wear two hearing aids. I am happy and I would not change any part of my life, I believe that all of our life experiences good and bad shape the person we are now.

  3. I have had some pretty crazy neighbors and have some wild stories to tell. One crazy neighbor used to spend all day and night talking to her cyber friends. She neglected everything. (Hoarder in the making) When the utility company came to disconnect her power, she came to my house with a extention cord to use my outlet, not for her freezer, or fridge or space heater....oh no, it was so she could plug her computer back in so she could chat it up....it was -20 celcius. Yup this was my impression of what cyber space was....

    Low and behold, I understand what she was seeking. These friendship are not biased on weight, looks, ethnic backround or wealth.

    I appreciate you people more than ever because, since I have moved a whopping 21 times, my friends are scattered all over and I have nobody at this point in my current community...having this online community is a saving grace...especially ones that like the same things as me. I dont have to feel bad for lugging another table around in the backseat of my car. Especially a scratched up one that will look awesome when it is painted.

    And the best part is I can be who i am. All my creativity pours out on these pages which is great. You would not believe it but I am a pretty serious person....I knew you wouldnt belive it. Thanks you all for being there, and even when you are not, I can still chat it up.

  4. Boy were my magnet men that bad, that you still thought I would blow the p rating after that boob show, and then she went on for an encore...you wait, you all just wait. My mind is going to brew up something, yet....then we will really see who can blow the PRUDE rating for those of you who are new.

  5. I knew Berries you would be thinking up a storm after that one.

  6. OH NO BERRIES!!! What have we started...just remember to post the pic of that witty kitty before you do so we have a heads up ;)

    I'm CRAZY serious...and silent in real life. Not kidding.

    Not much fun to be around at all come to think of it.

    Besides wit usually goes unappreciated when it is spoken...people are trying to remember what they are planning to say next, yada yada. I also am so guarded you would not believe! It takes years to cultivate a friendship with me. (And it's totally not worth the effort.)

    Years, I tell ya. Unless apparently you're a perfect stranger that I met online;)

  7. All these LOOOOOng comments are so nice. Do you think if we all got together in real life, we'd know what to say? I'd be like "hold on, I need to think about what you just said, I don't get it.............. OH- NOW I get it! That WAS hilarious!!!!!" I agree about online friendships. In fact, one of the deep down reasons I haven't started my blog is the fact that my "real life" people will want to know about it and read it. Isn't that silly?? A few close friends of mine have blogs-they are either devotional or about homeschooling or whatever & I would just NOT have something so cut & dry- and that was all I'd seen UP UNTIL NOW. I love all this funny stuff! I'm glad I stumbled upon you girls. Now, if I could just figure out how the heck to do it, I'd add a picture with sunglasses over there!

  8. I'll tell you what, I've met 4 other bloggers in Northern California and it's like we had known each other for years. You're not really even sure you'll recognize each other and as soon as your eyes meet their are hugs and laughs and teary eyes all around. It's better than the movies where long lost loves run into each others arms. LOL! There was never a quiet moment, talk, talk, talk, talk. If you get the chance do it.

    There are times I wish I hadn't told my family about my blog because they don't always understand my need to write personal stuff. Hubby always says, "your not gonna blog about this are you? But at the same time they are all proud of it and hubby even shared it with the guys at work. Great, so now I really feel like I have to watch myself!

    But he knows it's my social outlet. With two developmentally disabled kids and hubby having CP I'm pretty much like a caretaker when they are all home. So my free time is when they are at work and school. I tried going back to work but with kids who are sick a lot or have constant issues at school it just wasn't feasible. I tried volunteering but so much of it required time in the evenings when other people are off work. That's when I need to be home. So the only people I was talking to all day was teachers, doctors or grocery store clerks. Blogging has given my my confidence back.

    Like the commercial says...I love ya man (fellow bloggers)!

  9. Berries,

    Did you have to let the entire world know we were neighbors and bring up the extension cord episode again?! How do you think I met Thomas?


  10. AHAHHAHHh hahh haa. Deborah!

    So at least Alaina called the boobs... wonderful. Right?

  11. We love you too Dawn!

    Becky! How DID you stumble upon us...do you even remember? I've read blogs like that...serious homeschooling or devotional blogs that were only devotional blogs...and to tell you the truth I didn't even leave a comment..ya know why? Because I didn't feel good enough to. Besides, their posts had such a lecture feel to them that you felt like they were the expert you really didn't have anything to add. Ya know what? It doesn't take you 5 minutes on my blog to figure out that I'm not an expert anything! And look at you people filling up my life with friendships! How lucky can one girl be!

