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Friday, June 4, 2010

Customer appreciation for great legs.

I was in the bank line up today when I hear loud and clear "GREAT SET OF LEGS YOU GOT THERE" The lady in front of me turned to me and laughed.....I turned around because I know it was not me with the great set. Here is this 75+ year old woman eating a green cupcake (customer appreciation day) talking loudly to the 20 something teller handing out carnations to outgoing customers. I think she absolutley mortified the young girl, who was wearing a short skirt and high heels and did indeed have a great set......I listened to the conversation go on...(who couldn't?) She was yaking on and on about young ladies not settling down to have children, but go on get a career.....let me tell you that was the most entertaining bank line-up I have ever been priveledged to be apart of...and I will never forget the statement loud and clear in a raspy voice "Great Set of Legs you Got there! " The green cupcake was pretty yummy as was the pink carnation!


  1. WOW now that is a bank I want to deal with.
    Carnations are my FAV!!!

  2. I once had two old men call me close to them at a sports bar I woked at in Dallas (boy could I tell some stories about that place) they asked me where I was from and where I was born. When I told them that I was born in Louisiana...one of them asked,"You know how you tell how old a Louisiana girl is?" And then he pulled my knee length shorts up to my upper thigh, and said, "You check for water rings!"


    Maybe that's why I rarely wear shorts?

  3. I would have died if I had been in that line. My thoughts, "At least the working women of today know how to keep their opinion to themselves!"

    Cotton- So, do ya have rings?

  4. I think in her day great legs were a HUGE asset. They couldn't show boobs so the legs were IT. I know my mother always made a point of saying people always told her she had great legs.....


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