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Friday, September 3, 2010


People were looking at us mighty suspiciously as we were driving through this neighborhood... I think something about the hay spikes on the pick up tipped them off that we didn't belong...

Hubba hubba!

ah, real live "shudders"... are not in the budget.
Alright! I've been playing around with the colors on the sherwin williams site and frankly... I'm not in love. Just seems a little dull. Know what I mean?

Maybe it is the black shutters I don't like?
What do you think of this...

Funny, the one thing all of you have in common from my point of view is your good design sense...
And also a bizarre sense of humor, but I digress. So today I am choosing house colors, they are needed by Sunday so that the crew can get paint on Monday and begin work. AHHHHHH! I'm not ready! My husband just sprang this on me and I am in the middle of a steady flow of company and out of state visits.
I need anybody with a second to spare to weigh in. I've seen your houses and pictures of your daydreams... together we can do this!

I'm very attracted to this because it is fresh and casual.... our house really could end up looking too stately and formal for us if we choose a more traditional color scheme like a white body with black shudders.

I also really like grays (I'm wearing my "I voted for Gray" button, as we speak.) Some of you might find that this house seems familiar...

I'm thinking Alaina will recognize it anyway...
 If not here now, maybe when she pulls into the driveway after work.

So I was thinking about a gray body, black shudders and our windows will be white. Maybe painting a few robins egg blue or auqa-ish accents like maybe (if it's not too wild the front door) and underneath the porches.

I do love this color scheme.
I'll be adding pics until we make a decision... feel free to add your own!

Oh... eventually I would somehow like to incorporate some wood accents. Maybe strip and stain the front door or add some window boxes to the top stairs.

Until now.... I've only been brave enough to show a picture of my house under the mask of night...
But I'll be posting some befores pretty soon... SCARY!


  1. We had a difficult time picking our red...seriously. red was the only colour we liked. BUT, I really really like Alaina'a colour and not to cheat or make it easy on myself by picking the grey, I just really like it with the white trim and shutters. I am not a fan, of the browns with black....blech. white is too boring. although, there is a house in town with a butter yellow colour, the trim is white and inside the windows just the perimeter of the pane is red. it looks smashing!!! and actually there is another butter yellow house with white trim and it rates up there pretty high on my list. NOW if you know me that says alot because I hate yellow!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh there is another house in town, that is a cream colour with white trim and it is spectacular....maybe i will run out with the camera and take some pictures so you all can see.....ya, see those yellows i like...LOL

  2. Plaid. You should definitely go with plaid.

  3. Plaid! Why on earth did I not think of that???
    And why on earth did I not specify... THE GIRLS and ONLY the Girls... need to weigh in on this one!?! I think the color battles have gone to your head, TS!

    Berries! Pics would be great! There is actually a house across the street that if ever it is available for a song I would paint a yellow like you describe. Now did you think that the house in the Behr pic looked brown? It really is very green... and while I like it a lot, I'm just using it to show how non-traditional I'm willing to go.
    I LOVE PAINTED PANES! BUt our windows are so bad... you could stick your hand through the glass and the panes when we moved here, that they will have to be replaced.... I'm thinking time and miney wise they will have to stay the white color that they come... which is also why I think I will have to paint the window surrounds whilte as well.

  4. wow... I should have slowed down a bit when I typed... and ran a proof read through its hair!

  5. I love the grey w/some aqua here and there. It's where I'd be headed on our house if I could muster my enthusiasms. Miney is no object, go for it.

  6. miney? oh now I get it.
    And I thought that was just you being *you*...
    but you are right... MINEY is no object, ha!

  7. I don't think I would go crazy dark - I kind of like the ashy white in the photo you posted with the cute faded aqua door...maybe a hair darker than that, but not too much. Help, much?

  8. Oh, and I like the Behr house, but it said New England to me more than Upper Llano Prairie, IYKWIM. Definitely a little dark for my taste.

  9. Alaina's tone is good, though - maybe a half or third cut of that? Hey Alaina, I thought gray was "too institutional" - is that a comment on the state of affairs in your house? Yours forever, The Asylum Child.

  10. I don't want it the gray to look purple or dingy/dirty... with all of the dirt that blows around here things tend too look dingy without any help.

  11. thank goodness our house came exactly the color I love a sage green, i would SHUDDER to think of any other color on my house. LOL, oh cotton

  12. Sweet Amy! I've missed you!
    Yes I know, what *is* wrong with me???

  13. Blossom is that your house on the bottom? It is beautiful!

  14. I would not go that really light grey, and that greeny grey one is too dark. I like Alaina's.

  15. My house is beautiful in theory! But if you really got a look at it...

  16. I'm liking the one that is currently the first one in order of appearance - greenish? Could you go a hair lighter and a tad more gray-on-it's-way-to-sage? I think the aqua is just right, not too dusty.

    Very specific instructions is what I'm best at. Hate me.

  17. LOVE you, ya mean!
    Okay, I think this is where I am headed. When we first got this house I found that green with black (they are actually navy) shutters and red door and I just LOVED it... it is so sharp... but of course I just used their colors as a starting point and changed everysingle one of them except the white;-)

    So now I'm thinking that I should try to find some neutral between what I like for that kinda green one and what I like with the pics I've shown here... so that all I would have to do would be to paint the front door to go from beachy blues to woodsy reds.

    Clear as a crazy woman on imaginary paint fumes?

  18. The Cotton Ball,

    Take a look at these. [NO NOT THOSE] Ahem, these:


  19. Dang, look what I miss while at work. The color on my house can look kind of blue or a darker grey, it is vinyl. Thanks for the compliments on the house. I have to pick up the kids and then I am going to play with the paint chips.

  20. Deborah! Loved the show... the house with the awnings was so cool!

    My favorite was the greenish hued home on the street where you showed 6-7 houses packed tightly together, the green one was kind of in the middle of them.

    You didn't miss anything... I still haven't decided!

  21. Oh that last you didn't miss anything was directed towards Alaina!


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