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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Oh something very interesting happened yesterday... I was driving, and my van started singing like a kettle on the stove. AND THEN PLOOOOSH a volcano of fluid flew up out of my hood. I left a trail of fluid all down the road until I found a place to stop. Then it spilled all over the parking lot.

It was all very exciting. The kids call the van "The Ghetto Van" for good reason. You know it is really ghetto when the mechanic tells you to buy a new vehicle rather than come to him every six months.


  1. Don't you just love the smell of steaming antifreeze? Been there, done that! Thank goodness not on this trip!

  2. Oh no! I am glad that you have a good attitude about it.

  3. Definately a good attitude. I hate that smell and I have been there and done that too. I have been a neglectful auto driver. Brakes have been squeeling like a pig for a month now. Mmmmmm Mr. M. says "they are just fine honey, I just looked at them, don't you have to go grocery shopping?" I think he is paying me back for having everyone thinking for months that I was slowly poisoning him. Only I wasn't, he had lime disease and I had NOTHING to do with it.
    Oh I am glad there is someone else to chat with. It surely has been quiet.

  4. Lyme Disease can be very bad is he okay....

    about the attitude, heck what else can go wrong with it? I just want to send it to the junk yard...actually it is a 98 mazda mpv and it is in good shape.....it just keeps having something wrong with it.

    I can't get over the fact he had lyme disease....is he really okay?

  5. Now my husband is fine. It happened a year ago. He started out getting hives in Nov/08 and after a month started going to the doctors and getting blood test after test. Then he ended up in the allergist several months later. Who upon testing him for allergies sent him into anaphylactic shock by dosing him up with so many things that he is allergic to at one time. Yea, we found out he is allergic to dust, dust mites, feathers, pollen and one other weird thing. We spent the whole day there trying to get his blood sugar levels back to normal, oh what a fun day, NOT. We were even thinking of ripping all the carpeting out of the house he was feeling so bad, tired, huge hives all over his body, he had no energy. It took 6 months before they finally diagnosed him, and that was only by accident. One of the receptionists happen to over hear them talking and said that is what her son went through when he had Lyme disease. The tested and that was it. Only problem is my husband already has mono in his system that is also an immune supressent. They had to be careful the meds they were giving him for the Lyme disease was elevating his mono levels. OH what fun it was. He still has to worry about both levels because they will never totally leave his system. He will always be a person who needs his 8-9 hours of sleep and he can get run down easier if he does not get the sleep.

    Now we are fine, I sleep on the couch a couple of nights a week to make sure he sleeps (I snore horrible) or so he tells me, the kids say no. I blame the MAMA, you know the moms who let no noise enter the home while child sleeps so they grow up not being able to sleep through any noise. All the MAMA'S fault.

    We think he may have gotten it while in PA on a business trip, we normally do not have ticks around here that carry it.

  6. wow! What an ordeal! I imagine it is VERY possible he picked it up in PA-- I have at least 8-10 friends that have been treated for lyme disease just in the past year. It is SO common in PA. Ticks are awful here & SO tiny, you can hardly find them on your body. I check my kids' heads THOROUGHLY every night after they have played outside.

  7. geez becky I would be so paranoid i would not sleep thinking I missed a tick. we don't have that problem around here really....I have read lots of stories about people who go for a battery of tests and go without a diagnosis until someone randomly does a test for Lyme...why is that?

  8. It is most likely that unless the area you live in has a high chance of getting Lyme disease from ticks. Where I live it is very unlikely and that is why they did not even think to test.


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