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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Alright girls here's the 411:

 Last week, I told cow how great I thought he was for bringing home the bacon, but if he didn't start hanging around long enough to enjoy a BLT every now'n again he could just (insert half hearted threat here) and that was that.

Much to my surprise (and relief) Cow relented.  And after some heavy (time consuming) negotiating I scored (in my custody battle for the farmer/rancher/fireman) a weekend every other week until cotton harvest. He gets to work just as many hours as he can squeeze into those 12 days and then for two glorious days he is mine (and the sprout's) all mine. Girls this is unprecedented. I can hardly believe it, but I have actually just enjoyed one of those weekends and it was SWELL. Will it last? I sure hope so.
I have been blogging, just not proofing or publishing. Time has been short and I still insist on keeping up with y'alls blogs if I am going to blog at all. I've also (what were they thinking) gained a few more readers so keeping up with blogs is getting more difficult (how do you all do it???) but so worth it. You guys make me laugh, think, and occasionally get a little choked up.

Not to mention the inspiration that I get from the crazy things you guys come up with. I am 95% through with the my little den, love it, and I'm debating if I should go ahead a publish pictures now... or push forward until I've finished that 5%?

Thanks to all of you that have asked after me, posted pictures of funny pig faces and signs about surprising Cotton. You're emails and comments have been so good to read.

I miss you all, but hey...I guess this post means I am officially BACK!
So look for me at your places, okay?

(But not today...it's Tuesday for Pete's sake.)


  1. As the wife of a lineman for a utility, I can relate to being a work widow.:-( My husband works constantly so that I can stay home with the kids and eat bon-bons all day. *snort* I appreciate that he is such a hard worker, but I do like to see his sweet face every now and again. I am glad that y'all were able to come up with a compromise.

    As for the being busy part, I get it.

    Congrats on the new readers, awesome!

  2. If you're too lazy to post just say so.

  3. I am so glad you and cow worked it out, you kind of worried me. Enjoy your two weekends and now that we know you didn't run off, we can stop the search party.

  4. I take it cow doesn't believe in texting while 'tractoring'.

    Welcome back.

  5. SHES ALIVE!! and sounding swell.
    SO glad you have had a husband for a few days to enjoy. I am trying to get mine to go back to work early...he has sprained his ankle and lets just say it is a good thing that boys don't have to give birth!!

  6. That's the way to get his attention! Grab him by the cotton..uh..er..never mind. I had to do the same to my hubby after the kids came along. He used to work side jobs after work and we never saw him. I finally gave him my own little ultimatium. Later that month his mother day present to me was to quit all his side jobs.

    It was only recently we were talking and he admitted that he worked so hard and so much becuause his father worked from before daylight till long after sunset at the farm. He felt like he needed to do the same or it would be disrespectful to his dad.

    I'm sure you had a great time, hope Cow enjoyed himself too;) You might even have him looking forward to these weekends!

  7. SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK :) one of our own was missing and we could tell.

    Work widows....I swear sometimes they like it.

    Anyhoo, I will expect to see some production out of you now cotton ball.


  8. As the wife of a Car Guy I really know what you're talking about. He leaves at 7:30a and not home til 8 or 9p. He's been an Auto Tech-- fancy for mechanic since he grad HS 31 years...holy cow...we've been together that long...you'd think I liked him gone...but the dealerships just take all the cars they can and mechanics don;t get paid hourly..only flat rate, sooo we gotta do. We do have weekends tho. Thanks for stoppin by my blog. Now that you know where I am don't be a stranger!

  9. Working things out with a cow can be a real bear, so glad to hear that you got some quality time!


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