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Friday, September 3, 2010

My Two Cents

I had a few minutes and thought I would join the fun of painting Blossom's house. Although I must say I love the white farm house look, I would have done our house in white but Mr. M. said NO!  I got my way on the inside though.

The only difference I would make with the picture would be delete the shutters but that wasn't in the program.

There are are the colors I picked.  Seriously, check your closet and pick out your favorite clothes, those are the colors you should be looking at.  Now that may mean a toned down variation but I think you get where I am going with it.  Pick what you and Mama Cow like.  Let me say compromise is a wonderful thing for a marriage, we did a lot of that in the kitchen and you all seem to like it.  Did you notice that our cabinets are two different colors?  Yep, tops are different than the bottoms.


  1. This is what I know...
    I don't care for sunsets. They do nothing for me. But I could look at a blue sky and green grass all day long or an ocean and the sand. Right now I'm wearing dark blue jeans and a gray sweater. Earlier I had on a white tank top with a gray, black and red plaid swing coat (TS was right... I need to paint the house plaid) my shoes were flats of shiny red patent pleather. My longest running favorite colors are blues grays whites and sand colors. Even my favorite reds have blue in them, never orange.

    AND I AM A HUGE COMMITMENT PHOBE! Not because I am afraid of making a mistake but because I know how many things (in this case colors) are out there and I'm a sampler.

  2. Well, there you go! Blue grays, white and sand on the house with a black door and some plaid cushions on a bench!

    I sampled, green, yellow and red on our house then we decided green and I painted about 5 shades of green before we could decide on the same one!

    I always use lots of sample 'cause the times I've thought I knew what I wanted and just bought a gallon (or more!) right off the bat I hated the color when it went up! Even if I have to buy quarts I still use a lot of samples. I figure I can always mix the left overs and come up with something to use in, say, hubby's office?

  3. You people are brillian, Alaina, Dawn you need to own the paint store!

  4. That's quite a compliment coming from the real paint store owner! I could play with paint chips all day. My husband laughs everytime we go anywhere with a paint dept. because even if we don't have a need I'm still checking out chips. It's like a giant magnet! I have a piece of paper I taped chips to about 15 years ago that I still refer to when working on our house!

    I do think people have colors that they always like. Then there are trendy colors you get tempted by... I always like warm schems with just a little cool to tone it down. Some people always like the cooler side. No right or wrong, just millions of shades to choose from!

  5. I do love black doors! But what color for the shutters?

  6. Blossom, you did already tell us what colors you like. I think the red door is sharp with the black shutters. Most people do match their door to the shutters, the bolder people mix them.
    I am with Dawn, people really do know what colors they like, the wear them, use them to decorate their home, garden and everyday life. Dawn, how funny, I too gravitate to the paint isle every time we visit Home Depot. My husband says why are you looking, we do NOT need to paint anything. I just like looking at the colors, so many shades of WHITE.
    Bloosom, make sure the aqua color you are drawn to is not just a fad like Dawn mentioned, aqua and gray have been all over blogland so make sure it is a real like and not just an attration.

  7. Well, One of my favorite tops I had in highschool was aqua and it seems I've always had a bit of aqua in my wardrobe. Truthfully I don't have really any red either, what I was wearing yesterday was an exception but the shoes are so much fun... some time I pair them with a plain navy dress or a chambry flouncy skirt. So not a lot of aqua, nor red but I do like touches of them both every now and again! That is why I wanted to find a house body color that would work with both aqua and red...I figure if it will work with those tow colors, I could probably find other colors to work with it for a front door too that could change the whole look as trends changed or I changed my mind.
    I'll tell you though... I've never seemed to be so in tune with trends. I usually shy away from anything trendy and have never really fit in before. I think that while the current trends wile pass, and I may be sick of them when they do, they really are more in line with my natural taste than anything else.

    Girls we should turn this blog into a design consulting/therapy blog. Help anxious woman find out who they are when it comes to their houses. I'm the first client!!!!!


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