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Thursday, July 8, 2010


WARNING: If you wash old wood floors on your hands & knees... you may end up needing some serious help. Trust me on this one.
That little "ouch" of a splinter may not seem too nasty at first, but if you continue to clean, for another 3 hours- because darnit, you're getting paid for it- your finger may lose all feeling & become very swollen. In fact, the splinter may be in SO deep you don't even see it, but baby - believe me it is there & it wants OUT!
The overdue tetanus shot may hurt, the x-rays may be a bit painful- as the finger gets stretched out, but NOTHING compares to those nasty shots to numb you up. Words may come to mind that you didn't even know were in your vocabulary. The dr. may even have to remind you to breathe.
And, let me tell you about the fear that may go thru your pretty little head when the dr. is slitting your finger open & digging that sucker out. "Is that finger REALLY going to stay numb? Really? Are you almost done in there? Did you find it yet? Just how close are you to that tendon?" And then "No, thank you, I don't want to look at the splinter yet. Please move the bloody gauze first. Thank you." and then "THAT was in my finger? No way! I wish I could take it home to show the kids, they'll never believe me!"
And then, there's the Vicodin. An hour after taking it, it all comes back... this is the medicine that had some awful side effects back in '08. We meet again..............................


  1. Yikes! I feel so bad for you and your finger! I was on vicodine once and hated how it made me feel. I hope your finger heals fast.

  2. Oh honey, sorry to hear. I hope you are feeling better soon. Never had vicodine but awful side effects does not sound fun.

  3. I hate pain meds - the side effects are almost as bad as the injury, aren't they?

    I'm so sorry about your hand - ouch!

  4. I see your finger and raise mine. (No I'm not 'giving you the finger') I got a second degree burn on mine earlier this week when I was broiling some steaks.

    I'm sorry to read about your injury. I have old wood floors and can understand how easily that would happen. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Now pass the vicodin. (I'm the female version of House.)

  5. oh........I know this story. I know this story very well.......when my son was 2, he did the same thing. we could not see a thing to the naked eye, but, after they operated yes I said operated, they pulled out a 1/4 x 1 inch chunk of wood out of his tiny little hand.

    when it happened, he turned as white as a page of paper and instantly wanted to vomit. it would be about 4 hrs until surgery as my hubby was out of town, and they could not operate on him because I had 3 other children hanging out with me at the hospital and i could not leave them unattended to go with him to the surgery....that poor kid, and all this does is make me think how bad this was for you.....it makes me ache thinking about this and the fact that you kept scrubbing........and VICODIN???????? are you serious???? what kind of drug pushing dr. gave you that??? woah nellie....we up here don't get given those kind of drugs....they just give tylenol 3 at the most....my 2 year old just got given reuglar tylenol....same with my other son that had a huge splinter taken out a few years back....they had to stitch him up......Vicodine??? really????wow. I just can't get over that> Is this why DR. Phil has all of these crazy people on his show addicted to wild and crazy drugs?

  6. Thanks girls. It is feeling a bit better today. Its a little hard to type, but notice I am managing just fine. :) I can't do the dishes, but I can type!
    Cranberry- oh my goodness! That poor little guy! And, I know. I only took the vicodin last night- it got me thru the night pain free, but boy I was SOOO nauseous! They told me to take 800mg of ibuprofen as well! The crazy thing is-the Vico Rx was written for 15 pills. And, it says on the info sheet that after my body gets used to it, I will notice less side effects. so, you're right- no wonder people get addicted. At this point, I am hoping there isn't any wood left in my finger. She had to stop searching in order to avoid the tendon- but she said there is a possibility there is more. If it gets infected I am off to see the orthopaedic dr.

  7. Oh no! Although the not doing dishes part sounds like a good thing! I hope that it gets better really soon. Did you get a lollipop for getting a shot?

    Vicodin is one of the few pain meds that doesn't mess with my tummy. Even Tylenol gives me a stomachache. On the negative flipside, I have a freakishly bad addictive nature...so I try to stay away from it.

  8. If a doctor ever handed me tylenol I would throw it back at him. You don't put out a house fire with a squirt gun.

  9. Wow, with as many ear surgeries as I have had, I can not recall having anything as potent as Vicodin. I hate to say it Deborah I am a Tylenol person, but I also believe if the mind thinks it will work, IT WILL WORK! Hope your feeling much better Becky.


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