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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What is your style girls?






Jane Austin style


  1. I want to be 1940's - I usually end up eighties, but not on purpose. It's just how I look when I get up in the morning. Fuzzy hair, ripped tshirt, some kind of knit pants like things.

  2. I really appreciate aspects from all the different eras... EXCEPT... the 80's. Sorry Cottage, but I'm sure if anyone can pull it off it's you, sis.
    I seriously looked at clothes made in the style of the 1880's there for a while. But if forced to choose... I'd go with the 40's... I think.

  3. In the 80's I was in high school, big hair. I would love to be in the Jane Austin style, it just looks so comfortable, cottons and linens. I am not a wool person. Hey does anyone know the two new followers? Where is Berries? Berries are you in there?

  4. apparently my style is MOM CHIC, which means I now have a couple of pairs of beige capris, jeans that are only ever made with STRETCH DENIM lovingly infused in the weave, and a LOT of my shits now have a freaking hood. Sigh.
    I dig the 40's though, and if I weren't so tired, would love to walk around looking like a Russ Meyer girl (ie; chunky 60's bombshell).

  5. I love the Jane Austen clothes!!!!!

    My style right now?
    Old raggy pajamas that I work in. Loose , comfortable and stretchy.

    The firemen behind my house must be seriously glad they did not marry me. All they see is an overweight woman running around with sawdust in my hair, paint on my hands and ahem the boobs flying as I usually get started with no bra on.

    What a sight!

  6. I kinda feel sorry for my husband, but if I wasn't helping him renovate a house he might think about trading me in. Right now I am a valuable asset and this is what he gets.

  7. I am a hippie thru and thru I tried other looks but they just don't fit me and I feel out of my skin. Give me some bell bottoms and and flannel button down any day of the week and I am happy!

  8. oh dear, look at my typo on "shirts." Freudian slip, methinks.

  9. I can't believe no one caught that before you
    too funny

  10. Jeans or capris, orthopedic walking shoes, and t-shirts and a pony tail. It's hard to have "style" when you have bad feet, bad hair and a waist like the Michelin Man. At least I have my sense of humor and good teeth!

    Hi new followers! Join in the fray, leave a comment so we can get to know you.

  11. Hi girls!!
    I did 1920's a bit in the 1980's, yet I never knew then that was what it was. My 12yo is into the 1970's look currently & I keep hearing myself say "oh, I remember when that was popular" making me sound old!
    I am not sure what my style is now... sorta the- I am a mom approaching 40 but I refuse to dress like I am.

  12. Dawn
    I dress like you...and my teeth, well they keep falling out.

  13. I knew it! thats why you never show pictures of yourself on your blog! Yup. keeping us in the dark, or so you thought...but I am smarter than that.

  14. Berries and I are having trouble with emails. This has nothing to do with todays post. Berries, put your email on here and I will copy and past and send you an email immediately and we will see if we can get this fixed. How many emails have I been missing all this time?


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