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Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm getting somewhere... I can feel it!

So y'all have really helped me see that my biggest dilemma was choosing between the red accents and the blue ones... so this is what I've done. I've narrowed it down to 3 (well 4 but one is a Behr color so I can't show you) paint body colors with plans to use the same black and white colors for whatever body I choose. As far as my commitmaphobia goes... I've decided why can't I just have TWO front doors and change them out when I'm in the mood (Yeah... I hate painting so much that two doors painted different colors that can be switched out sounds much better to me than actually changing the paint color when the mood strikes... and my won't it freak out the neighbors!)  I changed houses because the roof on the other one is not the right color at all... but I can't change the shutters on this house so that is also a problem...

This gray is green in tone and also is pretty a little darker.
(My roof is almost black and I have shutters to paint. I love the picture above but I'm thinking that black shutters will change it a lot?)

Darker shade of the color above with the right color roof, but I don't plan on painting the shutters to match the door!

Presto chango same body color new door:

Same green family lighter color now with red accent (door only)

Now that scape with the darker green/gray color...

Okay girls and TS, we are just choosing the body color now and that was the green/gray family.
The plan is to pick a color that lets me move easily between aqua accents and red.
Now I'm going to show you a few more body color combos and you get to vote for the best one!
Just remember the strong probability of having (blue) black shutters.
*this post still in progress*

Next body color family is a gray with some brown and possibly even some purple tones in it...

same color with red

and now the darker versions...

All these colors are beginning to look the same... maybe Cow is right... I'm nuts.

Final body selections light and dark shown with both accent colors:

First body color (lightest) with black shutters and wrong color roof...
do the shutters ruin it?

First body color (light) and then using the body color of the first/dark to paint the shutters...


  1. Oh Cotton I love the first one, it is similar to my color and I swear by behr paint it is the only one I love and we have tried lots of brands.

  2. I love the first one too! It's the one I keep going back to! Now do you like the lighter version? Do you like it with both accent colors?

  3. I like all the body colors with both accent colors (doors only!) If you have a color printer print out your favorite light and dark then color in the shutters with a black sharpie or crayon. See what you think!

  4. love the new profile pic by the way

  5. subtle difference between the body and shutters but might be good with the amount of shutters you have. I just counted 10 on your top floor!

  6. ya, me likey. It draws more attention to the door.

  7. I thought about trying to mess with it in my computers paint program because (you caught me) I still have not hooked up my printer since moving here:-O

    Thanks on the profile pic... that was Cow's doing... he followed me around with the camera telling me to strike poses. Funny when Alaina made me think of my closet I thought that he took that pic the other day... it is the same dress I was wearing in a picture of us over 8 years ago... clothes? what clothes? I have none!

    So thumbs up shutters black or darker body color?

  8. OOH Smarty.. I didn't even think of the amount! You are right about that!

  9. my vote is darker body color. but that's just me. You have to decide. I only have to look at it when you post on ....oh yea, Wit (it's been so long I couldn't remember the name!) every couple of monhts! Hint, hint! Good night, it's been fun but I'm sleepy...and you should be too!

  10. Y'all try and get some sleep, okay? I need you all clear eyed and bushy tailed for tomorrow's final decision;-)

  11. Dang it....one more thing, those windows on the ends have shutters really close together in the middle that would be a big block of black! Nite-nite!

  12. the second, sage body, dark shutters and red door.
    oh it screams HOME

  13. I like the color of the first one too. I am partial to green, it is all over my house. I agree that doing the shutters and door would look the best. Nice thing black and green go with almost anything.
    Oh and I noticed the new picture and you look happy. I hope you had a wonderful summer.

  14. Wait, so you last two are for black shutters, greenish/gray body and the door the accent color?

  15. Ok Blossom you lost me after the first 3. Yikes. I love the aqua trim.

  16. I am SO not qualified to help you in this decision. When we were having our house built, we chose no shutters, taupe/gray siding, whitish/cream trim & doors. boring. Go for something exciting, if that is truly what you like. :) I've always wished I had.

  17. definitely loving the darker shutter, not black but a darker color, the green on green just gets lost. The shutters don't look like a true black in these pics.

  18. You need a darker accent color or else it just fades into the house color. You want something that adds contrast.

  19. I'm counting 18 shutters on the front of your house, plus the dark roof, plus the dark roof of the portico.

    From what I can see there are 4 place where shutters are side by side with little body color between.

    I would say you could go a few shades darker than the body color but not too dark or black. Contrast if nice but...with all the windows you have upstairs and down it's going to start looking like a backgammon board if you go with too much contrast.

    I like the door to be it's own unique color, it should be the focal point.

    It's funny cause I'm usually the one pushing for bold but I think you have to really look at your specific house.

    If you look at my house on my sidebar you can see there is vertical trim on the corners. We were going to paint it white too but the contracter thought where it's close to the windows it would be too much, like stripes. He wa so right. We painted them the body color and it looked good.

    You poor thing...I bet you never ask for help from all of us again!

  20. Hey Blossom, I deleted one of my comments on one of these paint posts because I forgot to say Mama Cow and used a real name. sorry!

  21. Oh Dawn, don't worry... I do the same thing all the time:-)
    And my reasoning for going with an alias had a lot to do with not wanting to be found with a search engine by our names if that makes sense? But I'm fine with all of you precious people knowing who I am. And I wouldn't think that the kinda person that might lurk here would be scary, but I guess that depends on who you ask!

    So, I've been digesting all of the tips you guys gave me and I'm pretty happy with the colors we've narrowed in on. So I think all that is left to do is buy some samples of the different combos and get after picking the winner! Boy! TSs color battles are lame by comparison!

  22. Okay - I like the lighter side, like I said, it's Texas, which is a vast desert that has some grass and cows, and unless you live in Clara's Grove you're gonna die in thar if it's too crazy dark. Plus, old dark farmhouses look haunted, nmw. So I like the lighter gray/green thing you've got shakin', with charcoal shutters and some version of aqua on the door. Pig-mentally yers (git it?) - the unpainted cottage immature grown up girl


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