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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Remember I said the neighbor was cat-knapping my cat?

Well we kept him indoors for a long time, he kept escaping, whining , fussing, licking all his fur off etc. I decided I could not handle it any longer. I let him out and for a few days he kept coming in to eat. GOOD.

Then he stopped coming in.

Sure enough he was at HER house. I went 2 days in a row to coax him off her patio. All to no avail. She has no access to get on this deck from the outside.

We even brought temptations...expensive food etc. He would look at us, and then look at her sliding glass door, almost willing her to come out and rescue him from US!

I went home and cried. We have had this cat for going on 8 years and he was rejecting us for her. WHAT does she have we don't? Well we have a female cat that challenges Williams man hood for once, and he cannot be king of the castle all the time......

Anyhow, I was giving up....she can have him, she can win. HE hates us anyhow.

My daughter gave me a tongue lashing , and told me she could not believe I would give up....I went and cried myself to sleep.

The next morning I marched over to her patio and I will be damned if SHE takes my cat!

I got the treats, he ate, I hesitated, He jumped up on a chair out of reach and ignored me. I went home.......very sad. Then I turned around and said Screw it. I went back and threw temptations at him, got him off the chair, and then grabbed him through the railing, his claws sticking in all the way and marched home with him.

He now gives me the evil eye. He looks pissed. It has been about 5 days now and I don't feel sorry for him at all. I will win this, not the cat. So what if he has to pee in a litter box.

He stupidly thinks I will let him out......no way.

I don't know how long this will last, but my will is stronger than his.

He is our cat.

Besides, winter is coming and he hates the rain.

He does have his moment when he drools out of contentment, and then we are both content. Good kitty, good kitty.


  1. oh how sad. for you and kitty william.
    I don't know what I would do, have you tried catnip to get him in a better mood?
    Is he a lap cat? He, like you said probably enjoys being the lone kitty. Cats are so finicky
    you just never really know what is going on in those tiny cute heads.
    Good luck, stay strong

  2. Maybe all the contsruction bugs him. Do you have quiet out-of-the-way room where you could keep him? Maybe get him a TV and leave it on game shows, soaps and Columbo reruns like the lady next door probably watches all day.

  3. Dawn you are too much! I have to say that I would have done almost the same thing, except I am not as nice as you, I would not have gone home the first time w/o cat. Good luck, cats are not like dogs, they feel NO shame.

  4. Hey I love Columbo, LOL I love a good mystery

  5. Oh my gosh DAWN you nailed it on the head! Everytime I go there whether or not she is home her TV is on playing all of those dang things. Day and night. I think she sleeps with the TV on.

    I know because she keep her sliding glass door open and I can hear the TV.

    You just made my day all of you!!!That is so funny....how did you know old people do that Dawn?

  6. Dawn do you hang out with old people or something?

  7. I'm old.

    Just kidding. I grew up in a trailer park with lots of old people around. My grandpa owned it and my parents ran it for a few years. We were the only family with kids.
    (Berries, can you check your email in a few minutes, I'm going to send somthing.)

  8. Never mind. See Poll? What Poll? on the top of sidebar.

  9. It has been my experience that no one owns a cat. They own you. Once you let a cat out doors it is very hard to convert them to indoor cats. If a cat is stressed it will begin 'marking' areas. Who knows why he prefers her porch -- perhaps she has tuna breath.

  10. Perhaps she has tuna breath! LOL!! Of course! I'm sure that is the reason. Personally, I think cats are fun sometimes, but so fickle. My dog, on the other hand would crawl into my skin if it was possible. She can't stand to be apart from me. Gotta love that. At least, if you're a dog lover. If you aren't, I suppose it could be annoying.
    Regardless, I hope your kitty gets over the attitude & gets thankful. :)


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