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Thursday, July 15, 2010

if you're going to bother....

When seeking redemption, or any other sort of comeback,

be noticed.

Let it be known you're doing it on purpose, full on, dang the torpedoes.

Score high - or low - depending on the game.

And wear these pants.



  1. LOL! I bet they're his lucky pants!

  2. I would have worn those as a teen.

  3. Are those purple paisley? Yeah I would have worn them too!

  4. Dawn - I hope so - I am so pulling for Daly (I think it's the middle aged thing - Tiger's just too young for me to feel sorry for him and then there's the ewww factor - but you know, I want him to come back, too.

    Berries -me too!!! Esprit, any one?

    Alaina, I think their more like a Lily Pulitzer kind of thing - big, stylized flowers. Either way, they work for me. I love a man in patterned britches.

  5. That's Daly?! I thought it was some random photo.

  6. That's him, baby!

  7. HA HA!! I think that many pastels should be illegal on a man!!!! That is a man, is it not? I do not follow golf & considering it is not a front view...I wasn't so sure.

  8. esprit??I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I like John Daly..I am not into the ewe factor either.


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