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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Signs that it is time to go HOME..



There is that, then the fact that I am getting so hot and bored that even motorcycle riding sounds fun. (It wasn’t fun at all, especially the speed bumps)


And, I keep getting pictures sent to my phone that look like this…


with messages from Murphy saying that he misses me.

Tuesday can’t come soon enough, I miss my boys.



  1. I fell off of the back of a motorcycle going over a speed bump once. Poor Murph! Hurry home Gwen (although...you're doing better at keeping us updated than I am) we miss you! Okay girls, I have a few places to run the sprouts today and then I'll be back here to do some splaining, to Wit to post my update on the Den (barn wood ceiling + a trip to Ikea = !!!) and on to see all of y'all to find out just what I've been missing in blog world. (The true city of surprises;) See ya soon!

  2. He,he,he...I think it's Art that's missing you most! He knows what will get to you though, big sad dog eyes!

  3. Are you joking about the motorbikes?

  4. Your husband is definately playing the simpathy card using the dog. I think both miss you lots. Where is your helmet?

  5. Hey I know all about head injuries! Where is the helmet?


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