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Friday, June 4, 2010

What Not To Do While On the Computer

Today I learned a valuable lesson. Do NOT sneeze with coffee in your mouth, especially while typing on computer keyboard.

I came home from garage saleing, and my computer was randomly deleting files because my keyboard malfunctioned.

Immediate call to Mr. M. the computer guy, I love him, he says "go in the basement and get the extra keyboard and call me after you hook it up.  If still not working I will bring home a new one." 

Obviously it works or I would not be here.  And all I wanted to do was look up the words to the chicken dance, I just can NOT get it out of my head.  Well no time for that, I have to go back and pick up all my bargains, had to make two trips.  I love town wide garage sales.


  1. You have a town wide garage sale on a FRIDAY? It is a good thing I don't live in your neck of the woods or it would be my proffesion. Can't wait to see the loot this time.

  2. Our garage sales usually run Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday. Our town has been having a town wide sale for the past 5 years, the same weekend every year with the following weekend as the rain date. Many of the towns in the surrounding area do this also. That way you can stay in one town and just drive around from sale to sale.

    I read about your post and I will come there and comment but I will just say I got WHITE and I am happy. There were only a few sales, but I left happy! Now what the hell is up with Blossom?

  3. The pressure of having to be funny with every post must have gotten to her, I was worried about that when she changed her blog name!

    Blossom, if you're reading this, and I know you are, please don't leave that photo of cotton on a stick on my blogroll for 6 months, just put up a pretty kitty, please.

  4. Objects may appear differently than you think.

    I accidentally did my own post on chit chat and had to redo it all again on my own blog.

    However, it seems a picture is stuck in blogland for chit chat.

  5. what I know about the Chicken Dance:

    Beak beak beak beak
    Wings wings wings wings
    Feathers feathers feathers feathers
    Clap Clap Clap Clap....

    I didn't know there were words, I thought you just had a couple of Warm Mimosa Breezes and did it...I've been in the dark all this time...

  6. My nine year old daughter is my go to girl on all things chicken dance related, so I asked her...she says the words are:

    na na na na na na na


    (rinse, repeat)

  7. yup
    na na na na that is such a fun dance....is cotton really gone or is it a big joke?

  8. Do you wanna feel good?
    Lets laugh and play
    Wanna have some fun?
    Throw your blues away.

    Are you feelin' sad?
    Got a problem, here's the cure:
    Do the Chicken Dance,
    Make you happy for sure.

    Or for those that improvise:

    I don't wanna be a chicken,
    I don't wanna be a duck,
    so I shake my tail

  9. @fairfield....show-off.

    But now I have a new music lesson for school next week. Hymns shmymns.

  10. I must admit I did go looking for the lyrics but the na na na na na words did just pop into my head first. Cottage child how funny are you.


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