All The Girls Chit Chat

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Giddy up girls.

Come on girls. (TS)
No need to be sluggish.

Or put on any more rubbish.
Oh sorry, that was me.

Just trying to make you all pee
like our little Gwennie.

Summer must have sucked out your brains.
Am I the only one who complains?

Life is getting a litte stiff around here in blogosphere
Get out that beer, start writing some cheer.

I don't like being the only one here.
My lips are turning into a sneer.

Hey Cotton, Hey Dawn, Hey Gwennie,Karen,
Mittens, Alaina, Fairfield House , Cottage Child.

Anyone, please
Get your arses out here or I will start getting wild.
TS, Stupid Bet, Becky and any I missed.

Life is boring here. Show me some clout before I burn out!


  1. You should talk you have been TOO busy making kitchen cabinets. I'm here, looking for Halloween inspiration for decorating. Such a witty one you are.

  2. Me witty? what about that one who pretends to have wit. Where is she?

  3. No she is after Stupid Bet.

  4. Yeah, thanks for remembering me
    but now I too have to go pee!

    Here, it has been a little bit boring
    I thought a few times I heard ya'll snoring

    My life has been kinda crazy
    I ain't just sayin' that cuz I'm lazy

    In fact,I just decided to lock the kids outta the house
    but I remembered I'd need to let in the spouse

    so, its back to teaching & making the house clean
    Love to you girls & this blogging machine!

  5. Oh my gosh!
    That was outstanding!

    The 4th stanza is the bomb!

    You just set a Poetry STANDOFF to the rest of these people!!

    Got any takers? Cuz Becky takes my vote.

  6. Yeah, well, I was going to comment earlier but didn't want to follow Becky.

    There was a Candadian Lassie
    Who made me laugh off my assie.
    She had not a clue,
    drills, toast and glue?
    My gosh that girl is quite sassy!

  7. Ha ahah hahaha DAWN! I am rolling off my chair here.
    And you said you could not rhyme! What are farse.
    I love it, I love them all!

  8. Hope it doesn't make you think less of me but I had to google limerick to remember how to do one.

  9. Limerick shimmerick.

    Have you not noticed my poetry does not follow any rules?

    I WAS impressed!

  10. interesting lyrics.


  11. There once was blog named chit chat
    Where a few regular bloggers parked and sat
    Started by The Cotton Ball
    Who posted once and disappeared til Fall

    She was too busy on Facebook
    and would only squeeze us in for a quick look
    I'd really be mad
    But I have to be glad
    Because I won her only give away --
    The Cook Book!

  12. Poor Cotton Ball.

    AHEM we have not heard from this asaid Blossom.

    Becky what the Hecky does not count.

    FFH...I love your poem. Especially the parked and sat.
    And Who posted once and disapeared til fall....classic line, a classic line.

    How is that cook book anyhow?

  13. The post was funny, but the comments are hilarious!

    "Cotton ball?" ROFL!

    I have been homeschooling my children. Why don't they know it all yet. Sheesh.

  14. Laney:

    Because they don't know it all until they are tweens and teens. Or at least they think they do.



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