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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Say, where did everyone go?

Painting with oil based paint is going to my head girls...you had better watch out!!!

Besides , where is everybody??? Things are a little boring around here don't you all think?

Me I am painting up a storm to actually post something useful on my blog......I need fresh air and ginger....this paint junk makes me feel sick...


  1. I was wondering where everyone was too. I was busy getting ready for a surprise. Open the window, dem fumes be bad for you!

  2. I thought it was quiet around here. I have been eyeball deep in mulch and getting ready to host a candle party. Oh did I mention I hate candle parties. It is a good thing I like my sister in law because I DO NOT want to do it again.
    Now were is Blossom hanging out? Did she go on vacation with Stupid Butt?
    Berries, did the man who owns the paint store tell you to keep the windows open when you paint?

    I am painting in the shop and there is no window to cause air flow even if the door is 2 ft away....from me as I paint.... I am almost done.

  4. I know silly, teasing you, hahaha. Taking the projects to work, what a great way to show the customers how great your paint is. What color?

  5. Hi there! I've been wondering where everyone went, as well! I've been busy nursing some wounds... sniff sniff... but I think I'm gonna make it, so no worries. Also, taking the kids to the park, swimming, helping a friend pack for her upcoming move, cleaning job and tonight- I got together with 3 friends from hi school that I haven't seen in 20 years!


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