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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How not to move.

Do not attempt to have your children help you pack. View this as your opportunity to divest your household of it's vast assortment of broken Breyer horses and Playmobil pirates. This is best done without witnesses.

Don't move things you don't like. It's not going to have a place in your new place any more than it does in your current place. Bless* someone else with it.

*I always love how home ec gurus use this word, as if giving your ugly plastic placemats to your unsuspecting sister-in-law is really a blessing...bwahahahaha....

Don't buy 4 or 12 gallons of mismixed paint just before your husband comes back from a trip and leave them where he can see them and has the opportunity to ask "why in the !@#$% are we buying that just so we can move it?". I'm just sayin'.

Don't go to Costco and spend $50 or $200 just before your husband comes back from a trip and leave the stuff where he can see it and has the opportunity to ask "why in the !@#$%$ are we buying that just so we can move it?". I'm just sayin'.

Do not plan your move to a vacation destination over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, unless you have superhuman strength and can carry your china cabinet yourself.

Do not tell your dog you are moving, unless you want her to come down with a cold and an ear hematoma and need a trip to the vet, but you only have one car and your husband has it out of town, because you did not want to move two cars so you sold yours prematurely.

Do not count on fellow bloggers to help you choose your house. They can't decide either.

Do not count on fellow bloggers to reliably choose the appropriate cocktail to medicate your stressed nerves during your move.

Do count on fellow bloggers to post disturbing pictures of unnatural (?) acts that distract you from what you're supposed to be doing.

but most importantly....

Do count on fellow bloggers to help you keep your perspective, your religion, and your sense of humor, if not your sanity.



  1. Right? That warm Mimosa Breeze is fabtastic!

    Talk about keeping some perspective, thanks for reminding me how much worse it can be. Now hurry up and host us all, down at the beach!

  2. I wouldn't bet on the sanity part too much, not you specifically, I mean fellow bloggers in general...okay I mean me.

  3. LOVED IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Cotton, how about celebrating the 4th with a moving party?

    I'm relieved that we won't be right on the water...about 6 blocks from the seawall, twenty minutes from the shore. Close enough to enjoy, no sand in the breakfast cereal. So all the better for girl parties....can't wait!

  5. I would not be very much help as a packer. I did not even bother to wrap any of my shop merchandise to get it home. Just cram it in and it can not move. Well we were only going seven minutes away.

    Sorry I wish I could help, the 4th is my son's birthday and his grandmother decided it would be a good weekend to host a family reunion. You don't have an extra set of bunk beds, we are hosting a family of four.

    Good luck.

  6. So, which house did you choose. (You may have posted, but I have over 200 posts in my reader, will catch it soon)

    I would like to add, don't offer to help someone move in June, that lives in AZ. We just got back and oh my gosh it was hot. When it went to 102 in the shade, I faked Murphy having heat stroke and took him back to the hotel room. Not so sure the signs of a dog having heat stroke, but I knew that they wouldn't either!


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