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Friday, September 3, 2010

Helping Blossom Pick Paint Colours!

This is my favorite!

You cannot even see the trim in these windows. i could not get a shot at the front because it is a 4 lane rd..that is busy and now where to pull off, but this back sucks..the front is so cute.

this is my favorite butter yellow house

AND here it is Blossom, this gets my vote!! You said you liked grey RIGHT?
So how bought it? Red trim? AH forget the aqua...red all the way!


  1. Weird... that yellow house is a lot like the house I was talking about painting yellow.
    Did you see my composite in the post below?

  2. I do like that yellow and Dawn is going to love it :)

    I think my favorite is the first one, and it would look good with a pop of "faded aqua" but it also seems pretty safe, I kind of want to scare people while it's going up:-O and remember I have shutters to think of too.

  3. What you don't like those lipstick red stairs and door? what is wrong with it? LOL

  4. AH Blossom,
    I think it would look beautiful, with aqua trim and remember, aqua IS SCARY to many other people.

  5. I have learned from watching curb appeal, neutral neutral neutral, you don't want to grow sick of the color and have to do it again or get that sick feeling, like I am sure the red step people do, when coming home everyday. LOL

  6. Those Red step people JUST did that! ugh it is so ugly to drive by. Actually come to think of it, people might think that when they drive past my house!! Ha ha ha.

  7. Blossom the grey on this house is too dark, it looks like asphalt.

  8. I tried to offer my help but she didn't seem to appreciate it.

    Alright so no plaid. I remember this house up in Michigan that was bright purple. It used to scare the BeeGees out of me. How about purple?

  9. I'll have to wait for the battle results before going with purple TS. Hmmm... maybe that's what we need a color battle for my house.

  10. Say the word and I'll have the various colors meet outside your house to decide it. You'll have to be careful to wear neutral colors though or else you might get caught in their gang war.


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