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Friday, September 24, 2010


Two things have been bugging me lately.
First off I am not a fashionista.

BUT, I am not stupid either.

I have been seeing two styles lately that are making me nuts.

*** Women, who for whatever reason have decided to bring Shirley Temple curls back in vogue. The only difference? LONG LONG ringlets.

Yesterday I saw my 5th do. The funny thing is 4 of them were on 40 somthings and one girl in her 20's.****

*** Women in their 50 plus range wearing sun visors. You know like the eighties all over again.**

Okay, so the visors I get. Keeping the sun off the eyes while you drive around town in your sporty car.

The ringlets???? come on I have 22 and 20 year old girls at home and this is NOT hip.

Who in their sane mind is going to painstakingly put shreds of sheeting in your hair, or spend hours with the curling iron.

All you gals from the states, need to speak up becuase we Canadians are always a little behind..what gives?


  1. Maybe this time you Canadians are waaaay way ahead. I haven't seen that look on anybody and I can't imagine anyone trying to pull it off in the near future.

    Of course, I'm pretty isolated out here, and I don't have television or subscribe to any fashion magazines.

  2. I live in Vegas and even the showgirls arent sportn' this look. 4o somethings??? Really
    That is just sad

  3. SAD SAD SAD you are right Amy.

    I have no idea what the heck they are thinking. They are not even natural curls. YUCK.

  4. Are you sure they are not just trying out their Halloween costume, seriously 40 somethings. My ringlets are all natural and I don't want to be looking like that. Maybe it's just a Canadian thing.

  5. funny--I haven't seen anybody walking around with the ringlets, but I did see a girl with an all-over head of crimped hair. Crimped? Seriously? That look was never good.

  6. I am serious. They looked like the lady in that picture, without the bumpit, except one did have something similiar. GROSS.

    And they did not look like they were about to partake in RiverDance either.

  7. Cranberry, Canadians must be farther behind in fashion than we thought. The only time I've seen women in this hair style was in photographs during the Civil War!

    Are the 50 year old women sporting sun visors on a golf course?

  8. Guys I am having HECK leaving comments on my blog and on y'alls. Berries, I was just at your blog and couldn't leave a comment there either... just know I feel for you.


  9. Woo hoo! I figured out a trick! It was an accident, see, I even signed my name so you would know it was from me in case I didn't post under my profile.

  10. FFH I saw the 50 year old all over town!

  11. So the 50 year old wears a visor and is stalking you as well? Hmmm. We must get to the bottom of this. Perhaps she is a follower of your blog. Examine all the little photos under Followers on your blog and see if any are wearing a visor.

  12. Of course, you'd have to wear a visor because baseball caps don't fit over bumpits or piles of cemented ringlets...

    My baseball cap works just fine on Bad Bangs Days, just stick that pony tail through the whole in the back and I'm set.


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