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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Raise You

LOADS of laundry to be done.

Laundry to be put away, away, away.

Bed to be made.

Left overs AGAIN!

How many nights in a row can you stand potato salad?

I raise you ONE party to finish cleaning up after.

AND one shop to dismantle.

I'll be in the pool!

Would anyone else like to play along.


  1. AAAAA Ha Ha Ha! You win, you've got a live leg in your laundry!!!!!

  2. You are so right, my son was DRAWING instead of putting away his laundry. Good eye.

  3. Deborah, where's the fun it that? Okay I fold too, eventually. I actually went and folded all the clothes in the 3 livingroom chairs after I posted. But they're still in the chairs...

    Alaina, somday he'll make millions off his drawings and can hire someone to do laundry for you.

  4. Thanks for the confidence Dawn, I just have to get him through school first. I don't mind doing the laundry, cleaning and folding. It is the putting away I hate, I am just going to get it out again, kind of like making the bed. Although I must say I do enjoy getting into a bed that is made-by someone else. HA.

  5. I hate folding laundry and now just wait for the kids to get so sick of staring at the piles they do it.

    Little kids laundry is half the size of adults so I win....I have 6 adults laundry!!!

  6. hey only in the laundry, I don't have a party to clean up....as my son does the dishes!

  7. Oh I could have beaten you both earlier this week. My washer decided that it didn't feel like spinning anymore. That wouldn't have been such a problem with one load, but some idiot decided that it must have been a fluke, washed multiple loads, then decided to hang her laundry all over my house until it was "dry" enough to put in the washer.

    Luckily, we just happened to have an extra washer that I like better anyway in storage.

  8. I thought potato salad went bad really quickly. my mother in law, has me all freaked out because she is freaked out about eggs....so she dumps it right after...so your not sick after what day?

  9. Honestly I ate the salid at least the fifth day. I love potato salid and I hated throwing it away. And that is funny because I drive my husband nuts if I even think something might be bad I won't eat it and it could be only a day or two old.


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