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Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm black baggin' it, girls!

I LOVE seeing these leave my house. It makes me a happy, happy girl... I mean, really.

Ya know I clean for therapy- I LOVE the order & calm that result from cleaning the house, especially when my world is out of whack. Now, this does not mean that my house is always clean. (Although, it should be, considering what I have been going thru lately- right Cotton B?!) Its nothing like that. I'm just sayin' this is what I do when I need to feel some control over what is going on around me. Well,,, even better than cleaning is getting rid of stuff! This time of year, when we are done school & have lots of carefree days ahead... I attack the house! So far, since last week, I have given away at least 15 bags full of clothes, shoes, bed sheets, books, puzzles, toys, videos, dishes, etc. Whoo hoo!!! So, right now, I am one happy girl! My goal is to completely empty out the basement, so I can paint the block walls & set up my scrapbook studio/kid's school room down there. It may not get done until next year (there is a LOT of junk to get thru first) but it WILL get done, one black bag at a time.


  1. Woot!Woot! Woot! you go girl! That's my summer plan too, decluttering and reclaiming space!

  2. 15 bags??? holy crap girl!!!!!!!!!! that is a lot of junk in your ba donk a donk!!!!!!!!

  3. I am happy that it brings you joy to rid yourself of all that stuff. I wish I could say the same for myself.

    Hello, My name is Alaina and I have a stuff problem, but I DON'T want to get rid of it.

    Ha, I think you can do your basement, you have an awsome goal for yourself, a scraping room, kids room, you will have so much more fun in this new room. I am rooting for you and so are the rest of us.

  4. I am going thru the same process over here.
    4 bags just came out of baby Brooklyn's room
    way too many toys and clothes, they have to go to child haven for the kids that need them.
    It just feels great cleaning it out and knowing someone who is in need will get great pleasure from them.

  5. Yeah? Well I'm the girl going to GoodWill and buying your junk...so thanks, thanks whole lot...glad I made you feel better:@ (did i use the right smilie?)

  6. Cotton Ball it looks like a little pig's face.

    I thought this was Dawn's post about her giveaway! LMAO

  7. cranberry- I KNOW! (btw I laughed off my badonkadonk at your comment! HA HA HA!)

    lemme 'splain a little: I have hung onto baby clothes since my youngest was born... I finally am giving it up. That accounts for at least 6 bags. But, I'm alright with it now.
    And, all the other, I have no idea. I honestly think our stuff reproduces behind closed doors. Every once in awhile, I pull stuff out that I have NEVER seen before.

  8. Yea Dawn & Amy! We're in this together.
    Alaina- Repeat after me "I can let this go, I own it, it does not own me" There, feel better? My sister doesn't like to part with things either- which I think is fine most of the time, b/c she can organize out the wazoo. So, if it has a place- more power to her.

  9. Look at me- all this commenting. Cotton B, you are appreciated. And, occasionally, I do shop at the goodwill. My MIL gives us stuff all the time from yard sales/goodwill/mission (THAT is where all this stuff comes from!) & half the time, I send it right back to the goodwill. She has actually bought my son the same thing twice. I got smart- I drop off at a different goodwill now.

  10. Before you drop all of that off, can you come by here and pick up the two bags that I have been meaning to donate?

    You Go Girl!


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