  12. I do remember! I found you Cotton B thru the Nester & I found the Nester thru (in)courage. I found (in)courage one night, thru some other link, when I was having a hard time & I honestly think it was all a little path I was supposed to take... I'm sure that was more history than you wanted. hee hee
    One of my dearest friends has a blog that is more devotional but she is a counselor & she sees SO much heartache at work- she is such an encourager. Personally, I used to think I knew what I was doing, but I am starting to wonder why on earth I ever wanted to grow up & be an adult- its hard! I don't know how that thought relates at all, but it just popped out.
    Its almost 11pm here & I need to finish making decorations for my daughter's 12th bday party tomorrow. I ALWAYS plan to do these things ahead, but run out of time.

  13. Dawn, hip hip hooray! You have so much on your plate it is a privelege to know you, your stuff would make us all shrink back....but so glad you find the time to add your cheek.

    About homeschool blogs: I can only imagine...I belonged to nancy campbels before, and it was so full of perfectionism and women trying to live up to some grand idea of the way it is supposed to be. no room something other than the status quo.....I used to go on and ruffle feathers until they were sick of me.....We have homeschooled on and off for years, and I find that it has its advantages, and I think there is room for both traditional school and homeschool depending on your own situation. I know a mom who is soooooooooo burnt out she is doing more damage than if she just sent the kids for a year of school while she caught her breath. But one year of school will destroy them in her opinion....what she does not get is her frustration, exhaustion, short temper, are actually causing really rebellious, resentfull young children....

    I have only told a couple of friends about my blog. It is too creepy, and I am afraid they will see me for who i AM , AND YET, They do see me for who I am...I guess me verbalizing on here for some reason is different. Maybe they only see the serious side. OBVIOUSLY THE SPAZ INSIDE HAS BEEN LET OUT OF THE CAGE.

    OKAY,as I trip and fall down off the soapbox you can all breathe a sigh of relief my little rant is over.


    I was a little pissed you didnt pay me for the power you sucked out of my house. You tripped the breaker 3 times. So when are you gonna pay up. Oh and could you get Thomas to stop gutting the deer right outside my door. I don't like having to step over dried blood the next day. I forgot, the water got shut off too didnt it........(another neighbor true story, I tell ya I am full of em)

  14. Canada sounds...wild! And I thought my neighbors BBQing goats was bad.

    Thank you Berries, but I've found most of us have a lot on our plates, huh? or should that be eh? I guess it depends on how well we juggle. Or seal up the broccoli. Where's housekeeping when you need them? I've got some broken plates to pick up off the floor so I'll see you guys in a few days. Don't do anything I would't do...

  15. EW blood on the front porch? Seriously? That would get me too.

    As for neighbors, we get along now but when we were first building our house our neighbor had the nerve to ask us if we would not mind moving the house forward on the property because we would be set back father than their house and could see in their back yard from our upstairs. AH NO! Then they decided to move some of our trees to a different spot on OUR property. Like I said though we NOW get along.

    As far as telling about the blogging, I put it on my facebook, (which I am never on because of blogging) and my few good friends know, family too. They really could care less, I don't think I come across differently in life or in print. My sister's thought I was crazy to begin with, still love me. I drive them up a wall talking about all of you to them, they just don't get it. I talk too much on the bloggs as much as I do in person, I just can't type as fast as I talk.

    Most of the time I erase half of what I already typed because because I think I put too much in the comments. Except for this group, I am with Dawn on that one, love ya man.

  16. Ahem, I never told you the time I hitched to CA and then ended up in BC drinking moonshine with the Indians and eating possum. Well, that's a story for another day.

  17. See what I've missed in a week? What heck has happen to you girls? Boobs, P's and next thing you'll know it'll be the Q's! Moonshine? Say isn't the vitamins sprinkled with moonbeams or so I was told in seventh grade by Raymond (whom I had this glorious crush on for a whole fabulous five minutes) who is now a taxi driver in NJ (sorry jersey girls).

    "I'm talking pedicure on our toes (toes)
    Tryin on all our clothes (clothes)

    Boys blowin up our phones (phones)
    Drop topping, playing our favorite CD's"

    Yep, I've been doing girlie girl stuff here while Pickles was away.. but alas.. he is home and I've got to be good.

    Chow babies..



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